Friday, December 31, 2010


My New Year's Resolutions:

1. Be healthier, thus drink more water and less soda, exercise more often and in the process hopefully lose weight.
2. Finish my book!
3. Learn to speak Japanese at a decent proficiency.
4. Learn to knit.
5. Go back to school.
6. At least attempt to get album reviews out at a decent time in relation to the album's actual release date!!

Any resolutions you'd like to share?

Plastic Tree Vocalist Released from Hospital

Plastic Tree just updated the news on their website!
Ryutaro’s gonna be discharged soon!
His doctor says he’s gonna be okay to sing again.
They caught his illness early so he’s recovering fast.
And they thank all of the Kurage for their support.

 YAY! I'm so glad Ryutaro is going to be alright! That is great news!!!

Credit: jibunkakumei via OHP & SR

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm Addicted to.......(6)

LUNKHEAD- World is Mine

GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! Song. I love this sooooo much, I adore this video too.

New Look: D=Out

Is that really Kouki??? cuz' DAMN he looks a lot different!!!

Credit: Visual Tranquility

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Review: Sadie- Juggernaut [Single]

1. Juggernaut
2. True World

In my opinion, Juggernaut is a better song than -toge- but not quite as good as Cry More (in case you don't know -toge- and Cry More are the title tracks off Sadie's last two singles). Juggernaut is a decently constructed song with a good chorus. To be honest this song reminds me a lot of -toge-. Both have some surprise piano notes thrown in, which I do appreciate, and the two are on the same rythm or in the same melody perhaps, while still being distinguishable next to one another. The most enjoyable part of this song for me is the underlying beat it follows and while this is the heavier of the two songs on the single I do think that, overall, True World is a better song. True World has a beautiful opening and lies on a nice beat. It does seem slightly on the poppy side for Sadie, but even so I find this song really enjoyable and extremely pretty. I like the subtle changes in rythm throughout the song, also the drumline has a quiet marching band feeling to it. Also, props to the guitar player as always. I really really like this song.

My Grade: B+, 4/5

Review: SADS- Lesson 2 [Mini-Album]

1. Amaryllis
2. Androgyny Insanity
3. Disco (album mix)
4. Grave
5. Rescue
6. Silly
7. Wasted
8. White Hell

I realize it has taken a while for me to post this and that this mini-album was released a couple weeks ago. However, I've been really busy over the holiday with work and family, so initially I had decided not to do this review but the more I listened to this album the more something just kept irking me......

First off, Wasted reminds me of Johnny Ride by goatbed. Random, I know.

Secondly, I'd just like to get this off my chest so I'm gonna cut to the chase..........Kiyoharu is better than this. And that is no dis on SADS. I'm a big fan. But if I had to choose, I would pick Kuroyume or Kiyoharu by himself anyday. And believe me this is not meant to be offensive so if there are any hardcore SADS fans who are reading this please don't take it the wrong way. I mean anyone who reads this blog on a semi-frequent basis should know that I am a HUGE Kiyoharu fan, and while I'm trying to not be biased I really don't think this album shows off his talents to the extent that it should. It is like comparing Gackt to Malice Mizer, it is just a different style.

That being said this is not a terrible album. In fact, all in all I rather in enjoy it. A few of the songs we've already heard (Androgyny Insanity, Wasted, and Disco) and they have PVs and those are all pretty decent songs. But I have to say my personal favorites off this mini-album are Grave and Rescue....oh and Silly is a great song as well.

So, YES I did enjoy this album (kudos to the guitar player) but I stand by what I said. Kiyoharu is more creative and talented than SADS allows him to be.

My Grade: B+, 3.8/5

Para:noir- the RED in the monochrome PV

This look still kind of reminds me of Ruki. Just me? Anyone???

