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LM.C- Best the LM.C 2006- 2011 Singles [Comment]

I want my Maya's BAD!

Credit: LMCofficial

Lin -the end of corruption world- Independent "MAZE" [Album Preview]

Review: Tomodachi- Kamisama mo Tomodachi

1. Kamisama to Onigokko。
2. Zetsurin ONANIST to Yuuutsu。

I do think that Kamisama to Onigokko is the better of the two songs, though both of the songs on this single,
strangely enough, remind me of old LuLu. For instance, I hear quite a bit of Mental Pain Reliever influence, and that might have a lot to do with the various background chorales of talking, screaming and moaning. In fact, I find the two singers voices to be quite similar, though I do have my qualms regarding Tomodachi's vocalist. I will say, that while I appreciate the (somewhat) uniqueness of his voice, I don't think that his vocal skills are quite up to par. With a voice like his, it could really only go one of two ways: he could make use of that uniqueness, improve upon it and wind up being a great vocalist (per Jin from NEGA or Taa of LuLu), or  it could possibly end up being the downfall of this band. Which would be a pity because I honestly think the music and instrumentals are extremely decent, and while Tomodachi definitely has a lot to improve on, it would be a shame to let that, by itself, go to waste.

I am curious to see and hear the whole song from the PV preview that was released a couple months ago,
A, Zekkou Hiyori, which apparently will only be released as a PV. Which I find odd, as that's the song they chose to promote, I simply assumed it would be the title track off the single.

Well, I can at least say that this doesn't suck as much as I thought it was going to. Given that Tomodachi is a new band, the production value isn't exactly fantastic, and everything I've seen from them, including PV previews and concert footage, all seemed to indicate that this release would really blow, I'm a bit surprised, I didn't hear what I thought I would. It isn't great, it's just barely good actually.........but still two thumbs up for not completely sucking.

I will definitely look into future releases, for the simple fact that I honestly hope Tomodachi gets better, though I can't say that I would go out my way to listen to them.

My Grade: 2/5

Alice Nine: Heart of Gold PV [Preview]


Alice Nine: Heart of Gold PV [SPOT]


New Look: Alice Nine [Heart of Gold]

This is a really nice picture but I hate the way Shou is standing.


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Today's Album Releases (7/27/11)

7/27 Homosapiens- Lemon Pop [Mini-Album]**
7/27 CindyKate- Zagin no Naon [Single]
7/27 LuLu- Hikensha No. 049 [Maxi-Single]**
7/27 LM.C- Hoshi no Arika [Single]**
7/27 DEATHBIE- senketsu no MARYA [Maxi-Single]
7/27 Chemical Pictures- Chikyu to Iu Na no Norimono [Single]
7/27 yuina- hurry_new_world/ HELLO [Single]
7/27 DELUHI- Vandalism [Best of Album]
7/27 D'eiz- Untitled [Single]
7/27 romancing saga- technobrake banchou [Maxi-Single]
7/27 DOES- FIVE STUFF [Mini-Album]
7/27 UPLIFT SPICE- paradigm shift [Album]
7/27 DecoLa Hopping- nanatsu no umi no takaramono [PV DVD]
7/27 MERRY- Beautiful Freaks [Album]
7/27 SCANDAL- Love Survive [Single]
7/27 V-Last- PLASMA [Maxi-Single]
7/27 Remming- Suisou Triangle [Single]
7/27 B'z- C'mon [Album]
7/27 D=OUT- ROMAN REVOLUTION [Maxi Single]**
7/27 A (ace)- Black Butterfly [Maxi-Single]
7/27 Sandwich de 120 pun?- Neverland [Album]

**The following releases will be reviewed by me.

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RECLENS (Rekurenzu) Liner Player~ Live 2011

I know Rekurenzu lost their original vocalist but are they ever going to put out the full video for  孤独スイッチ. I've been dying to hear the rest of that song forever. I guess if I really want it I'm just going to have to suck it up and pay the $20 for the single *sigh*.

