Thursday, March 31, 2011

Review: Para:noir- Paradox

1. Paradox
2. infinite∞numbness

Paradox- I'm sort of turned off by the high-pitched vocals that start the song off but at the same time I'm really drawn in. And as the song progresses the same high vocals are used beneath the top layer of vocals and music, which sounds really pretty. I can probably count on one hand how many slow-ish songs I've heard from Para:noir and I think that makes this song all the more intriguing for me. It has a really nice rythm while the electronic beat and slightly harder guitar elements keep the song from being too soft. I also very, very much enjoy the, what sounds like a fingered, guitar riff (may even be the bass, I'm not perfect therefore sometimes my ears deceive me) from 52 seconds to 1:11. I'm really surprised at 2:53, honestly I thought Paradox ended and we had moved on to the next song because the overall tone/feeling of the song changes for a whole 15 seconds, I was momentarily confused but then it moves right back into the original rythm. The ending is smooth and pretty and passionate. I thoroughly enjoy this song.

infinite∞numbness- I'd like to point out that this title is a bit redundant, first they say the word infinite then follow it up with an infinity sign??? Anyway, that really has nothing to do with whether the song is good or not, just an observation. I like Para:noir's heavier side as well, I'm just not really one for in song screaming, I much prefer Akane's singing voice to his screaming one. That being said, for a "scream song", I actually kind of like this one. It has a really fast pace and my favorite part of this entire song is the drumline that's practically pounded into your head. Surprisingly, I also really like Akane's on and off singular screams throughout, what I would assume is the chorus.

Paradox is at least as good as their most recently released single, Identity (reviewed HERE) and much better than RED in the Monochrome. So...yay! Keep releasing the awesome tunes Para:noir!

My Grade: A, 4.5/5

Tomodachi- Kamisama mo TOMODACHI PV [Preview] far I'm not into these guys at all. The PV set up reminds me of a Golden Bomber video, though I'm sure this probably has a much more sexual connotation and no where near as fun....just a guess. And what's up with the gigantic lollipop?? It looks good in the promo picture but if you're going to use it in the PV at least use it strategically, verses stuffing it in your mouth. But whatever, I was really hoping to be more impressed with these guys. Pity.

Source: DRR0711

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today's Album Releases (3/30/11)

3/30 THE BAWDIES and AI - LOVE YOU NEED YOU [Collaboration Single]
3/30 D'eiz- Untitled [Single]
3/30 One Star- EAGLE TEXTURE [Maxi-Single]
3/30 Vent Croix- Yakusoku [Maxi-Single]
3/30 Lin -the end of corruption world- - SILENT TO MY PAIN [Maxi-Single]
3/30 otokage- tsukiyomi mangetsuban [Album]
3/30 D'espairsRay- Antique [Best Album] *
3/30 D'espairsRay- Human-clad Monsters FINAL [Live DVD] *
3/30 BAELSCOPE- Title Unknown [Live-Limited CD]
3/30 Lycaon- Jesus [Single]
3/30 Acid Black Cherry- Shoujo no Inori lll [Single] *
3/30 Re:dis- Can You Hear It? [Mini-Album]
3/30 Kyokutou Girl Friend- Ecstasy [Maxi-Single]
3/30 LM.C- Super Duper Galaxy [Single]
3/30 Sadie- Cold Blood [Album] * (New Release Date: 4/6)
3/30 xTRiPx- Disturb[da]bordeR [Maxi-Single]
3/30 TRIGGAH- Abyss of the Phyche [Single]
3/30 Dolly- Moonlight Disco [Maxi-Single]
3/30 Shungokusatsu- Rashoumon [Single]
3/30 v[NEU]- LIMIT [Album]
3/31 lix-  Untitled [Mini-Album]

The following releases will be reviewd by me: Lycaon- Jesus, LM.C- Super Duper Galaxy, Lin -the end of corruption world- SILENT TO MY PAIN and xTRiPx- Disturb[da]bordeR

* The following releases have been postponed due to the situation in Japan, please continue your support!!!