Credit: X-Marc & hibikiryo

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Addicted to.......(5)

The Kiddie- elite STAR+

My account says I've listened to this song 229 times.....and I still love it. I can't help myself, it is addictive. I'm not really fond of this PV though.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Look: The Gazette

Credit: Asia calling

Alice Nine: Saga SHOXX Magazine Scans

Wahhh.......yeah Saga's pretty hot........ last one is my favorite!

Credit: betty5271

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Plastic Tree Vocalist Falls Ill

Plastic Tree vocalist Ryutaro Arimura has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome, symptoms of which include weakness in limbs and can eventually evolve into paralysis. With immediate treatment patients diagnosed with this illness usually regain full functionality.
Because of this diagnosis the Plastic Tree concerts on December 28th & 29th at JCB Hall in Tokyo have been cancelled.

Fans can leave messages for the vocalist on the 28th and 29th outside of JCB Hall.

Such sad news! I really hope for the best for Ryutaro and wish for as full a recovery possible.

 Credit: JaME-world

Friday, December 24, 2010


I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year!
Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you continue to do so. In the future I would like to have more contact with my blog readers, so if you have any comments about the things I post or write I would love to read them. Thanks again and now enjoy this picture of Alice Nine lacklusterly (is that a word???) posing around a Christmas tree.

Ehhhh.....what the hell let's throw in a kitty too.

New Look: Sadie [Juggernaut]


For Good Measure:

I'm throwing in a couple slightly older and some of my favorite Miyavi songs/videos.

Golden Bomber Comment

These guys are RIDICULOUS!!!!
Adorable.....but seriously ridiculous!

Credit: vifmusic & SR

Miyavi- What's My Name? PV

What's My Name? PV from Miyavi's upcoming release What's My Name? e.p., being released on February 2nd, 2011.

Damn! Miyavi's hands are ridiculouly fast!
While Miyavi is extremely talented I much prefer his older stuff to this.

Credit: Sasukechiha1023

Girugamesh- Destiny PV [Preview]

Preview from Girugamesh's new album, GO, which is set to be released on January 26th, 2011.
You can also hear a slightly longer version of Destiny on Girugamesh's OHP.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

ViViD- Yume ~mugen no kanata~ Comment

These guys are adorable.....I love ViViD! I'm so ready for this album to come out in January.

Credit: vifmusic

Fox Loco Phantom- Kitchen Monster PV

Fox Loco Phantom's  Kitchen Monster PV from the Garden album, released on the 24th of November, 2010.

Credit: KnowledgeAllianceCH

R-Shitei- Haranbanjou, Tsubaki Uta PV

Credit: clauditaax

Today's Album Releases (12/22/10)

12/22 MoNoLith - FADE OUT [live-distributed PV DVD]
12/22 Lolita 23q - WHITE BLADE. [maxi-single]
12/22 ELM - akai joushaken [maxi-single]
12/22 A- yoake no anthem / NUDE [maxi-single]
12/22 Kaya - madam rosa no shoukan [limited single]
12/22 Kaya - Remix vol.1 K [remix maxi-single]
12/22 Luzmelt - oración [maxi-single]
12/22 EAT YOU ALIVE - THE REASON [maxi-single]
12/22 Rubik - 哀愁メドレー(aishuu medley) [maxi-single]
12/22 E'm〜grief〜 - grief [best album]
12/22 THOMAS - gekijou manifesto [maxi-single]
12/22 Homosapiens(ex-Pepin members new band) - devil's moment [album]
12/22 DEPAIN - Margaret [maxi-single]
12/22 Dr.mormot - twilight [maxi-single]
12/22 Para:noir - the RED in the monochrome [mini-album]
12/22 Art Cube - Art Cube [album]
12/22 Matenrou Opera- Abyss [Mini- Album]
12/22 Onmyouza- Onmyou Taizen) [collection album]

The following releases will be reviewed by me: Lolita23Q- White Blade, Para:noir- the RED in the Monochrome, and Matenrou Opera- Abyss.