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The GazettE- REMEMBER THE URGE [Shoxx Vol. 223 Scans: Part 3]

The GazettE- REMEMBER THE URGE [Shoxx Vol. 223 Scans: Part 2]

Today's Album Releases (7/20/11)

7/20 Amber Gris- pomander [Album]**
7/20 DuelJewel- Polaris [Single]
7/20 boogieman- Loops [Album]
7/20 Moran- Tricolor [Single]**
7/20 NEXX- EXISTENCE [Single]
7/20 BugLug- KAIBUTSU [Single]
7/20 R-shitei- dokumoru [Maxi-Single]
7/20 ISK;M- 8infinity [Maxi-Single]
7/20 ONE OK ROCK- Re:make / NO SCARED [Maxi-Single]
7/20 DuelJewel- Polaris [Maxi-Single]
7/20 dry as dust- non fiction [Album]
7/20 SLY MONGOOSE- wrong colors [Album]
7/20 hitoki- chibboke na boku no sekai [Acoustic Album]
7/20 Kuroyume- Fuck The Fake Star The Newest Feather [Live DVD]
7/20 Libraian- Stella Esperanza [Album]

**The following releases will be reviewed by me.

D - 鳥籠御殿 ~L'Oiseau bleu~CM

Credit: voixdinferno

Amber Gris- Pomander [CM SPOT]

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The GazettE- REMEMBER THE URGE [Shoxx Vol.223]

So, Aoi went blonde, huh? I have to say I kind of enjoyed his pinkness.

Click for The GazettE- Shoxx Vol. 223 Magazine Scans: Part1, Part2, Part3

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REALies- NuAGE PV [Full]


Credit: Flowing417

ViViD- BLUE PV [Type B]

I think I like this version better....I wasn't too sure about the whole "cloaky" thing.

Credit: HANKUN0821

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New Look: the GazettE [REMEMBER THE URGE]

I think I'm in love.......

The GazettE- REMEMBER THE URGE PV [Preview]

Ummm...hell yes! Interest peaked!!!

GACKT: Ontama Interview [TV Asahi]

Ummm...are shoes prohibited here? lol

Credit: GxSaku

Lolita23Q -GALACTIC WING- PV [Full]

I actually like the majority of this. I'm surprised.

Review: ViViD- BLUE [Single]

3. ReLoad

BLUE- First of all, I'd like to say that even if I hadn't originally liked this song, I'm sure I would have by now, because ViViD is everywhere and I'd already heard this song about a million times before it was released. Thus, it's a bit hard for me to be objective about this song now, but I'll do my best. BLUE clearly has a great hook to it, there is no way that can be denied at all. I'm extremely fond of the rhythm the verses sit on, as well as the guitar from 38 to 44 seconds in. All the instrumentals are terrific, top to bottom, from basic rhythm to guitar solo. One of the things that stands out to me the most about ViViD is that no matter how short the song, you can always hear everything, every part of the band is clearly recognized, there is no need to strain in order to hear an istrument. I also quite like the electronic elements that have been placed throughout the song.

CRISIS- This is my personal favorite, best song on this single! I really enjoy the opening verse to this song, and even the heavier verses that introduce those background ascending notes, as well as the rap like elements are quite rousing. The use of the guitar here is, to be frank, absolutely stunning, I'm a bit dumbfounded really. I have so many comments and compliments about the guitar line during this song. But, by all rights, the downright best guitar is from 2:30 to 3:06. The fingering of the guitar strings leading into the solo, and the solo itself are superb! Of course, I'm not just talking about the lead guitar here, within this 36 seconds the rhythm and bass guitars are also present and those are fantastic as well. There are also numerous squeals and change ups in the guitar riff, I particularly like the guitar work in the beginning and second verse, 1:28 to 1:50. Also, I really enjoy Shin's vocals during the slower verses, I'm reminded a little of Gackt (maybe from Redemption), if I were to give you something specific I'd say the notes Shin hits at both 40 and 52 secs in, are good examples, and also sound very attractive.