I've never really listened to BLACK CAT before but this sounds really nice.....I'll have to check them out.

Credit: BC20100725

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Nameless- 面影 Song Preview

Truthfully, I kind of like this.....

You can check out their OHP but I seem to have a problem looking at the PC version, nothing shows up, not sure if it's just me, however the mobile link works.

Lin -the end of corruption world- 「Silent To My Pain」PV

The video itself is...well....awful, I HATE green screen backgrounds!!! However, this song is pretty damn decent. I'm getting this one when it comes out!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chemical Pictures: Praparat PV [New]

I really prefer the old PV.......

Credit: VisualMasa

New Look: exist†trace

New look for exist†trace's upcoming mini-album release entitled [TRUE], out on the 15th of June.

Beautiful!!! Mally is freakin' gorgeous!

Friday, March 25, 2011

D=Out- One [Making of...]

Bits of this are actually pretty fuckin' adorable!

D=Out- One PV

Hmmm, I don't know about this's cute.......I like when the girl suddenly turns into Minase.

Screw- Deep Six PV

The black and white shots in this vid are done really well, especially the beginning when it is only Byou. However, I don't think the video really captures the mood of the song (mainly the black and white parts), perhaps if Deep Six had an heavier and more intense tone, which is really what I was expecting, it might work.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chemical Pictures: Praparat and Black Box PV [Previews]


Black Box

Credit: cps0314

Today's Album Releases (3/23/11)

3/23 The Gazette- Traces Best of 2005-2009 [Best Album] *(New Release Date: 4/6)
3/23 UVERworld- MONDO PIECE [Single] *
3/23 Kannivalism- Untitled [Single] *
3/23 NEO- Star Light Romancer [Single]
3/23 Adapter- Oto yuugi [Album]
3/23 Jang Geun Suk- Let Me Cry [Japanese Debut Single] *
3/23 Screw- Deep Six [Single]
3/23 Dear L'Novel- Mistral ~再会~ (saikai) [Maxi-Single]
3/23 Ru:natic- Seimei no・・・Aoiito ga・・・・[Maxi-Single]
3/23 Chemical Pictures- haikei sagiteki doukeshi ongakuai fujoshisamakata e shosen gisare iisaredo junsuimuku na ongaku [Mini-Album]
3/23 Moran- Apples [Mini-Album]
3/23 Ru:natic- seimei no aoi ito ga [Demo Single]
3/23 MAXIMUM THE HORMONE- Untitled [Single]
3/23 BAELSCOPE- rough ride (senkou rough ride) [Maxi-Single]
3/23 Called Plan- anata no seishun washidukami [Maxi-Single]
3/23 Megaromania- Oath-cross of eternity- [Maxi-Single]
3/23 PaRADEiS- albare [Mini-Album]
3/23 DEXPISTOLS- Untitled [Album]
3/23 tsubakiya quartette- BEST MATERIALS [Best Album]
3/23 the GazettE- THE NAMELESS LIBERTY AT 10.12.26 TOKYO DOME [Live DVD] *(New Release Date: 4/6)
3/23 BUCK-TICK- TOUR 2010 go on the "RAZZLE DAZZLE [Live DVD] *
3/23 AYABIE- Virgin Snow Color-2nd season- 2011.01.06 Tour Final at AKASAKA BLITZ [Live DVD]
3/23 tsubakiya quartette- PAST EMOTION [Live DVD]

The following releases will be reviewed by me: Screw- Deep Six and Moran- Apples

* The following releases have been postponed due to the situation in Japan, please continue your support!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review: Versailles- Philia

1. Philia
2. Judicial Noir
3. Desert Apple

Philia- This is basically classic Versailles. I don't think I've ever heard a bad song by Versailles, and you know this is a pretty good one. The vocals are great, the instrumentals are, of course, fantastic, and the song has a nice flow.  Do I absolutely love it? No. I kept waiting for something different to jump out at me and grab my attention. There were really only a couple parts of this song that stood out for me:
 1. 3:09 to 3:15, I very much enjoy the drums here, there is also a small electronic sounding effect in the background that really plays up the drum and guitar parts.
2. 4:29 to 4:47, is this a keyboard? It sounds wonderful lying underneath the other instruments, and really makes everything else sound that much more powerful. 
3. 5:11 to pretty much the end of the song, all of Versailles guitar is amazing, but this the best played guitar in Philia.