Monday, December 20, 2010

PV Flashback: Luna Sea- Rosier

One of my favorite songs and PVs of all time!

Sadie- Juggernaut PV [Full]

This is actually pretty good, and the green-screen effect is much better than in Cry More.

Credit: MasaBackUp

Friday, December 17, 2010

Review: The Gazette- PLEDGE [Single]

2. The True Murderous Intent
3. Voiceless Fear

I hate to say it (and honestly I never thought I would have to) but frankly I'm disappointed in this single. Yes, PLEDGE itself is a beautiful song. Not the best of their ballads, I much prefer Cassis or Guren even Reila, but never the less a beautiful song.  The instrumentals, especially the string section, are great and Ruki always delivers on vocals. Definitely more on the commercialized/mainstream side now that The Gazette is with a larger label. After that though, while of course the songs aren't bad, their consistantly similar tracks are honestly getting on my nerves. The True Murderous Intent has the familiar female vocals that have been present in the last three singles. Actually in that respect this song reminds me of Filth in the Beauty. This is a good song, the chorus is extremely catchy, I do however wish they would get rid of that woman's vocals (maybe thats just me). And again there are those female vocals in Voiceless Fear. Fantastic and really creative guitar playing in this, honestly it is the best part of the song for me, really dynamic and of course there is a decent chorus. I can't lie these songs are all well done and well-written, they're just a little boring and unvarying from one single to the next.  I keep hoping for something more exciting, a little less "sold out" and a lot more "indie label". I have a feeling that The Gazette is maintaining a lot less creative control, which is a bummer. Don't get me wrong I will always be a Gazette fan and I'll always be excited when they release something new, I just want to hear something a little more original, something that is undeniably The Gazette.

I'm really worried about this new album that The Gazette is going to be releasing. Please you guys, release some songs that are out of this zone you're stuck in. PLEASE!

My Rating: B, 3.5/5

BORN- DOGMA [Album Preview]

1. Six Damian
2. Dammit!!!!!!
3. Red Desire
4. .棘柘榴
5. 愚弄
6. Dazzling Mob

Credit: Flowing417

BORN- Red Desire PV [Preview]

BORN must have a new director this time around because this PV looks way different than their usual videos. And can I just say, I really love Ryoga's gloves! I WANT them!!!!!

Credit: Flowing417

New Look: BORN


Wahhh!! HOT! Best new look EVER!!!

Credit: ST

Thursday, December 16, 2010

R-Shitei- Haranbanjou, Tsubaki Uta PV [Making of...]

This is the full PV as well as the making of the video (mostly it is the guys goofing off), but I quite like this song and the PV.

Credit: vistlipyuh & SR

The Gazette- PLEDGE [Making of...]

Ahhh.....they're all so pretty.....Unfair! Unfair!
And Kai is adorable!

Credit: NoruuxNoir

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review: VAMPS- Memories [Single]

1. Memories
2. Get Up


I really don't think there is anyway you could not love Memories, it's beautiful. I'm completely enamoured with this song! Besides the fact that Get Up sounds a bit amateurish in comparison to their older releases, this single is amazing!

My Rating: A+, 5/5


SuG- No Out No Life PV [Preview]


Today's Album Releases (12/15/10)

CODE7203-KineSicS - kokoro no to hirakegoma [maxi-single]
12/15 AUBE - THE FARTHEST GATE [maxi-single]
12/15 chariots - ashu [single]
12/15 New Sound Horizon - Untitled [album]
12/15 D'eiz - LESS [maxi-single]
12/15 tokyo michaels - LOVE. [album]
12/15 DOES - MODERN AGE [album]
12/15 AIM- Straight Flash- [mini-album]
12/15 VII-Sense - Untitled [mini-album]
12/15 Moi dix Mois - D+SECT [album]
12/15 The Gazette- PLEDGE [Single]
12/15 Sadie- Juggernaut [Single]
12/15 VAMPS- Memories [Single]
12/15 Plastic Tree- Mirai Iro (Future Colours) [Single]

The following releases will be reviewed by me: AIM- Straight Flash, The Gazette- PLEDGE, Sadie- Juggernaut, VAMPS- Memories, and Plastic Tree- Mirai Iro.