ReLoad- I love this opening, though it does remind me of something I've heard before, a bit speed metal-like. The main riff and chorus are quite catching, and I really enjoy the high electronic notes that lie underneath everything else, best heard from 3:17 to 3:36. Additionally, I think I should have previously complimented the drummer but I feel that this song, in particular, really showcases his talents and perhaps makes the drumline the most noticable out of the three songs. I can not get enough of these guitar players, the guitar work here is more than well done, most specifically 2:22 to 2:35, this also gives you hint of the drummers great playing as well.

Dismissing the fact that none of these songs are even four minutes long, I really have no complaints about this single whatsoever. It's great, actually who am I kidding, it's fantastic! Though I do feel that all of these songs may be in danger of "overflowing", but there is a nice balance that keeps that from happening.

My Grade: A+, 5/5

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Noteworthy Songs [ViViD- CRISIS]


ViViD [Nico Nico 7/13/11]

As always, they're adorable, and the part with the fans, unbelievably cute, made my day!
Again, here's hoping Reno gets better soon!!

Credit: ufyirthrduij

ViViD [V Style: Artist Special 7/12/11]

I've read that Reno has been admitted to the hospital because of ill health, and likewise will not be performing at a couple of ViViD's upcoming gigs. Poor kid, I hope he feels better and is up and playing guitar again soon. Love you, Reno! 
Credit: elastig01


It's an interesting concept, the video is shot extremely well.....
I like that they kind of switched places, though honestly, I prefer Maya's voice.

I hadn't seen this look before but.....I think I really like it!!!

Credit for PV: miki409
 Source of photo:

LM.C- Hoshi no Arika PV [Full]

Hmmm.....not really LM.C's best PV.
And I can't say that I really like the song, though I very much enjoy Aiji's solo.

Credit: miki409


YAY!!! Finally, I've been waiting so long for this!
I adore NEGA, but I find parts of this a little funny.

Credit: riyga1

ViViD- BLUE PV [Full]

Today's Album Releases (7/13/11)

7/13 Spiv States- Futari no Hoshi [Mini-Album]
7/13 UNiTE- 「ミドルノート [Maxi Single]
7/13 GUILD- Summer EP 2011~L'Estate~ [Maxi-Single]
7/13 ViViD- BLUE [Single]**
7/13 Lycaon- Aventure [Limited Single]
7/13 Gackt- Episode.0 [Single]
7/13 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas- NEXTREME [Mini-Album]
7/13 ReaLies- NuAGE [Maxi- Single]**
7/13 DASEIN- MIren [Single]
7/13 BREAKERZ-LAST † PRAY/Zettai! I LOVE YOU [Single]
7/13 Crack6- Butterfly Effect [Album]
7/13 Re:dis- Emotional days. /In dying days. [Double-A-Side Maxi Single]

**The following releases will be reviewed by me.

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3. 【beauty;beast】

DEMONS-  Born seems to have a knack for titling their songs in a way that doesn't really match the music. A song called DEMONS, to me, that sounds like it should be a pretty hardcore metal song, no? I mean when I first saw the single title and new look, that's what I was waiting for, but nevertheless, I do like this song. I don't think that it's an all around great song, I've definitely heard better from Born, however, I could give you several reasons as to why this is a good song. One of the best things about this song for me are the background vocals and also the intermingled screaming and singing that takes places through the whole song.The guitar work, especially the short main riff, is pretty good, though I wish the guitar player had been given a chance to shine a bit more. And truthfully, I'm not extremely fond of the chorus, though I'm willing to admit it's very catchy. My favorite part: 2:13 to 2:27, I really enjoy the smooth underlying guitar that this starts off with, and then of course the "whoa, whoa" flows right along with the rythm of the guitar, bass and drums.

