Monday, February 28, 2011

Song of the Week [The Gazette- Wakaremichi]

This is The Gazette's first PV I believe. Yune, the original drummer, is still present, I much prefer Kai myself.
I do love this song though, there is another version, I guess it's the remake but I like it a million times more.

March 2011 Releases

3/1 the Darling- Untitled [maxi-single]
3/1 Psysalia Psysalis Psyche - 2.5D [maxi-single]
3/2 Monolith- 3gatsu2nichi sakurairo [Maxi-Single]
3/2 Synside - TRUTH [Maxi-Single]
3/2 the band apart - Scent of August [Album]
3/2 guruguru eigakan - osasugita seishun document toaru eigakan ga yasumu hi) [Live DVD]
3/2 VelBet×AUBE - Carnival Fanfare [Live-Limited Collaboration Single]
3/2 AUBE- hyakkaryouran [Live-Limited Single]3/2 Dolly- Ryuusei -Shooting Star- [Single]
3/2 Yuina- Hana Kotoba [Solo Single]
3/2 Penicillin- Will [Album]
3/2 Kiryu- Mugen Houyou [Album]
3/3 Fenrir- Untitled [Live-Distributed Single]
3/4 killing Boy- killing Boy [Album]
3/4 Downer- Untitled [Live-Distributed Single]
3/5 Ultimate Sonic- Untitled [Live-Distributed DVD]
3/6 Mother(ex-Mercuria members new unit)- seija no koushin [Demo Maxi-Single]
3/6 ziggrat- Untitled [Live-Distributed DVD]
3/6 Ultimate Sonic- Untitled [Live-Distributed DVD]
3/9 8otto- Untitled [CD]
3/9 NIKIIE- HIDE & SEEK [Single]
3/9 Mix Speaker's,Inc.- CIRCUS [Maxi-Single]
3/9 RADWIMPS- zettaizetsumei [Album]
3/9 Aicle- Ark [Album]
3/9 Capsule- Untitled [Album]
3/9 EACH OF THE DAYS- Sweet Carrion [Album]
3/9 Golbeza- hizumi [Live-Limited Single]
3/9 SuG- Thrill Ride Pirates [Single]
3/9 Secilia Luna- Yurikago ~Holy Mother~ [Single]
3/9 Auncia- Dearly [Single]
3/9 Endess- Taboo [Maxi-Single]
3/9 Polysics- Oh! No! It's Heavy Polysick!!! [Album]
3/9Matenrou Opera- Matenrou Opera -1214- at Shibuya Ax [Live DVD]
3/10 Ultimate Sonic- Untitled [Live-Distributed DVD]
3/11 CindyKate)- soul ecstasy [Live-Limited Single]
3/13 FEIZZ[0]- PROLOGUE-tales of revive- [Maxi-Single]
3/14 Moderato- Seiza Palace [Single]
3/15 Nobara- Over Ground [Album]
3/16 LC5- Refrain [Single]
3/16 D=Out- ONE [Single]
3/16 Boogieman- Howling [Single]
3/16 Gakido - 言葉 (Kotoba) [Album]
3/16 Hanashonen Baddies- Bonjour [Album]
3/16 Boris- Untitled [Album]
3/16 Para:noir- Paradox [Maxi-Single]
3/16 Rice- Rin [Maxi- Single]
3/16 Duel Jewel- Vamp Ash [Maxi-Single]
3/16 Versailles- Philia [Single]
3/16 NAOITO- 379DAYS [CD]
3/16 Spyair- Japanication [Single]
3/16 Irokui- aimai stripe [Maxi-Single]
3/16 FACT- Eat My Words [Mini-Album]
3/16 gakido- kotoba [Album]
3/16 Aqua Timez- Carpe Diem [Album]
3/16 LUNA SEA- LUNA SEA [Self-Cover Album]
3/16 XA-VAT- end [Album]
3/16 SID- SIDNAD Vol.6~LIVE 2010~ [Live DVD]
3/16 FACT- FACT JAPAN TOUR 2010 at Shibuya O-East -live video- [Live DVD]
3/20 Royz- The Brightest Wings [Single]
3/21 Venus- NEXT WORLD [Maxi-Single]
3/22 Reclens- 孤独スイッチ (Kodoku Suitchi) [Mini-Album]
