Saturday, October 30, 2010

Review: Karasu- Free (single)

Karasu- Free (single) released 10/27/2010

1. Free
2. Mr. Shadow

Well......I don't particularly love it, but I really WANT to like it. Free is a much better song than Lastica I'll give it that, and I do think that the preview video and song clip did not do this song justice. It has quite the catchy hook and I adore Hiroto's guitar playing, though I think the main riff may be too repetitive at times. I really enjoy the softer part of this song when the piano becomes involved, also I think Tatsuro's voice sounds very fluid here.  Has my faith in this "session band" been renewed?? Perhaps........Actually I think YES! But what makes me say this is actually the second song on this single Mr. Shadow, I was pleasantly surprised!
I actually think this should have been the title track, I may be the only one who says so but I honestly think this is the better of the two songs. The chorus is extremely catchy and has a great beat (I would say it is pretty dance-able). Everything about this song is so well done and  it sounds completely different than Lastica or Free. I'm completely hooked, all I have is praise for this song! Its fantastic!
I give the single an A-, but Mr. Shadow gets an A+++.

Friday, October 29, 2010

ViViD Official Debut Album

(Vo.) Shin
(Gu.) Reno
(Bass) Iv
(Dr. & DJ) Ko-ki

Back in August, I believe, the band decided to sign to a major label, EPIC Records (a part of Sony Music), and now a few months later ViViD is getting ready to release their official debut album Yume ~Mugen no Kanata~ (「夢」~ムゲンノカナタ方~; "Dreams" ~Beyond the Fantasy~) on January 19th 2011.
ViViD is a relatively new band so this going pretty quickly for them, but being completely honest they totally deserve it. And I hope they get a lot more attention in the future. I'm really looking forward to hearing more of their rock/rap/pop sound. If you can't tell I'm a huge ViViD fan and I'm super excited about this. If you haven't heard these guys you need to go RIGHT NOW and listen to them!!! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review: LM.C- Let Me' Crazy

LM.C- Let Me' Crazy single released 10/27/2010.

1. Let Me' Crazy
2. No Fun, No Futute

So, first I wanna say I'm a decently big fan of LM.C. However, admittedly I'm slightly disappointed by the Let Me' Crazy single. I just don't think it is a good as their previous releases. The title track, Let Me' Crazy is pretty catchy and I enjoy the electronic poppiness (not sure thats how you would spell that considering it is not a real word) of it, but the song doesn't really stand out against their other title tracks. Which, leads me to No Fun, No Future, the second track and.......I don't like it.........first off it is too short. I say if you are going to put out a song it should at least be a decent 3 and a half to 4 minutes long, that way at least you have time to enjoy it. I felt like this song was just a lot of noise, and that there was too much blending of music and vocals taking place. The song that really saves this single for me is the last track YASHA Hime. I much prefer LM.C's slightly  "toned down" style. In fact, this song reminds me a lot of Maple Leaf  (Bell the Cat single) which is without a doubt my favorite song by them . Actually I hear quite a few similarities between the two, which is probably why I like it so much.......
All in all for me Let Me' Crazy is just an okay single. It is not terrible but it is not fantastic either, I would give it a B-.

The MV is pretty cool, I really like the different light and mirrored effects, I've only one complaint......Aiji is not shown near enough. I'm pretty much in love with him so.....he should have more close-ups. I honestly can't believe he is as old as he me he looks like he is in his late twenties. Crazy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Versailles- Destiny -The Lovers- (Single) Review

1. Destiny -The Lovers-
2. Glowing Butterfly
3. Libido

I would like to just start off saying that this is a really good single. I've honestly never heard a bad album by Versailles and this is no exception. First off, Destiny is a beautiful song, it has a nice melody and Kamijo's vocals never disappoint me, I think I'm in love with his voice. I always think of Versailles as being musically complicated, because there aren't many bands who give off the same sound or feeling, thus it is hard for me to really describe their music. Glowing Butterfly is my favorite and in my opinion the best song on this single. I would have rather heard this song as the title track than Destiny. There are a lot of variations and depth throughout this song, both musically and vocally. The part I enjoy the most is from about 2:00 to 2:21, that kind of far away sounding vocal is very well done and goes nicely with the bass line. I feel captured by this song, it really speaks to me, and definitely caught my attention right away. Lastly, Libido is a decent song, different from the first two songs but still similar. That is one thing I really enjoy about Versailles' music, they are able to create different aspects to their music while still holding onto the integrity of their original style.