Judicial Noir- I am ecstatic about this introduction, all around, the instrumentals here are again fantastic! And I am in love with this chorus, especially the drum line. I love Kamijo's voice, this is my favorite vocal track on Philia, no question at all.
 Best vocals: 3:40 to 3:50, the held out note underneath upfront vocals, the sound is ears are in orgasmville.

Desert Apple- Interesting intro., I honestly wasn't expecting this song to be this hardcore sounding, from the title I was thinking something more romantic, and then moving into that beautiful guitar riff at 1:05. I think this is the second time my ears have orgasmed tonight. I do enjoy a good instrumental song and this is the greatest non-vocal track I've heard in a long time. You know usually, unless you're Joe Satriani, I can't sit through a whole instrumental track.....I need my lyrics! But this sound is magical, and it makes me feel all fuzzy.......I want to put this on repeat and listen to it over and over again! Essentially, this song is sublime, BEST SONG ON PHILIA!!!!!

My Grade: A+, 5/5

Dolly- Moonlight Disco PV [Preview]

As far as I know Dolly's Moonlight Disco single is still being released on the 30th of this month, but may be postponed, I'm unsure.

Surprisingly, I really like this!

Credit: DollyOfficial1

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Band: Tomodachi

Yeah....really just posting this because of the picture......

Tomodachi is a new band with Double River Record. And they will be releasing their first maxi-single on June 29th entitled "Kamisama mo TOMODACHI"

I actually saw the "censored" version of this picture a few days ago when viewing Tomodachi's OHP and honestly I didn't even notice the girls (I did however notice the ummmm....sexual devices....hanging around the one guy's neck) but now that I'm seeing the full picture a lot of other things make sense.

And honestly I'll probably check these guys just because of this damn picture......yep I'm a pervert......

Song of the Week [Moran- 君のいた五線譜 (Kimi no ita gosenfu)]

So the girl they use in this PV is completely commonplace and unnecessary next to the guys from Moran, especially Hitomi in that outfit!!! Gorgeous!
And not going to lie I feel major love for this song!

Review: Girugamesh- Go

1. Opening
2. Destiny
6. 見えない距離
7. 13 days
8. 再会
9. Never ending story
10. Calling
11. イノチノキ

Opening- Well it's a much more electronic opening than I was expecting but I honestly really like it. The lyrics and the beat have a great flow together. If a techno song is what they were going for, than nicely done!

Destiny- Again, definitely not what I'm used to hearing from Girugamesh, and to be honest I thought I wouldn't like this song at all. The chorus is actually the only part of this song that I dislike. I just......I don't like hearing Girugamesh this pop-oriented. However, the rest of this is really very good. It has a very electronic-pop/rock sound and is a lot heavier during the verses, which is the opposite of what most songs go for. Destiny is extremely catchy and I quite enjoy the instrumental break from 3:14 to 3:37. I especially favor the drum-line, it's very heavy and apparent.

EXIT- I'm not really sure how I feel about this song, I enjoy the instrumental and synth. parts of it, especially the high-pitch notes in the background and the drums. Other than that this song doesn't really stand out for me, and though it does have a decent catch to it, EXIT is almost too generic.

COLOR- I enjoy the intro to this song I really do and then the hard guitar beat that jumps off that, while seeming almost completely out of place, is probably the best part of this song. With the way that the verses sound I feel like I'm listening to a continuation of the previous song, only during the verses mind you, the instrumentals and main riff are very different. I really, really enjoy the instrumentals/electronics to this song. And instrumentally this my favorite song so far, more than anything I'm really diggin' 3:43 to 4:04, for this type of song that's some exceptional guitar.