3/22 MILKY EMILY- nanairobyoutou reigoushitsu~nyannyan holic~ [DVD]
3/22 Jackman- doko ni ittemo te ni hairanai ongaku) [Live-Limited One-Coin Single]
3/23 The Gazette- Traces Best of 2005-2009 [Best Album] *(New Release Date: 4/6)
3/23 UVERworld- MONDO PIECE [Single] *
3/23 Kannivalism- Untitled [Single] *
3/23 NEO- Star Light Romancer [Single]
3/23 Adapter- Oto yuugi [Album]
3/23 Screw- Deep Six [Single]
3/23 Dear L'Novel- Mistral ~再会~ (saikai) [Maxi-Single]
3/23 Ru:natic- Seimei no・・・Aoiito ga・・・・[Maxi-Single]
3/23 Chemical Pictures- haikei sagiteki doukeshi ongakuai fujoshisamakata e shosen gisare iisaredo junsuimuku na ongaku [Mini-Album]
3/23 Moran- Apples [Mini-Album]
3/23 Ru:natic- seimei no aoi ito ga [Demo Single]
3/23 Jang Geun Suk- Let Me Cry [Japanese Debut Single] *
3/23 MAXIMUM THE HORMONE- Untitled [Single]
3/23 BAELSCOPE- rough ride (senkou rough ride) [Maxi-Single]
3/23 Called Plan- anata no seishun washidukami [Maxi-Single]
3/23 Megaromania- Oath-cross of eternity- [Maxi-Single]
3/23 PaRADEiS- albare [Mini-Album]
3/23 DEXPISTOLS- Untitled [Album]
3/23 tsubakiya quartette- BEST MATERIALS [Best Album]
3/23 the GazettE- THE NAMELESS LIBERTY AT 10.12.26 TOKYO DOME [Live DVD] *(New Release Date: 4/6)
3/23 BUCK-TICK- TOUR 2010 go on the "RAZZLE DAZZLE [Live DVD] *
3/23 AYABIE- Virgin Snow Color-2nd season- 2011.01.06 Tour Final at AKASAKA BLITZ [Live DVD]
3/23 tsubakiya quartette- PAST EMOTION [Live DVD]
3/24 Vallquar- fabled [Mini-Album]
3/24 THE VELET-gennei fiction? [Single]3/26 Velvet Eden- Witch on Flames [Mini-Album]
3/26 niku challenger- Untitled [Maxi-Single]
3/28 2nd awake- second awake [Album]
3/29 UNiTE.- UNiTE [Live-Limited Single]
3/30 THE BAWDIES and AI - LOVE YOU NEED YOU [Collaboration Single]
3/30 D'eiz- Untitled [Single]
3/30 One Star- EAGLE TEXTURE [Maxi-Single]
3/30 Vent Croix- Yakusoku [Maxi-Single]
3/30 6→7 (Upper) - Quest / Glitter Rain [Single]
3/30 otokage- tsukiyomi mangetsuban [Album]
3/30 D'espairsRay- Antique [Best Album] *
3/30 BAELSCOPE- Title Unknown [Live-Limited CD]
3/30 Lycaon- Jesus [Single]
3/30 D'espairsRay- Human-clad Monsters FINAL [Live DVD] *
3/30 Acid Black Cherry- Shoujo no Inori lll [Single] *
3/30 Re:dis- Can You Hear It? [Mini-Album]
3/30 Lin -the end of corruption world- Silent to my Pain [Single]
3/30 Kyokutou Girl Friend- Ecstasy [Maxi-Single]
3/30 LM.C- Super Duper Galaxy [Single]
3/30 Sadie- Cold Blood [Album] * (New Release Date: 4/6)
3/30 xTRiPx- Disturb[da]bordeR [Maxi-Single]
3/30 TRIGGAH- Abyss of the Phyche [Single]
3/30 Dolly- Moonlight Disco [Maxi-Single]
3/30 Un=(XAG)- Kakusei Dildo [Maxi-Single]
3/30 Shungokusatsu- Rashoumon [Single]
3/30 v[NEU]- LIMIT [Album]
3/31 lix-  Untitled [Mini-Album]
3/31 Synside- Untitled [Live-Distributed DVD]
3/31 Fenrir- Butterfly [Mini-Album]

If you know of a release that I do not have posted please let me know and I will add it. Thanks!