There are a lot of great releases this week, I'm excited!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Review: Plastic Tree- Mirai Iro [Single]

1. Mirai Iro
2. Paper Plane
3. Moonlight ――――。(Live)

Mirai Iro (Future Colors) is classic Plastic Tree. I've never heard anything from them that i didn't enjoy, and this is no exception. It's great! I would say that this single is a bit more pop sounding than normal, if you compare it to their last single Moonlight ――――。, which has their softer sound but still has a lot of  hard rock components. It is hard for me to really describe Plastic Tree's music because they are so multi-demensional, and I feel more than one emotion when I listen to them. Plastic Tree is down tempo without being down tempo and upbeat without being upbeat. That makes no sense, but there it is, I've said it and it is done.
If you're a Plastic Tree fan (like me, obviously) or even if you're not, this is definitely worth listening to. I do wish I could hear more of the band during the Moonlight ――――。live, rather then the fans though.

My Rating: A, 4.7/5

Zoro- Kiga Album [Preview]

I do love me some Zoro!

SuG- Crazy Bunny Coaster PV [Preview]


Monday, December 13, 2010

For The Hell Of It

.........And in celebration of Kuroyume's new single release, here is a Kuroyume flashback. Enjoy!

New Look: Kuroyume

Yay!! More Kiyoharu! I hope this means Kuroyume will be be putting out some new music soon!
Actually, I believe they are set to release a new single on the 29th of January, but as far as I know it is still untitled.

SuG- Crazy Bunny Coaster [Single Preview]

Sounds fun! I always like SuG's releases.
But I have to admit I hate the single title.

Credit: MasamuneHiro

D- Der König der Dunkelheit PV [Preview]

PV preview from new D album to be released on the 12th of January, 2011.
I'm really looking forward to this release!

D- Vampire Saga [Album Preview]

Not really a big fan of D, but I think I might become one.
 This sounds great, I really like the sound of the second song on this preview.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Review: Deathgaze- Bliss Out [Album]

Since this is such a long album, even containing a second disc I shortened this review up by simply posting my quick notes on each song and giving my rating on the album.


Disc 1
1. God Bless You
2. Crash Down
3. Blood
4. My Doped Brain & Skin is Dead
5. Iridize Dream
6. Sorrow
7. Children
8. Undead Fact
9. Six Black Nine
10. Grace
11. Bliss Out Yourself

Disc 2
2. killing floor
3. Faze Human, Raze Human
4. proof
5. gethsemane
6. Mr. Freaks
7. The Fist (Bonus Track)

MY RATING: A, 4.5/5
My Favorites: God Bless You, Sorrow, Grace, Proof, Gethsemane, The Fist
My Least Favorites: Crash Down

God bless you- great,catchy chorus, possibly my favorite song
Crash Down- too long for its own good, not very catchy
Blood- from previous single, has PV, i like it, instrumentals are great and i like the chorus and background vocals, very fond of Ai's voice here
My Doped Brain & Skin is Dead- great drum line and beat, impressive guitar, hard hitting riff, Ai's voice brings a softer side to even an agressive song
Iridize Dream- Notice a slight electronic undertone,seems to be a bit on the romantic side especially during verses, great bass line (unfortunately it is almost hidden but if you listen closely, you'll hear it), sometimes the singing reminds me of Dearest (which is one of my favorite songs)
Sorrow- also from a previously released single and has PV, Wahhh! Piano. I love the bits they throw in, it really adds something different and special, instrumentally this song is fantastic, major credit to Takaki for the beautiful guitar solo, also love the fade out that ends the song
Children- hate the robotic alien voice, like the quiet laughter and speaking parts, really hard drum line, not my favorite song but there is something about it I really like.
 Undead Fact- The actual singing part of this song is really pretty, not much for the screaming verses though, again Takaki....amazing guitar playing (not just at solo but the soft part too), great drum line
Six Black Nine- good bass line and riff but other than that this song is kind of boring, decent vocals I enjoy the falsetto
Grace- A soft song? I'm in love with the staccato/delayed piano notes, very pretty, amazing transition into the guitar solo, also love that the piano is kept as an undertone even through the heavier part of this song, only downfall is the predictable drumline
Bliss Out Yourself- Love this intro even the screams, i wish they had done something a little different with the piano parts, this just sounds like a continuation of Grace, I do love this guitar riff and the background screams though