MISSION CODE- I hate that techno beat in the first few seconds, however WOW!! This is the third time I've said this but definitely not what I was expecting!! Ummmm.......this is great!......I mean for a dance-rock song it's well done (akin to D'espairsRay's Love is Dead), I like that Girugamesh kept this a heavy rock/dance song even while singing "shake it, shake it down". I honestly quite enjoy this song. Also, I love the experimental changes in guitar and bass sounds from 1:44 to 2:22, and the play out is wonderful.

見えない距離-  I love the beginning beat/riff that starts at 15 seconds in, though I feel like I've heard this somewhere before, some pop song perhaps? I like that the feeling and tone of music change about three or four times during this song, the play from one to the next is done with surprisingly nice flow. [Examples: 1:00(heavy metal guitar), 1:15 (electronic dance beat and main catchy guitar riff), a slight slow break at 2 minutes, back to the heavy guitar at 2:31 and so forth]. I also have to mention that the guitar solo from 2:46 to 3:14 is devine. I lied earlier, instrumentally this is my favorite song! And maybe all around too.

13 Days- Bass intro, yes! I've been hearing this a lot lately, and I approve! Bass players should get more credit. Also, the guitar riff to this song.....I love it, I love it, I love it!!! I like that the sound is catchy but also original. OH MY GOD!!!! Listen to 2:41 to 2:56 right now! This is one the best guitar solos that I've heard since I stopped listening to classic rock on a regular basis. Truly amazing!

再会- And this is a decent slowish song, no where near the best one I've heard from Girugamesh, and it just kind of makes me want to skip to the next song. There isn't really anything special here for me, except of course the guitar from 2:50 to 3:15 and I like the climaxing vocals that flow right off that, I also enjoy the soft piano that are underlying to the heavier parts. And I just kind of contradicted myself by naming so many things that I like about it, this song gets increasingly better the longer I listen to it. But still all I really have to say is that it is a nice song that plays well.

Never ending story- I sort of wish this song would is probably my least favorite on the entire GO album. Let's see, the bass-line is nice........yeah that is about all I like about this song. It just doesn't do anything at all for me.

Calling- I can't quite make out what is being said during the intro to this song, I'm really curious, anyone know? This is almost a rock/dance-like song as well, though not quite as good as MISSION CODE, I think. Still the guitar is heavy with an electronic undertone while still being relatively catchy. The guitar solo is nice, though not the best I've heard on this album, what does stand out for me is the drum and bass lines from 2:16 to 2:45 along with the vocals that lie on top of this.

イノチノキ- I really like the introduction to this song, so I'm really intrigued right off, but I'm surprised when the first verse starts because I was expecting something slightly heavier and this is more in the way of slower poppish song. I feel a bit let down, this guitar riff is better than the song they put it in, so yeah just get rid of everything but the main guitar riff.......

You know I actually put off listening to this album for a long time because I was carrying a bias and I thought I wasn't going to like it. But I was really surprised, putting aside for the moment that this is Girugamesh and that I also prefer their older stuff, I actually really enjoy this album. It is a change of pace and sound but I think for what they did with the music, GO is, for the most part minus the last couple songs, really well done.

My Grade: B+, 4/5

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lin -the end of corruption world- 「Silent To My Pain」PV [Preview]

Truth be told I'm not really a big Lin fan but this isn't bad, I really wouldn't mind hearing the rest of it. So yes, I'm intrigued.

New Look: Chemical Pictures is interesting.........I'll give it that.


New Look: Lolita23Q


Friday, March 18, 2011

New Look: Virgil

 This look is seriously too cute!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Look: Administrator


New Look: Anli Pollicino

I actually just started listening to these guys a few weeks ago so.........what can I say? I like SLUM JUMP!


D=Out- One [Comment]

Credit: WINNIE781219

Alice Nine: Rock & Read Vol.034 Preview

Go HERE to view more scans. Shou looks GORGEOUS!!!!

Noteworthy Songs [Alice Nine- KING&QUEEN]

This song is utterly amazing!!!!! Major kudos to Alice Nine.

