Friday, September 30, 2011

Matenrou Opera: Otoshiana no Soko ha Konna Sekai [Previews]

Otoshiana no Soko ha Konna Sekai

Diorama Wonderland

Sleeping Beauty

All of these songs were previewed on the 9.29.2011 edition of Nico Nico Live.

Credit: Reiko8D

The GazettE- THE SUICIDE CIRCUS PV [Preview]

Oh! This is intriguing! I really want to see the rest.

Credit: oiioARToiio

BORN- ProudiA PV [Preview]

Credit: YUUKlism

New Look: BORN [ProudiA]


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Kiddie- Utsukushiki REDRUM PV [Full] HQ

I thought I would repost this because there isn't a banner covering half the video. Plus, I actually kind of like it.

Credit: AderinJudoka

MoNoLith- 未来旅行者<ミライトリッパー> CM

I like it more than CANDY CANDLE.


This just doesn't do it for me but's cute??

exist†trace- DAYBREAK PV [Preview]

The solo is a little weird for me, haha.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Look: Kuryume [Headache and Dub Reel Inch]


The GazettE- THE SUICIDE CIRCUS [Full Song]

Hmmm.... I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Credit: tanechka183


This is extremely interesting. I'm not sure how much I actually like it, but very interesting nonetheless.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Gazette: The Suicide Circus; Angelo: Feather [PV Previews]

So looking forward to both of these releases.


I wanna hear this!

Angelo: BABEL Comment (from Kirito)

Credit: kozabo

Angelo: Profiles Photoshoot

Credit: kozabo

Angelo: Message From the Band.


Credit: kozabo


I'm a bit disappointed honestly.
I could tell you right now what the best part of this song is.......but I'm saving that for the review.

REALies- CHANGE! [Live-Distributed Single Preview]

This sounds pretty nice actually, I really enjoyed their last single.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Signal: 『M・E・L・T』Full Song

Thank you masatk2011 for uploading this, I've been waiting to hear it forever!!

EAT YOU ALIVE- Clock Wise PV [Full]

Credit: masatk2011

The GazettE- Vortex Live @ Summer Sonic 2011

Poor Gazette, they look really exhausted.

Credit: Stigmatter

New Look: Matenrou Opera

This makes Sono look a little scary.


New Look: CindyKate- 「昌代とByeBye」


Virgil: "Carpaccio" Choreography Course [Description & Practical Guide]

He looks so thrilled to be dancing in his chipmunk outfit.

Review: AND -Eccentric Agent- BLAZE

2. another face
3. Dear liar

First of all, BLAZE is AWESOME!!! All caps and italicized, that's how awesome this song is. It reminds me of older And, which I'm extremely pleased about. The instrumentals are great, I'd especially like to point out how skillful and clearly audible the drum section is, and though the guitar riff is catchy, I actually that the drumming is the best part about this song, at least instrumentally. However, I would check out 1:10 to 1:20, for a great peek into the guitar line. I appreciate the addition of piano as an undertone to the song, and I really welcome the return of those guttural screams from Ikuma, as well as the cries from the background. My two favorite parts of this song: First, 1:50 to 2:09, I just love the way this sounds with the exchange of lead and background vocals, and my absolute favorite, 2:49 to 3:09, I think this the most passionate part of the song, and that's really shown off with the supplementary piano and string section. Not to mention if you haven't seen this PV yet, please do, it's too awesome for words.

Another Face is probably my least favorite of the three, it's a decent track, I'm just not extremely impressed with it. I do very much enjoy Ikuma's vocals during the beginning verse, and this song also has one of the better guitar parts throughout the single. Including, 1:10 to 1:27, also heard during the other chorus' (this part also has rhythm section that is definitely worth mentioning), and the main riff  here is lovely. Having said that, I think this song is a bit too repetitive, I would have really liked to hear more of a change in the beat or
 the attachment of a slower music section, just to really reinforce the song, or perhaps just more verses would have done the trick.

Now, surprisingly, I actually really like Dear liar, but apart from the actual music I don't get the impression that this is And. I feel like I might as well be listening to The Kiddie, in fact the only song by And, that I can think of, that is even remotely close in sound to this one, is Hakubaika. I do think this is a very catchy song, and I'm quite fond of the main and harder guitar riffs, as well there are several ascending and descending bass and guitar lines that play really well next to the similar rhythm and drum sections, ex: 0:37 to 1:01. There also seems to be an addtion of synthesizer beats and a small piano section, and both of these thrive within the mix of instruments. Best guitar and also the most noticeable riff: 1:39 to 2:02.

My Grade: 3/5

Monday, September 19, 2011

Song of the Week [Lin -the end of corruption world- World in Flames]

I really need to get around to listening to this whole album.

Credit: pixyfalse01

MIyavi- STRONG Preview [with KREVA]

To be honest, I've never really thought about Miyavi's age before, but I guess I always figured he was older than that. Not because he looks old, I just feel he has a lot of experience.

New Look: exist†trace [The Last Daybreak]

This look is seriously hot!


