Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jun (Golden Bomber) x Aiji (LM.C) Interview


R-Shitei- Slow Days PV [Preview]

Credit: LelouchR2

NIGHTMARE: SCUMS 2nd Special Interview

Credit: avexnetwork

Gotcharocka- Virginity PV [Full]

Credit: Karen Quiroz

VELBET- Medicine PV [Full]

Credit: velbetchannel

BugLug: GOOD BYE Live DVD [Spot]


New Look: Called≠Plan


New Look: R-Shitei


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kamijo's Solo Debut

Kamijo has updated his blog tonight with the announcement of a planned solo debut, and has left this message:
I, KAMIJO, will begin activity as a solo artist this year.
I'm aiming for a solo debut release around the summertime; recording began just the
other day. With the cooperation of the other Versialles members and LAREINE, and
many good friends, I'm coming to the finishing touches of a "beautifully, painfully intense,
ultimate anticipated work". You will have to wait just a little longer, but please wait
in anticipaiton. I would like to do my best so I won't be ashamed the day Versailles has
become active again.
Source: ST

New Look: DaizyStripper

I love this look!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Synk;yet- [Re]:birth (New Version) PV [Full]


lix- 激情 (Sicks Pain Ver.) PV [Full]


lynch.- BALLAD PV [15 Sec. Spot]

Credit: kingrecords

Merry: Fukurou [Vif Comment]

Credit: vifmusic

Miyavi- Ahead Of The Light PV [Full]

Credit: 382ikki

Miyavi- Ahead Of The Light [Behind the Scenes]

Credit: myv382tokyo

THE MICRO HEAD 4N's- The WORLD of LIGHT [12/09/12]

Zero is adorable!!

THE MICRO HEAD 4N's- The WORLD of LIGHT [12/15/12]


Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

AND -Eccentric Agent- to Disband!

AND has announced that they will be disbanding. The band will go on a last short one man tour titled “FOREVER MISSION”. They will give 2 one man lives, one on April 3rd and one on April 4th, before disbanding on April 20th after their live at Shibuya O-EAST."
AND has individually expressed their thoughts and left comments to their fans on their OHP.
AND apologizes for the abrupt decision and say that it was a very difficult decsion to to make. The members are really thankful for all the years of band activity.
This is really upsetting news, I'm a huge AND fan!
All of the bands I love seem to be disbanding lately....why!?!?
Best of luck to all of them and I hope to see them continue playing music elsewhere.
 Source: OHP, JaME

NIGHTMARE- SCUMS [Special Interview Vol. 1]

Credit: avexnetwork


Credit: MEJIBRAY0618


Credit: Linhsan19

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

BORN: Ba. KIFUMI Will Temporarily Pause Band Activities

It has been announced at BORN's one-man live at Ikebukuro EDGE on 2013/01/17 that bassist KIFUMI will temporarily pause band and musical activities after their one-man live tour "Devilish of the PUNK" tour final at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO on 2013/02/23 due to personal reasons.

They will hold their 5th anniversary 2-part GIG "鬼哭啾啾(kikokushuushuu)" "SOCIABLE DESTRUCTION" at Takadanobaba AREA at 2013/05/26.
Source: Monochrome-Heaven

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Look: BugLug [GOOD BYE]


New Look: Blu-BiLLion [Heart Fractale]


Amber Gris- Bright or Blind PV [Full]

New Look: Royz [Tears]


Vaastu- Birth to.... PV [Spot]

Not too bad.....the vocalist has got a wicked falsetto!

Credit: VaastuMovie

New Look: Vaastu

Source: OHP

New Look: cali≠gari


DOG inThePWO [New Year Comment]

BugLug [New Year Comment]

Blu-BiLLioN [New Year Comment]