* The release of these items have been postponed until a later date due to the current situation in Japan. Please do your best to support them!!!!

Sel'm: Two Members Lost

Sel'm's drummer posted an official message on their OHP today stating that Tora (Vo.) and Nagi (Gu.) have decided to leave the band. They will play the one-man on April 17th and then will depart from the band.

Read Official Message HERE

This blows big time!!!! I really like Sel'm and Tora's voice is amazing, truly disappointing!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

LM.C- Super Duper Galaxy PV [Full]

Wahhh!!! I like it! I LIKE IT!!!!! This is the highlight of my day so far.......I'm super excited for this release now. The Super Duper Galaxy single comes out on March 30th.

Credit: VKazuki2

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Penicillin- WILL PV [Full]

Hmmm....normally I really like Penicillin but I'm not too sure about this song, definitely not my favorite.

Credit: drakkeb

Misaruka- Merrow -Sin- PV [Preview]

Admittedly not the best looking PV but still I enjoy the song......

Credit: darkestlabyrinth

SuG- Thrill Ride Pirates Comment [Vif]

So CUTE!!!!

Credit: vifmusic

Friday, February 25, 2011

Versailles- Philia PV [Full]

The best thing about this song: The astronomical guitar solos! More! More!

Credit: VersaillesLatino

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Screw: Deep Six [Single Preview]

Credit: VKazuki2

New Look: R-Shitei [Someiyoshino]



Ayabie- Melody PV

Credit: massuyugu

The scenes shown in this PV are from Enishi featuring the members from Ayabie.
And what the hell is going on at 00:58-1:00, I need to see the rest of that scene! Sorry, I'm a big Yaoi fan and if I'm not mistaken there is some definite BL going on there!
The song of course is decent too.

LuLu- Taidou PV [Preview]

Credit: luluhospital

I guess the Taidou single came out in June 2010, and I've only just heard about this now.
Ahhhh! I love LuLu sooooo much!

1. Taidou
2. Doumyaku Schandale

D=Out- One PV [Preview]

You can also view this PV on D=Out's OHP. It is literally the first thing you see!

Credit: VisualMasa & SR

Misaruka- Merrow -Sin- [Single]

If you haven't heard these guys before, Misaruka is definitely worth checking out!

Merrow-Sin- is available for free download from HearJapan.
MisaRuka's OHP & Official Myspace  (4 previously released songs are posted here for listening).

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today's Album Releases (2/23/11)

2/23 D'iez- Innocence [Single]
2/23 One Star - CHAMELEON DISCO [Maxi-Single]
2/23 Minus Jinsei Orchestra- Kami-sama, Disco ni te Datenshi [Album]
2/23 TOON-FACTORY - 2Logic [Maxi-Single]
2/23 BUMP OF CHICKEN - tomodachi no uta [Maxi-Single]
2/23 DIAURA - Beautiful Creature [Maxi-Single]
2/23 V.A. - Imperial Feast [Live-Distributed Album]
2/23 SID- Dead Stock [Album]
2/23 Para:noir- Identity [Maxi- Single]
2/23 Ayabie- Melody [Single]
2/23 Outrage- Sugoi CD [Single]
2/23 Neophilia- Un Chain [Maxi-Single]

The following releases will be reviewed by me: SID- Dead Stock, Ayabie- Melody, and Para:noir- Identity

New Look: Sadie [COLD BLOOD]

Individual profile pictures can also be seen at Sadie's OHP
Yeah....Mao is lookin' pretty hot!