New Look: Sadie [Rosario]


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011


Basically, this new band includes:

Vocals: Ricky (DASEIN)
Guitar: Kazuya (ex. FANATIC CRISIS, ex. Lastlip)
Guitar: Shun (ex. FANATIC CRISIS, ex. Lastlip)
Bass: Zero (ex D'espairsRay)
Drums: Tsukasa (ex D'espairsRay)

There are no pictures available at the moment but they do have an OHP set up.

They will also be playing the "stylish wave GENERATION" live on 12/01/2011 at Shibuya O-East along with Penicillin, LM.C, and DaizyStripper.

I'm really happy that the members from D'espairsRay are still out there playing music or doing something new. I can't wait to hear the sound these guys come up with. Though I do think that DASEIN and D'espairsRay is a bit of an odd mix.

The Gazette @ Summer Sonic 2011 [Comment]

Well.....they're certainly lively (straight up sarcasm).
But I love Ruki's hair.

Credit: summersonic

Review: BORN- Psycho Diva

1. Psycho Diva

I've always been really impressed with Born, up until about the time DEMONS was released, that single just wasn't of comparable quality to their previous work. That being said, I think that Psycho Diva is a decent song but it pretty much sounds like everything else Born has put out recently. It literally sounds like it could be on DEMONS. Despite a catchy chorus and their ever good instrumentals, there isn't anything thats particularly special or new about this song. The only things that even remotely invoked my interest to more than just general liking are the bass and drum section from 0:27 to 0:43, and the music playing underneath Ryouga's vocals from 2:24 to 2:39. Other than that this is just an okay song, it's relatively appealing but there's no gusto.

I honestly think that it was a bit of let down for Psycho Diva to be the title track, because DAMNED is probably the best song I've heard from Born since Natsume Zakuro (off the DOGMA mini-album). It's most definitely the better of the two songs on this single. From the Spanish-style guitar to the screaming background vocals, every aspect is magnificent. One of the best guitar parts is the introduction with that Spanish-style guitar I was talking about, I also like how this was incorporated underneath the verses. The guitar solo is great, as well as the flow of the lead and rhythm guitars from 1:57 to 2:10. The drum and bass beats are very apparent, especially throughout the verses, which gives DAMNED quite a strong feel. I also don't believe I've ever found Ryouga's voice to be so engaging before so, I'm very fond of the the chorus here, particuarly with the addtion of those "oh, so common" screamed vocals in the background.

My Grade: 3.75/5

Administrator- Trust PV

Really unsure what a chick riding a mechanical bull has to do with anything.....anyone?

RECLENS (Rekurenzu): One-Man Live 11/7 [CM]

Credit: reclenstube

Screw- BRAINSTORM [Single Preview]

Credit: Kaedessan1

LM.C- Best the LM.C 2006- 2011 Singles [TV Spot]

Credit: LMCofficial

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lycaon- Pierrot PV

I like how minimal this PV is, they're usually very flashy.
Bit of a fanservice overload though.

L'arc~en~ciel- XXX PV [Full]

Eh.....well.....I like the song.

Credit: Nanaxx94xx

Lolita23q -HIKARI- PV [30 Sec. Preview]

Hmmm.....I just really don't like this look.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Screw: BRAINSTORM [Long Preview]

I really hope this song gets better. Though, I can't really say I was expecting it to be fantastic. Lately Screw's title tracks have, honestly, been pretty lame and predictable. But I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the songs off the single rocked, since companies usually pick the most commercial song for promotion. So, I'm still looking forward to it.

Credit: Kaedessan1

The Kiddie- 美しきREDRUM PV [Full]

Credit: kingrecords

Monday, September 12, 2011

-Oz- Reverse PV [Preview]

This sounds awesome!

A(エース)- Black Butterfly PV [Full]

To be honest, I don't know a lot about this band, besides the PV previews this is the first time I've ever listened to them, and I'm not even sure I really like this song. However, I'm posting this because I'm interested in the violinist. He's impressive.

A Personal Rant (Pertaining to Bass Players, Funding, and Fan Girls)

This is really just a mini-rant on my part, merely because I have a lot to say and I feel that the bass player is one of the least appreciated members of a band, right next to the rhythm guitar player (which, if you think about it is why many of them tend to take on a "dual lead guitar" role). I just think that instrumentally they are the most likely, to be ignored or, I should say, over-looked. In order to clarify, I don't mean that these musicians are under appreciated by the band itself, I'm referring to the listeners.

Understandably, bass is the most difficult line to pick out in a song. So, of course, people are more likely to pay attention to things like the lead guitar, drums, and mostly vocals. Also, I suppose it can be easy to overlook the actual playing aspect when you are looking at someone's exterior (in essence, don't be so shallow). Saying that a musician is "hot" is not the same thing as saying they're talented.

And I don't mean to underestimate any fans, I know there are many who thoroughly applaud the music alone, and also, there are many musicians that I find good-looking as well. However, it's okay to like a band's music for the music, and not because you find the musicians attractive.