Vistlip's New Single

Vistlip is set to release a new single entitled「SINDRA」.
It will be available on the 1st of June.
They are also going to be doing a oneman tour called [revelation space], with the following shows:
May 7th: Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
May 13th: Sapporo PENNY LANE
June 11th: Osaka BIG CAT
June 12th: Nagoya Electric Lady Land
July 7th: ZEPP TOKYO

It has been a while, I'm so excited Vistlip is back. I'm a big, big  fan!!!!!

Source: jpopasia

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Current List of Postponed J-Rock Releases

The following releases will be postponed until sometime in April, an exact date has not been given.
Please continue to support Japan!!!!

3/23 The Gazette- Traces Best of 2005-2009 [Best Album]
3/23 The Gazette- THE NAMELESS LIBERTY AT 10.12.26 TOKYO DOME [Live DVD]
3/23 UVERworld- MONDO PIECE [Single]
3/23 Kannivalism- Untitled [Single]
3/23 Jang Geun Suk- Let Me Cry [Japanese Debut Single]
3/23 BUCK-TICK- TOUR 2010 go on the "RAZZLE DAZZLE [Live DVD]
3/30 D'espairsRay- Antique [Best Album]
3/30 D'espairsRay- Human-clad Monsters FINAL [Live DVD]
3/30 Acid Black Cherry- Shoujo no Inori lll [Single]

Source: CDJapan

Lycaon- Jesus PV [Preview]

I actually like this, it sounds pretty good!

Credit: mackenzieXSamurai

Today's Album Releases (3/16/11)

3/16 LC5- Refrain [Single]
3/16 D=Out- ONE [Single]
3/16 Boogieman- Howling [Single]
3/16 Gakido - 言葉 (Kotoba) [Album]
3/16 Hanashonen Baddies- Bonjour [Album]
3/16 Boris- Untitled [Album]
3/16 Para:noir- Paradox [Maxi-Single]
3/16 Rice- Rin [Maxi- Single]
3/16 Duel Jewel- Vamp Ash [Maxi-Single]
3/16 Versailles- Philia [Single]
3/16 NAOITO- 379DAYS [CD]
3/16 Spyair- Japanication [Single]
3/16 Irokui- aimai stripe [Maxi-Single]
3/16 FACT- Eat My Words [Mini-Album]
3/16 gakido- kotoba [Album]
3/16 Aqua Timez- Carpe Diem [Album]
3/16 LUNA SEA- LUNA SEA [Self-Cover Album]
3/16 XA-VAT- end [Album]
3/16 SID- SIDNAD Vol.6~LIVE 2010~ [Live DVD]
3/16 FACT- FACT JAPAN TOUR 2010 at Shibuya O-East -live video- [Live DVD]

The following releases will be reviewed by me: Lc5- Refrain, D=Out- ONE, Para:noir- Paradox, and Versailles- Philia

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lc5- Refrain PV [Full]

You can view a better version of this PV on Lc5's OHP

Credit: lovelessUruha

Monday, March 14, 2011

HearJapan to donate 50% of all sales to the Japanese relief effort

I recieved this in an e-mail last night........


HearJapan to donate 50% of all sales to Japanese relief effort

Yokohama, Japan — March 14th, 2011 — As you likely already know, Japan
was recently struck by a major earthquake, triggering tsunami, fires
and massive disruption to vital services across the entire country.

For the next week, HearJapan will be donating 50% of all sales to
Japan Platform, a relief organization that has been performing rescue
operations in the affected areas since the day of the earthquake. Due
to Japan Platform being on-site in Japan, HearJapan can get the
donated money working immediately to help those effected.

HearJapan will not be making any profit from this. In fact HearJapan
will be losing money, in effect adding to the donation itself.
HearJapan is a small company, but we are committed to doing everything
we can to help. We feel this is a great way to get others involved,
make an instantly tangible difference and also give some great
Japanese music in return.

You can get more information about Japan Platform below. Those new to
Japanese music can use the link below to brows your favorite styles.
Thank you.

(Note: Due to rolling blackouts, HearJapan may be down for a few hours a day.)



