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Pretty good. Despite the abundance of autotune, I like it!

Credit: NekroYukami

MoNoLith- Candy Candle [Off Shot]

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[Resistar Records] Visual Playoff Fool!! (Ranking Announcement)




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exist†trace: USA Tour 2012

Awww man, I wish I could go....too far away from me.
And Mally is too cute, I love her!


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New Look: A(エース)


LM.C @ Anime Central 2012

LM.C is going to kick off their 2012 world tour with a guest appearance at Anime Central in Rosemont, IL April 27-29, 2012 Aside from LM.C’s concert performance, members maya and Aiji will be available for Q&A and autograph sessions over the course of the celebration weekend.

This is right in my neck of the woods. Which makes this super exciting because I can actually go!
Who wants to carpool???


Anime Central's Website

[Resistar Records] Visual Playoff Fool!! (Part 2) [DoG in the PWO, BugLug, Blu-Billion]

exist†trace: Illustraion Comment: Winner Revealed [Kawaii Girl Japan]

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Golden Bomber [02/06/2012]

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1. SAW
2. Spiral Lie
3. jagan
4. bambina
6. touketsu
7. Grave Dancer Punish
8. Starting Grim
10. jaggy

SAW would be one of the better songs off this album, but it's too short, by the time I figured out I liked it, I was already over two mintues into the songs. I like the introduction and the harder, metal instrumentals have a raw feeling about them. The vocals aren't anything I haven't heard before but I do like Ryoga's background vocals (best example of this is at 1:00). The most noteworthy part of this song is from 1:28 to 1:53, I enjoy the mixture of guitar styles here, and I like that BORN brought back some of the Spanish influenced guitar.

Spiral Lie is is actually a very good song. The introduction is intriguing and the added electronic elements mix in well. The instrumentals throughout are, as always, very good, especially the guitar section from 1:30 to 1:55 and the bass from 2:11 to 2:43 is, I have to admit, amazingly well done. My favorite part of this song however, is the extremely prevelant beat that ends the track and is also present during the heavier, screaming parts of the song, ex: 1:57 to 2:11.

I've got to be honest I'm not a big of jagan, at all. Oddly enough, the beginning of the chorus reminds me of another of BORN's tracks. It almost sounds like a bad version of the chorus from NEO SCREAM. Also, the song is ridicuously jumpy. At this point, all I want to do is tell the band to settle down a bit. There is a lot going on in this song. There are like.....5 different songs in this song, pick a style or two and stick withit please, because I'm having a little trouble keeping up. The only thing I find even remotely attractive about this song is the bass line. Way to go, KIFUMI! Impressive.

bambina is very interesting track. Again, the bass line is superb! And I find the way that they tied a
swing/jazz styled rhythm into the rock intrumentals very intriguing. Ryoga even sings in scat at one point. I find this song quite enjoyable merely because BORN has taken the time to introduce something new into their music, and they've done it very well.

FACE is my favorite song on VIGOUR. The main riff and chorus are quite effective at grabbing the listener's attention and I enjoy the oooo's being crooned in the background. The guitar solo from 2:40 to 3:03 is AMAZING and is exceedingly unique, albeit far too scant, in comparison K's previous guitar solos. There is also a great bass and rhythm guitar line most noticable under the verses. This is a truly lovely track.
Actually, I find touketsu to be a pretty song as well, if not a little more forceful than FACE. I could really do without the random noises at the introduction, but the music part of the intro is considerably engaging. The lyrics and music are really powerful, and the instrumentals are done especially well. Again, the guitar solo from 1:45 to 2:23 is fantastic, along with the drum and rhythm guitar lines that lie beneath this.

Truthfully, Grave Dancer Punish was one of the tracks that I was most looking forward to hearing when VIGOUR was released. Originally, I thought the song had a lot of promise. Now I'm not so sure. I'm on the fence, does this song really suck or is it totally awesome?? It's definitely different from anything I've heard from BORN previously. But, the track has a great rhythm about it, and the instrumentals, while nothing absolutely spectacular, are still pretty great (especially toward the end of the song). I even think that Ryoga's voice sounds very unique here, his vocals are actually one of the things I like best about this song. The only thing I really don't like about this song is the synthesizer beat they bring in, by itself, from 2:40 to 2:45, but I do enjoy the way the drums roll back into the music. I'm going with: this song is pretty awesome.

When Starting Grim began I was excited because I thought it would be a pretty good song. And then I realized it was merely an intermission track. Disappointment ensues.

I'm in love with the introduction to GAGA SPARKING. The lead guitar is kick ass throughout this entire track! In fact, all together, the instrumentals here are the best I've heard so far on VIGOUR. The main riff flows skillfully along with the other instrumentals, and occasionally you hear some great guitar squeals. Best guitar: 2:26 to 3:10  BORN has defintely brought up their game for this song. The rhythm and drum sections are really hard hitting, and the high background vocals cross well with Ryoga's voice. I'm also particularly fond of the "Oh yeah" porion of the vocals.

The most notable thing about jaggy, for me, is that exceptionally apparent drumline. Not to mention that the rest of the instrumentals are also nicely done. The main riff, as well as the song's chorus are extremely addictive. My favorite part of this song: 2:10 to 2:35, I love how the screamed line rides smoothly into another guitar riff and then on into an accelerated rhythm line. I do think the track is cut a little short, however.

GASP CODE is one of those songs that just isn't quite long enough to be considered a spectacular track. A big part of the song is screaming and the parts that aren't don't really have a whole lot of impact or are seemingly robotic. The chorus is relatively catchy and there is a great drum line present (best ex: 1:05), as well as a pretty decent rhythm section. There is also are is also a very appealing guitar line underneath the verses. For it's length, I'd say GASP CODE is a commendable track.

My Grade: 3.8/5

Note: I think my brain may have run away in the midst of doing this review. Or maybe my brain just lost the ability to form decent sentences. I don't know.......but to be honest I not even sure I remember what I wrote.

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Golden Bomber [02/04/2012]

They're so funny!
They always make me laugh!

Credit: currysupa

BORN- Spiral Lie PV [Full]

This just reminds me of the Felony PV. It's practically the same premise.
Band plays in warehouse, barefoot girl has Ryoga tied to a chair........except Felony had much more of an impact.

Credit: MasamuneStrikesAgain

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