Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Alice Nine Seeking Assistance From Fans!

In a collaboration with J-MELO through NHK World, and in recognition of their overseas fanbase, visual kei band Alice Nine are asking their international fans for input on a future song.

Alice Nine are celebrating their ninth anniversary this year, which is a very special occasion for the band, so they are asking fans what is special to them. All fans have to do is fill out the required fields on this application form on J-MELO's website and add a message, which can cover any topic or theme. Including a photo is optional but it must be under to 2MB in size. The messages and pictures sent by fans will be used as the inspiration for the music and lyrics of a new song.
Source: JaME & J-MELO

BORN Talks About Upcoming Consecutive Releases




Black Gene For the Next Scene- Ouran Trance Destiny PV [Spot]

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Gazette: J-MELO Awards Comment [2/17/2013]

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Alice Nine: Daybreak [Covers]

Wow! These are really disappointing. They're extremely boring and don't make me want to buy the CD at all. I kind of hope they're fake because these covers......blow, frankly. These could be done with very minimal knowledge of photography, photoshop and editing. I could do this from my home computer. Actually, I could do a better job, guaranteed. I wonder how much money PSC paid these people, because they got ripped off. You're lucky you're so talented, Alice Nine.
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THE MICRO HEAD 4N's: Moscow,Russia@Milk [2/16/13]


New Look: exist†trace

That's it! I fuckin' love Mally!!
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

2the DISCOLAND: Disbandment

2the DISCOLAND has disbanded yesterday after their live at LIQUIDROOM ebisu (2/15/2013).
All members are very sorry for this result and thank their fans for their support during this one year of activity.
3. Shaking my chili head!!
I actually enjoyed their music....pity.
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[MJP Valentine's Day 2013] With Love from ... Moran


New Look: Black Gene for the Next Scene [Ouran Trance Destiny]


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Rating: ★★★

While I do think DIE KUSSE is a good single, I'm not exactly overly impressed with it, I was hoping that MEJIBRAY would show a bit more versatility with this release.
They've been using a lot of female vocals in their tracks recently, including Emily and Black Baccarat. Though, frankly I'm not to fond of the female vocals that were used at the beginning of DIE KUSSE, I think this track has the best usage of these added vocals that I've heard them do so far. They add a lot of dimension to the song with the overlapping of different voices and intruments without overpowering the rest of the music or sounding awkward. Once I get passed those first 15 seconds, DIE KUSSE is a pretty great track. The guitar player is.........I'll admit I'm always extremely impressed with this guy.....he's quite talented. He has a very classic rock style of playing (which I personally am a huge fan of), and the way the Spanish style rythm plays underneath the lead guitar during the solo is fantastically done.
I haven't heard MEJIBRAY use many snyth or computerized effects in their music, so I like that they kind of stepped out of the box and added some effects to the beginning of VIOLET. I really enjoy the beginning of this track, so I was listening for more of these effects throughout the rest of the song, unfortunately, besides a few turntable noises and some beeps here and there, they were never brought back. It was a bit disappointing for me however, I do appreciate the echo effect that was used on Tsuzuku's vocals. I'd also like to point out the awesomeness of the bass line here, the guitar was of course superb as well, but I felt that the bassist did an exceptional job on this track. The bass line was so apparent and well done that I actually found myself paying more attention to that then the guitar line.
WANT is my least favorite song on this single, I think it brings the release down. In terms of vocals, instrumental abilty, creativity and quality, this track does pretty much nothing for the band. It doesn't show how good they are or can be. If this were the first track I heard from MEJIBRAY, I probably wouldn't listen to them again. Not impressed.