I thoroughly enjoyed this single and would recommend for anyone, whether a Versailles fan or someone who has never listened to them before, to give this single a listen. Versialles has yet to diappoint me and highly doubt that it will happen any time soon.So.......on a graded scale I would give it an A-

Monday, October 25, 2010

Karasu- Free (Preview)

This is the song and MV preview for Karasu's Free single to be released on 10/27.
To be honest from what I've heard so far I'm pretty disappointed. I didn't especiallly love their last release, Lastica. And this time I was really hoping for something better, since I'm such a big fan of Tatsurou (MUCC), Hiroto (Alice Nine) and Mizuki (Sadie). When this session band first got together I was really excited to see all of these artists playing together, unfortunately I feel like they aren't meeting my expectations. Hopefully after listening to the whole single I will have changed my mind

Merry- Crisis Moment Single Review

1. Crisis Moment
2. Fleeting Prayer

Crisis Moment is the most recent single released by Merry on October 6th. I wanted to do this review because honestly I'm not a huge a fan of Merry but.....

1. Crisis Moment: is a FANTASTIC song!!! I loved it the first time I heard it and I still love it now that I've listened to it about 50 times. I don't really want to praise just one or two band members because all around they've really impressed me. The drummer and the guitar player really stand out to me the most. There are parts where the guitar is really subtle and then it hits you with that fast, high riff, even the bassline sounded great. Gara's vocals are outstanding and the high range he reaches during the chorus is something I haven't heard from him before (then again my Merry listening has been limited). I have to say at about 2:45 in Gara lets out a scream that just make my ears orgasm! and it's probably my favorite part of the song.  Truthfully, this song intrigues me enough to make me listen to more of their albums, and to me that is a great song!

2. Fleeting Prayer: I just listened to this song for the first time about 5 minutes ago, so this is a completely fresh opinion and it may change after I've had more of a chance to listen to it. So, first impression, I like it. It is much slower than Crisis Moment, and the song strikes me as tragic (if that makes sense). All the different background vocals add a lot of depth to the song and it makes me feel drawn in. I don't think that Gara's vocals are really shown off enough, and there are times when I wish they were louder, mostly during the chorus. The song's arrangement was done really well, and again I am impressed by the guitar playing here, it is subtle but still powerful.

I would definitely recommend that you give this single a listen and then let me know what you think. So, on the grading system of me being a teacher and this being a homework assignment, I would give it an A, that's like a 95% or 4 1/2 stars out of 5.

MUCC- Falling Down Single Review

1. Falling Down
2. Hotaru
3. moon[L・N]ight
4. Yakusoku Warehouse Flavored Mix

So, I'm going to get right into the review, by listing each of the songs and telling you my thoughts on them individually and then giving you my over all impression of the album.

1. Falling Down: The first time I heard this I was watching the MV(which is fantastic by the way) and I have to admit my impression of this song wasn't that great. It is really different from anything I've heard by MUCC before, so it really caught me off guard and I suppose I was a bit biased. However, you can't always trust your first impression and I've always really liked MUCC, so I've been listening to this more frequently and admittedly it has really grown on me. It has a much more electronic sound then their previous albums, which I don't really mind. I actually have been finding lately that a lot of the J-Rock bands have been edging that way. It is extremely catchy and I really dig the hard bassline and back-up vocals. I should've know that MUCC wouldn't disappoint me.

2. Hotaru: Has more of rock feel to it, compared to Falling Down. The rythm is upbeat and it has a bit of a  pop(ish) undertone.I also really love the main riff that is played through out, honestly the song on its own is great! If you didn't like Falling Down (or if you did) I definitely suggest that you still give this song a listen!