Miscarriage- The intro. has my attention, I'm intrigued.....and this is a decent song nothing more, nothing less.
Killing Floor- My favorite thing about this song is the guitar solo, has a good drum and vocal rythm. The song is too short I would've like to hear more.
Faze Human, Raze Human- I really like these vocals especially during the 1st and 2nd verses, they sound heavy and dark. Takaki you are...AMAZING! I can't get enough of these guitar solos.
Proof- Interesting. Love, love, love this introduction and these soft vocals. Fantastic! This is without a doubt the best song on this entire album for me.
Gethsemane- Am I hearing a little synth. action? I think so. Inspiring, I wish Deathgaze had incorporated this into the song a little more (you only hear it once more I believe). Great chorus. I almost felt this song needed a bit more variation but about halfway through the song the drum and bass line really changed my mind. (Ex: 3:14- 3:28 and this moves beautifully into the guitar solo).
Mr. Freaks- it is a good song, nothing that I particularly love or find special about it but still a good song. To be honest, lyrically I find this song a little funny.
The Fist (Bonus Track)- Eh another screaming song, is my first thought....but this has a nicely haunting bass and I love the whispering and strangled screams. I actually have an intense need to make this song longer.

Overall, Bliss Out is a fantastic album!
If you don't have this already, support Deathgaze and BUY THIS ALBUM!!!
It is totally worth it!

Review: Awoi- abelcain [Single]

1. abelcain
2. beauty
3. Rain
4. Tsumetai Te

MY RATING:  B-, 3.9/5

Abelcain is, for once, a title track that should have been the title track. I've come across many singles where I feel that another song would have been a better choice to represent the band, but this is the best song on this single. I had gotten a taste of the chorus when the PV preview came out about a month ago, and I have to admit after hearing that so many times, the intro. to this song really caught me off guard.Not what I was expecting. Don't get me wrong I appreciate an intro that is longer than 10 seconds, but I think that if you are going to take the time to make a long intro, it would be okay to make the song itself a little longer too, right?.......and after more than a minute and a half into the song I was still wondering when the chorus was going to kick in. The chorus is great, really memorable, I even really enjoy the "pre-chorus". Excellent background vocal parts, there are multiple ones and I love this.
My favorite part of this song: From about 2:33- 2:52, this is a great example of those background vocals I was talking about, and it leads really nicely right back into the chorus.

Beauty is probably my least favorite song on this single. I'm just not one for screaming that I can't really comprehend. Though I do give some major props to the guitar player here because well the playing is fuckin' bad ass. Ex: 1:32-1:52 Awesome!!!

Rain is a decent semi-slow (during the verses) but mostly hard rockin' song. Wonderful, short yet intriguing introduction and the play out at the conclusion of this song.....well I love the guitar player for this. My compliments to Otogi for his vocals, I'm happy to be shown that this guy really sing and hit some major notes. His voice here certainly shows quite a bit of superiority when compared to songs like Beauty.

