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Alice Nine: Niji no Yuki PV [Full]

Credit: FantasyAIX

Alice Nine: Niji no Yuki Covers

(Reminds me a little of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe)

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HITT- Désolé [Nolife TV Broadcast]

-Oz- vs. From First to Last

The similarities between these two song's (-Oz- Unseal and From First to Last- I Once Was Lost but Now Am Profound) introduction/ guitar riff was pointed out to me by one of my readers.
And though From First to Last's riff is on a higher pitch, I have to agree, they sound amazingly close. Even the notes are played the same and lead into the drum section the same way. To me this seems a little too similar to be merely a coincidence, part of me wonders if this was done on purpose.

Discovery Credit: Outnumbered

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ViViD- FAKE PV [Full]


New Look: The Kiddie

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Review: -Oz- Soga

1. Reverse
2. Unseal
3. Ecdysis

I think that its actually been quite some time since I really loved a song from -OZ-, said song probably being either DETOX or FILMY both off the VERSUS album (and their respective previous singles). And Soga is an interesting single, to say the least.
I really love the introduction to Reverse, the first 40 seconds are one of the best part of this song. I’m a big fan of the rhythm, guitar riff and electronic sections heard in the intro, conclusion and through many of the songs choruses as well. I also very much enjoy the heaviness of the song and how that rolls right along the same path as the lead and background growling/screaming vocals. Though I am reminded just a little bit of some of Born’s more recently released tracks, and perhaps that’s because both Reverse and many of Born’s tracks have the same “heavy” quality about them. I have to say, however, there are some fantastic instrumentals throughout Reverse. Some of the finest are from 1:54 to 2:42, not only does this include two amazing drum and lead guitar segments, but during the slower piece of the aforementioned time is a great underlying bass line.
I’m really drawn into the next track, Unseal, as well, by the memorable guitar riff and powerful rhythm line of the introduction. And, I’m happy to say, the rest of the song truly lives up to my expectations, especially after following such a smashing title track. I’m very struck by how prevalent the rhythm guitar and drum lines are and I quite enjoy their progression through the song. My favorite part: 1:48 to 2:23, the guitar line here is very melodic and I also think this measure contains some of the better singing vocals on the single. This is, of course, followed by an incredible instrument section and a guitar solo starting at 2:40, which, I have to mention, is bar none, the best on Soga. Another notable guitar slice lies underneath the verses and moves quite well (and effectively) into the chorus. Honestly, I, quite thoroughly in fact, enjoy this track, the only thing I wish I could have heard an ounce more of is the bass.
Ecdysis is a decent ballad type song, I do like it, but I don’t think it’s a particularly remarkable song, and while by no means an awful track, I’d say it’s probably the weakest off this single. However, I do really enjoy the power that has been put behind the chorus, the vocals here definitely shine the most compared to the previous two songs. And again, there is quite the row of brilliant instrumentals throughout all three tracks and this one doesn’t dare stray from the path. My favorite part: 2:38 to 3:32, I adore the drums that begin this segment and the dual guitar lines are done so skillfully, frankly I could listen to just these 50 or so odd seconds, on a continuous loop, for a very long time without tiring of it. I also very much enjoy the concluding guitar segment, and I have to admit this Ecdysis is seriously beginning to grow on me.
I actually amazed by how much I like this single. While I am a big fan of -OZ- , truthfully, since I hadn’t so much loved their last couple releases, I wasn’t really expecting much. I’m very surprised and pleased.

My Grade:  4.5/5

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A(エース) vs. Metallica

Just recently I put up a post about the similarities between the guitar riffs of a Miyavi song and a popular Ozzy song, HERE. And few days ago I had music playing, and A(エース)'s Black Butterfly came on, while I'd never really noticed anything before, the opening guitar riff caught my attention this time, and immediately Metallica's Enter Sandman popped into my head. That's not say that I think guitar riffs are an exact match but I think if you were to listen to the first 30 seconds of each song, you would hear something similar there. And I find it kind of interesting to think that a lot of current J-Rock music may have some American classic rock roots, and then again it may just be a coincidence.

Lin -the end of corruption world- Independent "MAZE" [Like an Edison Comment Type A & B]

I love them all, but Reiya is adorable and really pretty.

Credit: pixyfalse01

NEXX: cap:cell [1st Album Preview]

I was pretty impressed with their last single so, I've got to say I'm looking forward to this release.
Oh, and I will be reviewing it.


New Look: Dir en Grey

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MIYAVI in Venezuela (11.10.2011)

Credit: myv382tokyo

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ViViD: Live in Hong Kong [11.05.2011]

Credit: Sony Music Entertainment
Source: ViViD Facebook