Source: Last.Fm

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UVERworld: MONDO PIECE [Preview]

I really try to listen to all of the new releases before I post about them and since UVERworld has a new single entitled MONDO PIECE that is to be released on the 23rd of March, I wanted to check this out.
I haven't really listened to a lot of UVERworld but I like this song, it is extremely pretty.

Credit: wygdr176

Versailles- Philia [CMs]

Credit: ROSEandMOONsisters

Screw: Deep Six PV [Preview]

Oooooh....I'm looking forward to this!

Credit: LittleJuhiDino

Monday, February 21, 2011

Song of the Week [Nega- 淫雨と暗澹]

LOVE THIS SONG!!! I'm a HUGE fan of Nega and this is honestly my favorite song by them, no question!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Para:noir- Identity [Preview]

This actually sounds pretty interesting, the sound is more in the realm of "A Forlorn Hope", so I think I'm to like this a lot more than "The RED in the Monochrome".

Credit: rodolfodeezer

New Look: Plastic Tree [Ammonite]

New Look: Sel'm

I'm honestly not too fond of this look, or rather I'm not really fond of the picture.

Credit: Sel'm's OHP

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Chemical Pictures: Praparat and Black Box CM

If you are a fan of Chemical Pictures I'm sure you know that the original Praparat song/video were already released in 2009, and that they've redone it.
 Here is the original.

Top Video: cps0314
Bottom Video: LeAnneSMetah

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Dragon: Nijigen Complex PV [Full]

So, nijigen means 2D or not a real thing.
2 Dimensional Complex?

This PV is........hahahaha......ummmm really, really, REALLY odd! Nevertheless pretty damn catchy.
And what the hell does that bumblebee have under his skirt!?!

Credit: VisualMasa

Versailles- Philia Teaser

Ahhhh Kamijo, you're gorgeous!!
I'm excited for this release.

Credit: Warner Music Japan

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Today's Album Releases (2/16/11)

2/16 8otto - Untitled [CD]
2/16 ONE OK ROCK - Answer is near [Single]
2/16 ADAPTER。 - Please Please You [Maxi-Single]
2/16 Frenzy-Mr.SaTaN solo project- - I'm Frenzy of Liberty!! [Mini-Album]
2/16 coldrain - The Enemy Inside [Album]
2/16 中山うり - VIVA [Album]
2/16 UNLIMITS - tranquilizer [Album]
2/16 Gakido- happymaker [Maxi-Single]
2/16 Megamasso- Loveless, More Loveless [Single]
2/16 Aoi from Ayabie & Ryohei (Megamasso) - Monochrome [Single]
2/19 edogawa paradox -Untitled [Single]
2/19 the Dopes. -Untitled [Live-Distributed Single]
2/19 Reload- KEY to my HEART [Maxi-Single]
2/19 Arc -Untitled [Live-Distributed DVD]

The following releases will be reviewed by me: Megamasso- Loveless, More Loveless

Review: Kuroyume- Misery

2. Glory Hole
3. Paraphilia

Misery- When I think of the PV preview for Misery, well........ I never would have that this would be the introduction, especially since the rest of the song is completely void of it. I thoroughly enjoy this song though, the guitar riff is extremely catchy and rolls right along with chorus.I particularly love the guitar from 2:15 to 2:44, and I think we've all established by now my love for Kiyoharu. I really like this song, however, I wish this song were longer.

Glory Hole- So, not being a porn expert, I hope I'm right in saying that this song title has a pretty sexual connotation. Now, please correct if I'm wrong but that is the only defintion that I know for Glory Hole. Moving past that, this is actually a very good song, my second favorite on this single. The high guitar riff is pretty awesome and sounds great with the bass line. Also, there are a surprising amount of synth. effects in this song, infact the majority you can just barely hear since they fit so well with the instrumentals. Also, the rythm is pretty bangin'.......haha no pun intended. Seriously though Glory Hole's only downfall is that it's not even three minutes long.

Paraphilia- Honestly this is my least favorite song, not that it is a bad song, but I can't stand the underlying electronic effect. If a strobe light made a sound that would be it, and it would give you a headache and make you sick. I do like the song itself however, the chorus is decent, and it has good beat. I do think that the song sounds slightly commonplace after Misery and Glory Hole, and also seems a bit overpowered. So, like I said not my favorite song.