Tsumetai Te is the next best song on this single or at least my next favorite. I know this is the probably the third time that I talk about Awoi's song intros, but I find these pounding drums and the way it smoothly transitions into the guitar line is really nicely done. Rythmically this song is right on, and I'm in complete adoration of the bass player. (Ex: 2:35- 2:50) It's simple but I love this bass line. I'm also really fond of the chorus.

Awoi- abelcain PV [Full]

Finally! I've been waiting for the whole PV to come out.

Not too sure about the glowing green eyes but this seriously reminds me of a Sadie PV.

Credit: VKMasamune

The Gazette- PLEDGE [Live Music Japan]

Credit: MasamuneHiro [Thanks for uploading!]

SADS- Wasted PV [Full]

Wasted PV from SADS Lesson 2 mini-album, which was released on the 8th this month.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry- Yakou PV [Full]

Does the birdcage mean something? I've noticed this reference in several Japanese music videos recently.

Matenrou Opera- Mou Hitori Hanayome PV

Matenrou Opera's new PV from the mini-abum Abyss to be released on the 22nd of December.

 Anzi's guitar solo is amazing! And I love Ayame's look here.
 I can't say that I like this as much as Matenrou Opera's older stuff but definitely interesting.

The Gazette: Ruki's PLEDGE Comment

Friday, December 10, 2010

HEISEI ISHIN Vocalist Taku Passed Away

HEISEI ISHIN vocalist Taku, has sadly passed away today, the 10th of December, 2010.
The reason for his death has not been made available.
A funeral/wake will be held but only for immediate family members.

Such sad news! I hate it when someone so talented passes away.
Although, I must say I find this a bit ironic considering Heisei Ishin had just announced their disbandment at the end November.

Credit: ST

Thursday, December 9, 2010

ViViD- Yume ~mugen no kanata~PV [Preview]

AHHH!!! I love ViViD soooo much! I'm really looking forward to their first major debut album, which will be available on the 19th of January, 2011. This song will also be used as the ending the to an anime series, entitled LEVEL E, soon to be shown in Japan.
I really wish ViVid all the best. They deserve to have a million fans, their music is fantastic!

Credit: TheScandalize

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Today's Album Releases (12/08/10)

12/08 R-shitei - haranbanjou tsubakiuta [maxi-single]
12/08 Administrator - Promise [maxi-single]
12/08 POLYSICS - Untitled [mini-album]
12/08 Galneryus - Live In The Moment Of Resurrection [live DVD]
12/08 PieRiS - StyLize [mini-album]
12/08 SCAPEGOAT - addicted skin [maxi-single]
12/08 Dragon Ash - MIXTURE [album]
12/08 8-Eit - Baby Swindle [mini-album]
12/08 M - hinadori [maxi-single]
12/08 kiryu - kyoukaranbu-2010.08.06 Shibuya QUATTRO one-man live-) [live DVD]
12/08 PIKO- forget-me-not [single]
12/08 OCEANLANE - Urban Sonnet [album]
12/08 FLOPPY - Over Technology [album]
12/8 SADS- Lesson 2 [Mini-Album]
12/8 Deathgaze- Bliss Out [Album]

The following albums will be reviewed by me :  R-shitei - haranbanjou tsubakiuta, SADS- Lesson 2, Deathgaze- Bliss Out

Monday, December 6, 2010

Review: Merry- Yakou

1. Yakou
2. Lost Generation
3. Yakou -TAIHAI mix-

Yakou is better then both PV previews led me to believe. For me the most intriguing part of this song is the intro. and while the rest of the song does have a slight catch about it, I can't really get myself into it. I think it is an..........ok song, and that is really it. There is nothing fantastic about the vocals (I really wish there was more energy behind them), the instrumentals are good, I like the guitar riffs and I give props to the drummer because I don't think a drumline has ever been so apparent to me. Yakou starts out great but I think it progressively gets more drab? and then the ending just kind of flatlines, it feels out of place. The best part about this one are the drum and guitar lines.