Japan Platform


Song of the Week [ClearVeiL- Dropping Sky]

I love this song and the PV. And the make up is devine, especially Saki's (the vocalist), LOVE IT!!!

Credit: lareineemiru

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Noteworthy Songs [Deathgaze- Proof]

(This version is from the Bliss Out album, the original is on Genocide and Mass Murder, I believe)

Beautiful!! I love this song.........

Credit: kubaru69

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sadie- Cold Blood Album Preview

Can also be seen on Sadie's OHP!

Full New Look: NEXX

Why does this new guy keep covering his mouth? Some kind of complex??
Other than that this photo is great!


New Look: Matenrou Opera

I like this A LOT!!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Royz- 「eve:r」 PV [Preview]

Pretty decent actually, I think I like this.

Credit: BandsaidYT

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan!!!

First video is from the news and the second was posted by someone in Japan at the time of the earthquake.
Apparently the earthquake was an 8.9 on the Richter scale, the fifth strongest ever to take place in the world, and that caused the Tsunami to hit. Hundreds have passed away and caused thousands to be evacuated.

This is terrible news and my full support goes to Japan!!!

Source: CNN

Thursday, March 10, 2011

NEXX: Adds New Member

NEXX has added guitar player Hayato to their band. He is the one with the glasses or this guy, the one right below this sentence.

Maybe this addition will improve NEXX's sound. I'd be all for that.

Lc5- Refrain PV [Preview]

I wish the quality of this were better, both picture and sound wise but at least it's something......

New Look: The Kiddie

New look for upcoming single "Nutty Nasty" set to be released on the 25th of May.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Under Code Band: Suzaku

Line Up:
Vocalist: 樹(itsuki) (ex-azure → Envus → jubily(英樹-HIDEKI-))
Guitarist: 鴉(karasu) (ex-Berry → 華一匁(hanaichimonme) → Envus(Ba.asuka))
Guitarist: 葉月(hazuki) (ex-藍華柳~Aikaryu~ → IRODORI, now Ultimate Sonic(support)(シャグラス/shagrath))
Bassist: 時雨(shigure) (ex-ヴェル(vell), ヱリザ(erisa)(support))
Drummer: 華樹(kaju) (ex-Rezerg)

You can check out a small excerpt from their first maxi single, entitled "magaru
suiren kakeru[11ul]" to be released on May 18th, on their OHP.
For being only about 10 secs long, the song actually sounds pretty decent and Under Code usually knows what they're doing, so I'm excited to hear their single.

Source: Suzaku's OHP  

Today's Album Releases (3/9/11)

3/9 8otto- Untitled [CD]
3/9 NIKIIE- HIDE & SEEK [Single]
3/9 Mix Speaker's,Inc.- CIRCUS [Maxi-Single]
3/9 RADWIMPS- zettaizetsumei [Album]
3/9 Aicle- Ark [Album]
3/9 Capsule- Untitled [Album]
3/9 EACH OF THE DAYS- Sweet Carrion [Album]
3/9 Golbeza- hizumi [Live-Limited Single]
3/9 SuG- Thrill Ride Pirates [Single]
3/9 Secilia Luna- Yurikago ~Holy Mother~ [Single]
3/9 Auncia- Dearly [Single]
3/9 Endess- Taboo [Maxi-Single]
3/9 Polysics- Oh! No! It's Heavy Polysick!!! [Album]
3/9Matenrou Opera- Matenrou Opera -1214- at Shibuya Ax [Live DVD]

The following releases will be reviewed by me: SuG- Thrill Ride Pirates

Plastic Tree- Thirteenth Friday PV [Full]

This riff seems really familiar to me, but I can't quite seem to place it. Nevertheless, I really like it. The rythm is relaxing in an almost melancholic way. I also very much like that this song is six and a half minutes long. That's what I'm talkin' about, finally a decent length song! Ugh! I adore Plastic Tree.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Para:noir- Identity

1. Identity
2. Irony

Identity- Great introduction! The rythm guitar is really powerful and I enjoy the electronic sounding aspects of this song a lot. The drumline throughout this song is also pretty a good way. Although I actually had to listen really carefully (several times) to make sure the drumline was actually what I was pulling out and not some synthesizer beat. This song isn't exactly fantastic but there are quite a few interesting and unique things about it, and that makes me really enjoy this song. For example: the background vocals, the drumline and the addtion of several overlayed synth beats and sounds, also the guitar solo from 2:08 to 2:20 is very nicely done. I wouldn't normally condone this much synth but this actually all sounds extremely nice together.