I only have two reasons for marking this single down. First, I don't think the songs are long enough, and second because I'm not really in like with Paraphilia, it kind of gives me a headache.

My Grade: B+, 4/5


1. overHORIZON
3. starlight
4. brave

overHORIZON- Honestly, I've loved this song since I first saw the PV preview, which I'd like to point out still has not been fully released, what's up with that? I really like the synth. going on here and the guitar playing is excellent, especially during the solo. I love Daiki's voice, it flows so well with the song and I adore the chorus to this song.

SOUL OF LIBERTY- While I don't particularly love this song, I can't deny that it is done very well. And again the guitar playing..... I love it, I'm a HUGE sucker for a good guitar solo. My least favorite part of this song is.....actually nevermind, I've decided that I like it after all, what can I say sometimes I'm fickle. P.S. Daiki, I love your vocals, they have so much inflection and character.

starlight- I really like this opening riff and the way the drumline brings you right into the main flow of the song. Starlight is a song that has great rythm, especially pre-chorus, and because of that the drumline is really solid and apparent. I also enjoy the small piano bit from 2:53 to 3:10, I would have liked to hear more of this incorporated into the song. Oh! I am in completely in love with the guitar play out ending! Gorgeous!

brave- Yay! I love a decent length intro. The instrumentals in this song are excellent! The best on this single by far. The bass and drums are great and this guitar player......Damn! Show I'm in love with you! Check out: 3:05 to 3:27. Truly awesome!

I'd really like to say, I'm surprised that LOST ASH doesn't have more of a following. They're pretty fuckin' great!

My Grade: A, 4.5/5


1. dogmanism
4. natsume zakuro
5. gurou
6. Dammit!!!!
7. Dazzling Mob

dogmanism- I'm not normally a big fan of album "opening" songs, but this interesting. To be honest I think they went in the wrong direction by not making this a full track. Two more minutes of dogmanism would have been awesome!

SIX DAMIAN- I like that this song is opened with the bass, I don't hear that often. I'm not quite sure what they're yelling over and over in the first verse, I like it, but would someone be interested in enlightening me? The overlapping vocals from 2:11 to 2:28, well done! SIX DAMIAN is a great song, it ends too soon though, another minute could have easily been added on to this.

 RED DESIRE- I love the main riff in this song......I mean LOVE! and I appreciate that there are some elctronics incorporated into this and throughout the song. I find this song extremely enjoyable, it is super catchy. I adore the chorus, I can't get enough of this whole song honestly. Judging from the first PV preview I saw, I really did not expect to enjoy RED DESIRE this much. But as my brother would say, this is beast!

 natsume zakuro- I'm not really sure where to start with this one..........this song is pretty bitchin'.  My favorite part of this song is without a doubt the first 20 seconds, and there are a lot of different aspects throughout natsume zakuro that make it unbelievably intriguing. The vocals, ranging from high-pitched and girl-like to low and scratchy, and of course throwing in Born's infamous almost chanting yells/screams, are all superb! The guitar here also is fantasic, but it is almost as if you have to listen really closely in order to actually follow the guitar line. I can't complain though, everything is done so well.

gurou- I love the chorus and the guitar riff in this is fantastic, too bad it is barely audible because it is underlying to everything else. Actually the guitar playing in general is......well there are some awesome licks during this song, check out 2:15 to 2:28, that is seriously skilled. Fuck! I love this, I really do. I think this might be my favorite song on this mini-album or at least a close second to natsume zakuro.

Dammit!!!!- This doesn't really strike me as a song that should be called Dammit!!!! From the title I suppose I was expecting something a little more aggressive. Or all around agressive, something more like Mosaic [Black Theory Mania] I guess is what I was expecting. Anyway, I do thoroughly enjoy this song! Born is one of the only bands that I can actually say I look forward to hearing them scream during a song.