I wouldn't necessarily say that Lost Generation is a great song, but there is something about it I really like. It's not what I'm used to hearing from Merry. I actually think that it is the chorus I find so appealing, with it's background OH's, I quite like it. This song is not really the best of vocal examples, mostly just scratchy sounding screams, but surprisingly I think that is what reallly makes this song, without it this wouldn't be nearly as gripping. Although this is the longest song on the single, at 4:06, I wish it were longer. Seriously, another thirty seconds would make my night.

I think I actually like the Yakou -TAIHAI mix- better than the original version. It is definitely more interesting, I especially love the echoing, choir-like vocals during the chorus. I think at a slightly slower pace this song hits me harder.  

Despite a few interesting aspects throughout the songs, I don't really see anything extremely remarkable about this single. At most it only deserves a C, which sucks because I was hoping for something more exciting.

I'm Addicted to.......(4)

DOGin the Parallel World Orchestra- Aozora Halation

This music video is absolutely ridiculous but at the same time I'm completely in love with this song, and
Haru's hair must take some serious fuckin' maintenance!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ayabie- Parade PV [Full]


The Gazette- PLEDGE [Comment]

Oh, how I wish I could speak fluent Japanese!!
Is it just me or does everyone look REALLY solemn??

Ruki/GemCerey Commercial

Well this commercial is about as creative as the Pledge PV, I'm not talking about the jewelry of course, which was designed by Ruki himself. I prefer the first GemCerey/the Gazette commercial from 2008 featuring the song Guren, it was much better.

and of course the extended version.....

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm Addicted to.......(3)


and of course a little SADS....

I can't help myself, I just absolutely LOVE him!

Sadie- Juggernaut PV [Preview]

PV preview for Juggernaut, due out on 12/15

I do love Sadie but I'm really not liking this "green screen, digital stuff", they did this in the Cry More PV and honestly I would rather just see the band play.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Look: Girugamesh

Source: Girugamesh's Official Website

VAMPS- Memories Full PV

New PV from VAMPS' upcoming single, also entitled Memories, and to be released on the 15th of December.
LOVE!!! This song is fantastic! And the PV is really nicely shot, I'm definitely looking forward to the 15th!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deathgaze- Bliss Out [Full Album Preview]

Preview Tracklist:
1. God Bless You
2. Crash Down
3. Blood
4. My Doped Brain & Skin is Dead
5. Iridize Dream
6. Sorrow
8. Undead Fact
10. Grace

Can't wait until next Wednesday (the 8th of December), I'm so excited to hear these tracks full-length!!

Sadie- Juggernaut Preview

Preview from Sadie's Juggernaut single due out on the 15th of December.
I'm glad Sadie isn't losing their touch, I like the sound of this.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Merry- Yakou PV [Preview 2]

Yakou PV Preview #2. This time it is a whole 29 seconds long!!

I'm not going to lie, this is......not impressive. I'm disappointed.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Addicted to......(2)


I'm curious if anyone has or knows the exact lyrics to NEO SCREAM. If you do could you PLEASE post it in a comment, I would totally love you forever and of course you would have my eternal gratefulness!!!!

AWOI- アンブレラ (Umbrella)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Like Absolute Myself- hikari to yami ga kousasuru yoru ni [Preview]

Preview from Like Absolute Myself's (Lam.) upcoming maxi-single, hikari to yami ga kousasuru yoru ni, to be released on the 22nd of December.

Sounds decent, no? Not sure I like the new look though.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Gazette- PLEDGE PV[Full]

My thoughts:
1. Ruki you're gorgeous, I love you!
2. I've said this before and I'll probably have to say it again, Kai needs more face time!
3. This is a beautiful song and I'm glad The Gazette is putting out songs over 3 and half minutes again.
4. I'm not sure who directed this but lacking creativity much?

Special thanks to MasamuneHiro for posting this since everything by these guys gets deleted by PSC on youtube.