3. moon[L・N]ight: is not my favorite is almost too piano jazzy for me but I'm really at a crossroads with this, I can't decide if I like it or not. I would say about 2:20 into the song the tempo changes and I actually start to ..............and then the song is over.

4. Yakusoku Warehouse Flavored Mix: I really enjoy this song. I have nothing bad to say about it. Yakusoku gives you a taste of everything that was present in the previous three songs, a bit of an electronic feel, an upbeat tempo, the piano is back of course while still giving us their rock sound. It is catchy while the addition of a string section (I believe) really adds some depth. This might be my favorite song on this single.

Over all I think this was a great single. Now compared MUCC's other releases I wouldn't say Falling Down is their best, but I really admire them for branching out, trying something that the fans weren't expecting and making it work for them. In every song they experimented with a different sound, which I find extremely refreshing. So much better than listening to two songs in row and still thinking you're listening to the same track (don't lie it has happened to you too). So, if I were a teacher and this single were a homework project, I would give it an A- .

I would really like to hear your opinion on this album. If you disagree with me, I don't mind, just tell me why you disagree or just tell me what you think.

Alice Nine- Stargazer MV

This is the music video for the title track of the new single, Stargazer, which comes out on November 10th. I'm really looking forward to this release, their last two releases Hana and Senkou were both really good. But I'm afraid that they might be stuck in a kind of similar sound. All of the recently released songs have been great but I wouldn't mind if they mixed up a bit and put out something a little more up beat, like Rainbows. Alice Nine's sound has definitely evolved from their earlier work, I should say they have a more mature sound.



1. Karasu
3. White Harmony
4. [B.D.M]

All in all I have to say that this is a really decent mini-album and I thoroughly enjoy all four of these songs.
However, for me I feel that none of the last three singles/mini-albums that they've released have been as good as Felony......the Red Hot Cobra single came pretty close......but Black Dead Muzic,as a whole album, is definitely the best of the last three releases.

I'm going to review this album by going through each song and telling you what I thought of it. Keep in mind this is MY opinion and if you have an opinion about the album or about what I've said then I would love to hear it. I don't mind if you disagree with me, just tell me WHY you disagree with me.

1. Karasu:  In itself is a really good song. It has a catchy riff, great vocals and the back-up almost girly vocals make you want to sing along. Even the screaming parts are "scream-alongable", I've listened to this several times and I can't get enough of it. And finally the band has put out another music video (which, by the way, I've been waiting for since the release of the Felony mv) which is quite interesting, though I think it could have been better, for some reason I'm reminded of Nega's- Neo Destruction video (not really sure why, they don't  really tie in at all).

2. BUZZ:  Compared to the other three songs, this one has the hardest sound. Still very catchy and honestly I think this probably could have been released on its own as a single.

3. White Harmony: Is probably my least favorite song on the album, not that it's a bad song mind you, I just don't like it as much as the others. I think it might actually be the singing of the words "white harmony" from about 2:40- 2:53 that actually turns me off this song. It seems really out of place with the rest of the vocals,  everything else about this song is wonderful, and probably the softest sounding of the bunch.

4. [B.D.M] : After Karasu, this is my favorite song on the album. The rythm of the song is really fast, even the guitar solo is in that same fast rythm without sounding sloppy. Also, I'm a big fan of the chorus, I feel like the song almost gets too repetitive but then it changes. Definitely a great head-banging song.


Ruki (The Gazette)



Vo. 春人(Haruto); formerly known as Jin.
Gt. 狛(Koma); formerly known as SAN.
Ba. 如月 洸一郎(Kisaragi Kouichirou); formerly known as Ray.
Dr. 宙宇介(Yuusuke); formerly known as Yu.

So.....if you weren't already aware Nega took a short break until the end of September and came back with a new band name (Perestroika), a new image, and has even changed their names.  Not quite sure how the sound will compare to Nega's sound. I've listened to the sample up on their website (Offical Webpage), I do hear quite a difference, I'd say they have more of an elecrtonic/rock sound,  but of course a few seconds of listening is not enough to relay their actual sound. Anyway, they are releasing their first single, HEAЯTZ, on the 3rd of November.