Dazzling Mob- I like this too! Great punching guitar opening and rythm, slightly speed metal-esque. I think I've mentioned this before but I'm a sucker for whispered vocals, so I love that aspect of this song. Also, the yelling bits that Born is so fond of, are once again awesome! I'm not sure what else to say, this whole song is great, enough said.

Damn! Well....ummmmm.....I don't have anything bad to say about this mini-album.......except that a few of these songs are too short. None of these songs even remotely suck, and thus there should be longer versions of them.  Born is fuckin' tops, man! I actually think this whole album might be going in my favorites list. I really like Born more and more every time I hear them. This deserves some major kudos so........I don't know.......perhaps a round of applause is in order?

My Grade: A+, 5/5

Ayabie- Melody PV [Preview]

Hmmm....I could see how I might like this.

Credit: HappinetMusic

MoNoLith- 白夜 PV [Preview]

Truthfully, not a big MoNoLith fan but I'm really into this......this is much better than some of the other songs I've heard. I believe 白夜 means White Night, forgive me if my translation is off, which will be released on the 6th of April and will include three other tracks.

Credit: MoNoLithOfficial


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Noteworthy Songs [LuLu- Dekiai Kuranke]

Like I said I'm on a MAJOR LuLu kick so......yep I'm totally in love with this song!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Look: LM.C

I actually really like this look, much better than the look for the Let Me Crazy single.

Source: SR & LM.C's OHP

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today's Album Releases (2/9/11)

2/9 strong enough - おわかれ会 [CD]
2/9 Kuroyume- Misery [Maxi-Single]
2/9 BACK-ON - with you feat.Me [Maxi-Single]
2/9 BUNNEIES - Break Point [Maxi-Single]
2/9 onmyouza - konbeki no soujin [Maxi-Single]
2/9 V.A. - FUCK THE BORDER LINE [Tribute Album]
2/9 Alice Nine- Gemini [Album]
2/9 Jealkb- Invade [Album]
2/9 NightingeiL- Suigin [maxi-single]
2/9 SCANDAL- Pride [Single]
2/9 DOG in the PWO- ONE [Album]

The following releases will be reviewed by me: Kuroyume- Misery, Alice Nine- Gemini, Jealkb- Invade, and DOG in the PWO- ONE.

Bunraku Movie Trailer

Finally!!!! I almost forgot about this movie, I heard about it like what....two years ago. Apparently it has already been shown at a bunch of movie festivals since December 2010, it just hasn't been released in theaters or on DVD yet. But I've read a lot of great reviews especially about Gackt. It actually looks pretty good, but honestly, probably like half the people who are going to see this movie, the real reason I want to see it is Gackt.

Credit: MasaReturns, Thanks for posting this!!

And this is Part 1 & 2 of the Bunraku Q&A session held in Toronto back in September, 2010. It is weird hearing Gackt speak in English. So cute!!

Credit: lilladybug626

Screw: Deep Six Comment

Credit: Psyclescutter

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Look: D=Out

SuG- Mad$hip PV [Full]

I'm not gonna lie this is pretty sweet!! I haven't found Takeru so attractive or been so into SuG since Alterna. was released..........yeah, Takeru is a fuckin' beast!
By the way, this is from SuG's upcoming album Thrill Ride Pirates available on March 9th.

Credit: TheAlien009

Megamasso- Sumire September Love PV [Full]

Below is the PV for Shazna's verson of Sumire September Love. Compare! Compare!

Credit for Top PV: MasamuneHiro3 via Viddler
Credit for Bottom PV: LightAndShadowStory

Monday, February 7, 2011

Flashback: LuLu- 精神鎮痛剤 (Mental Pain Reliever)

I love this song and I'm on a bit of a LuLu kick right now so, ENJOY!

Kagrra- Chigiri PV Full

I don't really listen to a lot of Kagrra but this is actually really catchy. I like it!