Irony- This guitar riff reminds me of some American alternative rock band riff (like.......well I can't think of anyone but basically some crappy band I wouldn't listen to), I do like how it flows from that into a more progressive riff at 10 secs in, I especially love the differentiation at 18 secs. One thing I can say for Para:noir is that the guitar (especially the solos) is always superb. There are a lot of little parts of this song that I enjoy, but as a whole I think this song is almost out of character for Para:noir. Identity is definitely the better song.

While I don't particularly love this single, I do actually like it. The title track (Identity), after listening to it a few times, has actually grown on me, and I really enjoy it. And I would say this is at least 10x better than the RED in the Monochrome, for me, so you know.....I'm happy about that.

My Grade: B, 3.5/5

Lycaon- Jesus [Preview]

I actually like the flow of this but I really hope there is something wrong with the sound on this video ( though I've checked multiple uploads and they all seem to be the same), hopefully the quality of the actual song isn't this low.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Song of the Week [Para:noir- S.K.P]

Is there any reason not to be in love with this???

Credit: Sifataku

Para:noir- Paradox [Preview]

Not really what I was expecting to hear but........I like it.

Credit: rodolfodeezer

Plastic Tree- Thirteenth Friday PV [Preview]

PV preview from Plastic Tree's new single Ammonite to be released on the 6th of April.
This sounds great! I'm really looking forward to this release.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jang Geun Suk- Let Me Cry [Song Preview]

Ok, while I normally wouldn't post this because Jang Geun Suk is a Korean actor/singer, Let Me Cry is actually from his Japanese debut single. And admittedly I'm HUGE Jang Geun Suk fan, so there you go, it's been reported. Honestly, it is pretty decent, probably not my favorite from him but I really enjoy it so...........check it out.

Credit: MissJoeyXuan

xTRiPx- Trust PV [Preview]

Truth be told, I've never actually listened to xTRiPx before today but this popped up on Youtube as something I might be interested in and while I don't think this is the best song, I wouldn't mind hearing more. So, that has to mean something, right?

Credit: xTRiPxofficial

Friday, March 4, 2011

Review: Alice Nine- Gemini

1. I.
2. Rumwolf
3. Stargazer: [Stargazer Single]
4. 4U
5. Shinkirou [Stargazer Single]
7. Entr'acte
8. Senkou [Senkou Single]
9. 風凛
10. GEMINI-0-eternal
11. GEMINI-I-the void
12. GEMINI-II-the luv
13. birth in the death
14. Overture

I.- Hmmm interesting.........I really dislike this introduction. It reminds of a movie title opening for some reason. Actually I'm drawn in by the drumlime, almost a marching band feel especially at the beginning. The flow of this song is devine. I very much enjoy the extra instrumentals, they really push everything else forward and make this song an extremely strong start for this album.
Rumwolf- The first thing I noticed about this song: The bass line. It is subtle, but totally rocks. Ex: 2:02 - 2:06. I love it! I honestly straight up ADORE this song, it's way too short though, three minutes is no where near long enough. Extremely catchy chorus and hard-hitting instrumentals, I also enjoy the chanting, "Hold it back" throughout the song. And this guitar solo, fantastic!!!!!

Stargazer:- Previously released on the Stargazer single and reviewed by me HERE

4U- Lovely opening. This song gives me a sentimental feeling. It's very pretty and sweet. I really am very fond of the instrumentals in this song. Truly beautiful! My favorite part of this: Everything from Shou's climaxing vocals at 3:00 and to the guitar solo ending at 3:48 is spectacular. I especially love the play out on this song, with it's underlying low speaking vocals, I find them really intriguing.