The album will come in two types, both holding two songs:

Track Listing:


Track Listing:

02 瞋恚の炎(shini no honoo)

Okay, so is anybody else as excited about this as I am?!? I'm a huge fan of Nega and so far I like what I've heard from Perestroika. What do you think?

December Releases

12/01 Ayabie- Virgin Snow Colour -2nd Season- [Album]
12/01 defspiral - REVOLVER [maxi-single]
12/01 defspiral - トワイライト(twilight)(2nd press) [maxi-single]
12/01 -OZ- - BEST [best album]
12/01 Lacroix Despheres - Dernier Paradis act2 [mini-album]
12/01 Mr.unknown - Amnesiac's nothingness [album]
12/01 Mr.Children - title unknown [album]
12/01 4minute -  Untitled [album]
12/01 V.A. - ロマンチスト~THE STALIN・遠藤ミチロウ Tribute Album~ [tribute album]
12/01 Lc5 - STORY [maxi-single]
12/01 電脳オヴラアト(denno:oblaat) - あきすとぜねこ(akisutozeneko) [maxi-single]
12/01 SID - 乱舞のメロディ(ranbu no melody) [maxi-single]
12/01 VelBet - RED VOICE [live-limited single]
12/01 RED Universe- Butterfly Effect [Mini- Album]
12/01 Merry- Yakou [Single]
12/02 Vellga(f.k.a. WIZ) - Untitled [live-distributed single]
12/02 XA-VAT - ZEROTICA [single]
12/03 HI:BRID - flower [live-distributed PV DVD]
12/03 kiryu - kiryu ura DVD-sono roku- [live-distributed DVD]
12/03 mushifuruu yoru ni - bokutachi wa ima inochi no ue wo aruiteiru [album]
12/04 the nameless - gouka / shiragiku [live-distributed single]
12/05 VIRGENOW - Untitled [live-distributed single]
12/07 VERSUS - Untitled [live-distributed CD]
12/08 R-shitei - haranbanjou tsubakiuta [maxi-single]
12/08 Administrator - Promise [maxi-single]
12/08 POLYSICS - Untitled [mini-album]
12/08 Galneryus - Live In The Moment Of Resurrection [live DVD]
12/08 PieRiS - StyLize [mini-album]
12/08 SCAPEGOAT - addicted skin [maxi-single]
12/08 Dragon Ash - MIXTURE [album]
12/08 8-Eit - Baby Swindle [mini-album]
12/08 M - hinadori [maxi-single]
12/08 kiryu - kyoukaranbu-2010.08.06 Shibuya QUATTRO one-man live-) [live DVD]
12/08 PIKO- forget-me-not [single]
12/08 OCEANLANE - Urban Sonnet [album]
12/08 FLOPPY - Over Technology [album]
12/8 SADS- Lesson 2 [Mini-Album]
12/8 Deathgaze- Bliss Out [Album]
12/09 Lauder - Untitled [live-distributed single]
12/11 SEAKET - Untitled [live-distributed demo CD]
12/11 the CODE. - Untitled (TYPE C) [maxi-single]
12/12 Art Cube -Untitled [live-distributed DVD]
12/12 Virgil - goshujinsama no abaremaseu [live-distributed single]