Credit: missyoufairy 
(Anyone else notice that Ray [the 2nd guitarist] is kind of.....super good-looking....?)

GARBAGE- I like the opening and how it moves fluidly into the first verse, I'd specifically like to compliment the drumline through this song. Actually the entire rhythm section in itself I find quite well done. In fact, the bass line is relatively noticable during the verses, which I'm really happy about, because this bass player is very talented, I would expressly like to point out 50 seconds to 1:00, if you weren't paying attention to the bass line before then check this part out. I actually find Ryouga's vocals from 1:59 to 2:16 rather intriguing, I like the change up. Also, 2:36 to 2:39 is another great peek into that drumline I mentioned at the beginning of the song

【beauty;beast】- I wish there was a little more to this lyrically, because I REALLY like it! But it more or less gives off the feeling of an intro or conclusion song, mainly instrumental and screaming and like I said not much available lyrically. But this may actually be my personal favorite off the single, I just wish there was a extended version, this song is definitely the most appealing to me. I actually found myself thinking the same thing of dogmanism (off the DOGMA album), if BORN would take some of their intro songs and make them "real" song, they'd awesome! Moving on, as always the screaming and singing ride well together and the instrumentals are great. My favorite part: the feed-back sounding guitar from 1:11 to 1:28, then this goes right back into the rhythm of the song.

All of these songs are, in general, very good, however, I definitely don't consider this to be BORN's best work. Their last release DOGMA, though a full abum, I think the quality and intensity of the music was much better. And I dislike that the most commercial songs off the single/ album seem to be the songs that a lot of people judge from. In that respect I would say that Red Desire and DEMONS are equally good, though neither are songs that I would think of as my favorite from BORN.

My Grade:  A-, 3.5/5

I'm curious, what are some of your favorite songs from BORN?

Song of the Week [BORN- Natsume Zakuro]

One of my favorites off of their last album DOGMA.

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GACKT: Interview 7/4/11 [J-Melo]

World tour, eh?

HITT: New Mini Album [Because It's Love]

The new mini-album will be available on July 20th, 2011.

1.  デゾレ - Desolé
2. Sexy Galaxy
3. ラリラルラロラ - LaLiLaLuLaLoLa
5. I'm crazy for you!
Bonus : Ruriiro no Sora
I was literally sitting on my bed the other day, just thinking about how much I would love for HITT to put out something new. I'm really excited!

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Song of the Week [D'espairsRay- Masquerade]

LAGING Off Shot [6/29/11]

Too bad these guys are going to disband.
Are they listening to Pink? Seriously??? You couldn't think of anything better to listen to?

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Plastic Tree Comment [Club Zy]

Too cute!!
I didn't realize that Ryutaro Arimura was almost 40 years old, I swear these people don't age!!!

Credit: elegy0817

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Today's Album Releases (7/6/11)

7/6 Matenrou Opera- Helios [Maxi-Single]**
7/6 UNISON SQUARE GARDEN- Populus Populus [Single]
7/6 ALvino- Wings of Music [Album]
7/6 A&D- Variable [Maxi-Single]
7/6 Doremidan- Kanshoteki Rockin Slumber [Single]
7/6 ZUCK-NOISE☆WORLD [Mini-Album]
7/6 Affective Synergy- Eternity Colors [Maxi-Single]
7/6 suzumoku- Ni [Album]
7/6 COMEBACK MY DAUGHTERS- Outta Here [Album]
7/6 SHERBETS- FREE [Album]
7/6 NoGoD- kamikaze [Maxi-Single]
7/6 NEGA- FABLE IN THE COLD BED [Maxi-Single]**
7/6 v[NEU]- RED EMOTION [Maxi- Single]
7/6 Doremidan- Kanshouteki Rockin' Slumber [Maxi-Single]
7/6 Kiryu- Kisai [Maxi-Single]

**The following releases will be reviewed by me.

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