Shinkirou- Previously released on the Stargazer single and reviewed by me HERE

KING&QUEEN- Wahhh! Hell yes!.......Man, I'm a sucker for good guitar!!!! And instrumentally this song is exquisite, it truly delivers. And it does have a very D/ Versailles feel about it, very heavy and speed-metalesque. Again, even though I feel this is one of the better, more rockin' songs on Gemini, like Rumwolf, at 3 minutes and 13 seconds this song way too short. I do thoroughly enjoy the ending though, besides the amazing guitar the last 20 seconds of this = my favorite part.

Entr'acte- I'm not sure if any of you know who Queensryche is (note: 80's heavy metal band, a fantastic metal band mind you, I adore this is a compliment) but this kind of intermission song makes me think of them. Definitely has that kind of feeling to it.

Senkou- Previously released on the Senkou single. Which I really enjoy.

風凛- I can't stand this vocal barely even sounds like Shou. The pounding drums and guitar that sound right after this gripping, they make want to hear what comes next. And I'm not disappointed, though admittedly it took me a second to get into the groove of this song now I absolutely adore it. There are a lot of little experimental/ differentiated aspects thrown around throughout this song, and it all works really well together. For example: the record static effect, Shou's slight falsetto, and also at 1:54 to 2:13 honestly I'm not positive as to what instrument this is (some kind of string, could almost be the bass) but I love it, it is reminiscent of rain. And of course the guitar is phenomenal!

GEMINI-0-eternal- My favorite part of this song: 00:46- 1:12, this song is worth listening to just for that 26 seconds. But then my second favortie part of this song (2:40-3:05) hits, and it is phenomenal! The instrumentals to this song are out this world, but truthfully if it weren't for that fact I probably wouldn't listen to this song at all, I'm just not a big fan of it , and if you read my PV review HERE, I haven't been from the beginning.

GEMINI-I-the void-  Love this opening, so heavy. And OMG the guitar playing is superb.........I honestly wish this whole song was instrumental. Check these out: 2:02- 3:10, great bass line, of course the guitar is amazing, and that's some straight up the Doors synth/keyboard action goin' on right there. I haven't heard anything like that in a long time. Well done!

GEMINI-II-the luv- Gemini is basically a twelve minute song, I'm not sure why they seperated it into three parts but nevertheless, it's very well done. The harmony between guitar parts from 2:15 to well basically the end of the song is lovely. I love this slowed down play out, a really nice ending.

birth in the death- Love me some synth action, especially playing with those staccato guitar parts, and Shou's underlying vocals. The hard impact vocals coming off these slow verses are great and I love that at 4:00 you've got a dance beat thrown in. I can't think of any other words to describe this song than utterly MAGNIFICENT!!!!!! This is fantastically done. Best song on the Gemini album, absolutely no question for me. This.........I don't know I just want to stand up and give this song a round of applause, because that is how hard it hits me. If even just for this song, I'm ecstatic I bought this album.
Overture- An electronic conclusion......surprise, surprise! I like it,  though I would rather hear the guys playing any day, I still enjoy it.

My Grade: A, 4.5/5

Truthfully I had my doubts about this album, after I watched the Gemini PV I was rather disappointed, so I'm really happy to be shown that I was wrong. This album is worth every penny.

Noteworthy Songs [Lost Ash- Soul of Liberty & Starlight]

Soul of Liberty


Yes, I know both are off of Lost Ash's newest single overHORIZON but......
I'm seriously addicted to these songs, I REFUSE to stop listening to them!! I adore Daiki's voice!
Lost Ash definitely deserves more fans, I think they're a little underappreciated........

Thanks very much to PandaBoarr for posting these.

Administrator- Shining! PV [Preview]

Ummmm....I haven't listened to a lot of these guys but I can't really say that I love this......

Credit: DangerCrueRecords

Ayabie- Melody PV [Type A]

This version of the PV is sans any movie parts........

Credit: massuyugo