12/13 Vanished Empire - The Unnamable Symphony [CD]
12/13 SOMATIC GUARDIAN - Untitled [live-distributed single]
12/14 Cinema S'trip - Untitled [live-distributed single]
12/15 CODE7203-KineSicS - kokoro no to hirakegoma [maxi-single]
12/15 AUBE - THE FARTHEST GATE [maxi-single]
12/15 chariots - ashu [single]
12/15 New Sound Horizon - Untitled [album]
12/15 D'eiz - LESS [maxi-single]
12/15 tokyo michaels - LOVE. [album]
12/15 DOES - MODERN AGE [album]
12/15 AIM- Straight Flash- [mini-album]
12/15 VII-Sense - Untitled [mini-album]
12/15 Moi dix Mois - D+SECT [album]
12/15 The Gazette- PLEDGE [Single]
12/15 Sadie- Juggernaut [Single]
12/15 VAMPS- Memories [Single]
12/15 Plastic Tree- Mirai Iro (Future Colours) [Single]
12/16 JokArt au Legal - curtain call [limited single]
12/16 SwallowtaiL - Title Unknown [live-limited CD]
12/17 umbrella(LOKI Vo.Yui new band) - Powdery Snow [live-limited one-coin single]
12/20 nil delete heads - numa [live-distributed DVD]
12/21 UnsraW - Kleza in Marsh [live-limited single]
12/21 BALLY - daini hanzaitoshi [maxi-single]
12/22 MoNoLith - FADE OUT [live-distributed PV DVD]
12/22 Lolita 23q - WHITE BLADE. [maxi-single]
12/22 ELM - akai joushaken [maxi-single]
12/22 A- yoake no anthem / NUDE [maxi-single]
12/22 Kaya - madam rosa no shoukan [limited single]
12/22 Kaya - Remix vol.1 K [remix maxi-single]
12/22 Luzmelt - oración [maxi-single]
12/22 EAT YOU ALIVE - THE REASON [maxi-single]
12/22 Rubik - 哀愁メドレー(aishuu medley) [maxi-single]
12/22 E'm〜grief〜 - grief [best album]
12/22 THOMAS - gekijou manifesto [maxi-single]
12/22 Homosapiens(ex-Pepin members new band) - devil's moment [album]
12/22 DEPAIN - Margaret [maxi-single]
12/22 Dr.mormot - twilight [maxi-single]
12/22 Para:noir - the RED in the monochrome [mini-album]
12/22 Like absolute myself - hikari to yami ga kousasuru yoru ni [maxi-single]
12/22 Art Cube - Art Cube [album]
12/22 Matenrou Opera- Abyss [Mini- Album]
12/22 Onmyouza- Onmyou Taizen) [collection album]
12/24 STEALTH(C4 Vo.TOKI project) - アルストロメリア-Alstromeria- [album]
12/26 JUSTICE KING - Untitled [live-limited CD]
12/28 0801弐209336 - Untitled [live-distributed DVD]
12/29 Annie's Black - -departure- [album]
12/29 V.A. - FINAL SUMMIT [V.A. album]
12/29 AND - BLINDNESS [maxi-single]
12/29 TOON-FACTORY - Fiction [maxi-single]
12/31PIECElang - PIECEmaker. [maxi-single]
12/31 Cat fisT - THE BEAUTIFUL WORLD NEVER DIES [mini-album]