Song of the Week [LuLu- Mad Capsule]

These guys are totally underrated. I love them they're so great!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review: Dir en Grey- Lotus

2. Obscure
3. Reiketsu Nariseba[live]

LOTUS- I honestly really like this. The flow is really smooth but at the same time the music itself it really edgy and raw sounding. I very much enjoy Kyo voice here, he keeps a very nice handle on it. It is on a higher pitch than normal without really going falsetto, through the majority of the song that is, he does actually hit a falsetto at 2:40-2:46 (and I must say it is extremely nice). I know this is already a four minute song but I wish it were longer. The only downfall to this song is the ending, it just kind of stops abruptly at the end of a verse, where it could have finished off with some instrumentals or at least a fade off of the chorus.

Obscure- I'm guessing this is a re-made version of Obscure. And I actually really like both versions but I think I might like listening the original slightly more. Though I'm unable to do so when watching the PV, if you've seen it I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Reiketsu Naribseu [live]- It is hard to believe that this is reallly a live, if it weren't for the fact that I can occasionally hear the fans, I wouldn't. It is nice to hear the music take precedence in a recorded live rather than the screaming fans. Well done.

My Grade: A, 4.5/5

Girugamesh to play Anime Boston 2011

Anime Boston, the largest anime convention in New England, announced its first round of Japanese Guests of Honor today. Japanese visual kei band girugamesh will be performing at Anime Boston 2011, at the Hynes Convention Center, Boston Mass. on April 22-24th.

Dates for their "World Tour" are also available on their OHP.

SCANDAL- Pride PV [Full]

I'm not a huge SCANDAL fan, but this is rather catchy and I enjoyed the video, so here it is. And this is the title track off their new single Pride, which will be available on the 9th this month.

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#1!!!

The Gazette- Taion

I've never seen anything so hauntingly beautiful...........BEST PV EVER!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#3

LM.C- Bell the Cat

This is beyond any doubt my favorite PV by LM.C. I love Aiji!!! And Maya too!

Screw- Deep Six (Song Preview)

The actual song preview is towards the end of this video (about 1:35 in).

Credit: Kaedessan1

New Look: Screw

Credit: Screw's OHP

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#4

Kiyoharu- Law's 

Amazing song! I adore Kiyoharu (as we all know), and I really enjoy this PV.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DOG in the PWO- Spicy Milk PV

I do love DOG in the PWO. This isn't my favorite song by them though.

Thanks again to MasaBackUp for posting this!


Credit: MasaBackUp

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#5

D'espairsRay- Reddish

Yeah......D'espairsRay = Fuckin' Awesome!!!

Today's Album Releases (2/2/11)

2/2 Heidi- Gekkou Showtime [Maxi-Single]
2/2 Sorrys! - Sou Ima Sugu Sou Zenbu [CD]
2/2 aie - ヒカリカ [CD]
2/2 CASCADE - 煩悩白書パート2 [Single]
2/2  D'eiz - Title Unknown [Maxi-Single]
2/2 PANIC☆ch - 泣顔フェチ(nakigao feti) / Best Way!! [maxi-single]
2/2 my dragon - nijigen complex [Maxi-Single]
2/2 Fang - 牙流 [Maxi-Single]
2/2 winnie - Synchronized [Mini-Album]
2/2 BlieAN - Monolith [Album]
2/2 MODEWARP - Sound Chamber [Album]
2/2 DadaD - Touch Touch Touch [Album]
2/2 ISK;M, Lustknot., BLAZE - neo pupa [Omnibus]
2/2 valluna - COMPLETE [Best Album]
2/2 V.A. - neo pupa [Single]
2/2 Born- Dogma [Mini-Album]
2/2 Miyavi- What's My Name? [E.P.]
2/2 Kagrra- Hyakkikenran [Final Album]

The following releases will be reviewed by me: Heidi- Gekkou Showtime and Born- Dogma

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BORN- Red Desire PV [Full]

This is actually shot really well. I like how the camera pulls in and out as the band members move back and forth in a line. It looks great! Also, I have to say......Ryouga's pretty damn hot!

Credit: simplerainbou

Kuroyume's Official Youtube Channel

Kuroyume now have their own Youtube channel in order to make all of their video content available to fans.
They already have 4 new videos posted. So check it out and subscribe!!

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#6

D=Out- Sunrise

Hikaru and Kouki are so adorable in this! And I love this song!!!