This will be updated as other releases are named. If you know of a release that is not listed please message me to let me know. Thanks!

November Releases

xx/11: UnsraW - Title Unknown [album]
xx/11: カッコー (Cuckoo) - Title Unknown [mini-album]
xx/11: AUBE - THE FARTHEST GATE [maxi-single]
03/11: DragonWAPPPPPPER - ACT [maxi-single]
03/11: SUICIDE ALI - Title Unknown [live-limited single]
03/11: SaT - BEST OF SaT [album]
03/11: 人格ラヂオ(Jinkaku Radio) - 一秒(ichibyou) [album]
03/11: exist†trace - TWIN GATE [album]
03/11: PERESTROIKA - HEAЯTZ [maxi-single]
03/11: カル・ヴァリ(kalvary) - Kirameki☆レインボー(Kirameki rainbow) [maxi-single]
03/11: Sadie - 棘-toge- [maxi-single]
10/11: -OZ- - ROUGE [album]
10/11: Called≠Plan - Radical, Cherry Boy & Girl [maxi-single]
10/11: Called≠Plan - Title Unknown [live-distributed single]
10/11: VelBet - kaijougentei enban-hyaku-Vol.1 [live-limited single]
10/11: D - in the name of justice [maxi-single]
10/11: BEFORE MY LIFE FAILS - Youth Against Christ [album]
10/11: Sads - DISCO [maxi-single]
10/11: Alice Nine - Stargazer; [maxi-single]
10/11: 凛(lin)-the end of corruption world- - Metamorphose [maxi-single]
10/11: Amber Bullet - sore wa...hangyaku toiu na no ame [mini-album]
17/11 SuG - 無条件幸福論(mujoukenkoufukuron) [DVD single]
17/11 Luzmelt - imitation galaxy [maxi-single]
17/11 spiv states - グライダー(glider) [maxi-single]
 17/11 SCANDAL- R-Girls Rock! [mini-album]
17/11: SCREW - DUALITY [album]
17/11 kanonxkanon- カレンデュラ レクイエム [single]
17/11- D- In the Name of Justice [single]
19/11 UnsraW- Kleza in Utero [live-limited single]
   24/11: DaizyStripper - 4D-BOX~Perfect Visual Archive~ [Box-Set]
24/11: VelBet - kaijougentei enban-ren-Vol.3 [live-limited single]
24/11: Virgil - innocence [mini-album]
24/11: LAYZis - REMIND [mini-album]
24/11: uBuGoe - hizumi to hizumi ni tsutsumareta sekai de kimi no soba ni ireru nara…
24/11: ZUCK - 零星〜ゼロスタ〜(zero star) [maxi-single]
24/11: F.a.L.i.L.V - Dance & Scream [album]
24/11 Awoi- abelcain [maxi-single]
24/11 Aoi- Surrender Love [single]
24/11 Kra- Gurico [Album]
27/11: DOG in The parallel world orchestra) - 青空DISK(aozora DISK)
24/11: DOG in The parallel world orchestra - ROCKET DISK [live-distributed DVD]
28/11: DANGER☆GANG - HALLUCINATION [maxi-single]
30/11: nil delete heads - 池(ike) [live-distributed DVD]

This will be updated as other releases are named. If you know of a release that is not listed please message me to let me know. Thanks!

October Releases

01/10: The Candy Spooky Theater - Spookywonderland [album]
01/10: Psysalia Psysalis Psyche - Lemon Pop [single]
01/10: RivaSquall - Thank you, beautiful days [live-distributed single]
01/10: DyIng messagE - junaishousetsu [mini-album]
03/10: tokyo-shitei - Title Unknown [live-distributed maxi-single]
03/10: tokyo-shitei - Title Unknown [live-limited maxi single]
03/10: FEECHE - Title Unknown [live-distributed single]
05/10: 6→7(upper)- odayakana nemuri no tame no morphine [live-distributed single]
06/10: LIX. - The swallowed world [maxi-single]
06/10: igaguri chiba - giragira boys [maxi-single]
06/10: Lycaon - EROS [maxi-single]
06/10: Royz - AREA [maxi-single]
06/10: ムック(MUCC) - Karma [album]
06/10: ワン★スター(One Star) - MIRACLE MUSIC SHOWTIME [maxi-single]
06/10: GOLDEN BOMBER - mata kimi ni bangou wo kikenakatta [maxi-single]
06/10: rice - Neil [album]
06/10: heidi. - 閃光メロウ(senkou mellow) [album]
06/10: SaT - SaT Party T-ban [live-limited single]
06/10: the Riotts. - 星蓮花(seirenge) [mini-album]
06/10: Re:dis - Rock your spirit [maxi-single]
06/10: MERRY - Crisis Moment [single]
06/10: girugamesh - inochi no ki [maxi-single]
06/10: 0801弐209336 - bouinboushoku no kimi to puzzle room [maxi-single]
06/10: Arbus - A Rucess in the Wall [EP]
06/10: Strawberry Song Orchestra - setsudan no igaku [maxi-single]
06/10: Sadie - DRESS OF SKIN at SHIBUYA C.C.Lemon HALL 2010.06.11 [live DVD]
07/10: Lilas - C'est La Vie [live-limited single]
07/10: (Crest of Aleist) - shinkugan rosario / Silence of god
07/10: RURUTIA - Behind the blue [mini-album]
08/10: Urbangarde - 少女の証明 [album]
08/10: Ultimate Sonic - Evil Stamp [live-distributed demo single]
10/10: Arc - 秒シミュレーション(byou simulation) [maxi-single]
10/10: NCIENT MYTH - Astrolabe In Your Heart [album]
11/10: gakudan hitori - 楽曲たち(gakkyokutachi) [mini-album]
13/10: BORN - BLACK DEAD MUZIC [mini-album]
13/10: BUMP OF CHICKEN - uchuuhikoushi e no tegami / motorcycle [maxi-single]
13/10: BUCK-TICK - RAZZLE DAZZLE [album]
13/10: Aldious - DEEP EXCEED [album]
13/10: White Palette - せめて夢では...(semete yume de wa...) [digital single]
13/10: FEECHE - LIV [maxi-single]
13/10: MIYAVI - WHAT'S MY NAME? [album]
13/10: Pan-d-ra - garasu wo hedateta kono sekai [maxi-single]
14/10: JackRose - secret mail [maxi-single]
14/10: uBuGoe - kono hana ga saitekareru made [live-limited one-coin single]
16/10: leklens - originality walker [live-distributed single]
18/10: heartless - BURN ONESELF OUT [live DVD]
20/10: NEW BREED - 【Heart Racing Moments For All Lovers & Haters 】 [album]
20/10: Lycaon - EROS(2nd press) [maxi-single]
20/10: Luzmelt - guilty garden [maxi-single]
20/10: Inugami Circus Dan - Viva America!! [album]
20/10: BACK ON - Title Unknown [maxi-single]
20/10: EATHERLY - sanzen to senbou no sora [maxi-single]
20/10: nil delete heads - InvisiblΣ [mini-album]
20/10: Ultimate Sonic - Heart's Shape [maxi-single]
20/10: SONS OF NEW SCHOOL(S.O.N.S.) - You can't wish for hope [album]
20/10: the fool - Crazy frogs around the world [album]
20/10: Blu-BiLLioN(Seika(ex-bis) new band) - Count Down [maxi-single]
20/10: hisui(ex-GHOST, as.milk) - Title Unknown [live-limited one-coin single]
20/10: DOG in The parallel world orchestra - POCKET★ROCKET [maxi-single]
20/10: THE GALLO - tokyo harenchi dai-circus-shinsekai- [mini-album]
20/10: BAELSCOPE - L [maxi-single]
20/10: DOES - jack knife [maxi-single]
22/10: clorcian - ever free [live-limited CD]
22/10: AYABIE - Title Unknown [live-distributed demo single]
22/10: RailTracer - Secret Eden [one-coin single]
22/10: RailTracer - Road of the Dream [digital single]
23/10: Mad - PENTAGRAM [mini-album]
25/10: BLACK CAT - BLACK DRUG [live-distributed PV DVD]
26/10: RiNG My BelL - ウェザー(weather) [demo single]
27/10: Versailles - DESTINY-The Lovers- [maxi-single]
27/10 Lm.C - Let Me Crazy [single album]
27/10: ダウナー(downer) - Re:Storation [maxi-single]
27/10: Aigis) - ココロモヨウ(kokoromoyou) [maxi-single]
27/10: serial NUMBER - kanjoubunretsu [album]
27/10: SPITZ - Title Unknown [album]
27/10: ANUBIS - naki oujo ni sasaguru yuki no kyousoukyoku E-tanchou [maxi-single]
27/10: カラス(karasu) - free [maxi-single]
27/10: 己龍(kiryu) - 屡流(ruru) [maxi-single]
27/10: LAST ALLIANCE - Keep On Smashing Blue [album]
27/10: BLADE - ETERNAL SOUL [maxi-single]
27/10: Chaos System - junpaku~reikokuhijou ga yueni ayameta boku no uta~
28/10: DEPAIN - Title Unknown [live-distributed single]
29/10: Dear L'Novel - absolute sorrow [live-distributed PV DVD]
30/10: marlee - Title Unknown [live-distributed CD]