For example: I'm a HUGE fan of LuLu, and I don't find any of the members even remotely appealing.

Anyway, this has taken an unexpected turn and become a rant about certain fangirls, so, my main point is, bass players should be shown a bit more support. And really this goes for all band members in general, there are so many talented musicians out there, but their music can only reach so many people if they aren't appreciated for the right reasons.

I feel like this is also like a good opportunity to bring up band funding, because a lot of the things I was talking about really come into play here. A band could be great, but if they don't get the right support from fans, it becomes harder and harder for them to put out music. Which, is probably why a lot of the lesser known bands have been disbanding lately. No support = no funding = no music! A great example of this is LOST ASH. While they haven't actually disbanded, they're constantly saying that if they don't have a certain amount of fans at their lives, that they won't put out another single. Now, this is obviously a ploy to get you to come to their live, likewise, if there were more people who knew about them and more loyal fans to support them, they wouldn't have to do that.

In conclusion, SUPPORT THE DAMN BANDS!! And here are......

6 J-Rock Songs to Help You Love Bass Players

D=Out- Sunrise:

NEGA- Idle:

Alice Nine- Haikara Naru Rinbu Kyoku:

The GazettE- An Unbearable Fact:

And -Eccentric Agent- dope:

BORN- Dammit!!!!!!

This turned out to be a much longer post than I had originally anticipated.

Song of the Week [REALies- ヒカルセカイ]

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Review: Alice Nine- Heart of Gold

1. Heart of Gold
2. Ray
3. Haikara Naru Rinbu Kyoku

Heart of Gold- While I don't particularly love this song, I don't think I could ever say that an Alice Nine song is bad, because well, let's face it, I don't think that will ever happen. Heart of Gold basically gives off the idea that it's an "inspirational" song, which makes me feel it's kind of sickly sweet. Nevertheless, we'll move on to the good points. The song is obviously well constructed, the main riff and lyrics are memorable, and the instrumentals are unmistakably good. There is no denying that this is a good song, however, I don't think this song hit me the way it should have, I was waiting to come across something new or interesting, but the only thing that really struck me at all was 1:52 to 2:17. And this is the best part of the song for me. I like the screaming vocals placed in the background, probably because this differentiates so much from the normality of the song, and I also really enjoy the drum line here.

Ray- I definitely like this song more than Heart of Gold, I find it much more interesting and gripping, and I'm also much more impressed instrumentally. The entire rhythm section is great and I really enjoy the mixture of guitar parts. If I wanted to I could most likely pinpoint about 20 or so fantastic measures of music, but honestly I feel like that would take a little to much effort right now, so I'll just point out a few that I'm really pleased with. First, the whole introduction up to about 43 seconds in, there is a wonderful rhythm line here and the combination of bass guitar and lead guitar flow really well. Second, underneath that chorus is a great guitar riff, along with a short electronic part that also appears later on in the song. And third, I'm an extreme bass solo buff (I truly believe bass players should get more credit), so I'm very happy about 2:22 to 2:29, also right before this at 2:19 is a very well done drum line, courtesy of Nao. So, three thumbs up Alice Nine.

Haikara Naru Rinbu Kyoku- Dear Alice Nine, Please stop remaking songs that are already great! And they just happen to be some of my favorite songs too, how does that happen? Anyway, it's a decent re-do, I appreciate that you made it longer and added a guitar solo and a bit more bass, and amped up the quality, at least, in general, you didn't change it too much. This is my favorite song on the single, but that's because I already liked it so I'm a bit biased on this one, sorry. That's all I have to say. Oh! and thank you for the great instrumentals and bass solo! I love you, Saga! 

My Grade:  4/5

The GazettE- TOXIC [Covers]



I absolutely love the regular edition cover.

Source: cdjapan


Their music just hasn't been as good lately.

Lycaon- Aventure PV [Full]

LuLu- 被験者NO.049 PV [Preview]

I know this isn't a great PV but I'm a huge fan of LuLu!!!
Their PVs only suck because they are under appreciated and therefore have a low budget!

Friday, September 9, 2011

AND -Eccentric Agent- BLAZE PV [Full]

This PV is just too awesome!
 I can't say that I've ever thought Ikuma was attractive before, I've always kind of had a thing for Kiri, but after this PV I may have a little crush on Ikuma, just saying.

New Look: NEGA

I think Jin looks better with less make-up.


New Look: L'arc~en~ciel [XXX]





Hageshisa To, Kono Mune No Naka De Karamitsuita Shakunetsu No Yami

Wow, either they're fantastic live or this is some great filming........maybe both.

Credit: direngreyweb

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Song of the Week [ICe0AGe- ZERO]

I heard this song quite a while ago but I've been listening to it a lot recently.
I'd really like to hear more from them.

Noteworthy PVs [Alice Nine- Rainbows]

My second favorite Alice Nine PV.
I'm fanatic about this song.

Review: The GazettE- REMEMBER THE URGE

3. 痴情

This honestly has to be my favorite of the last five singles the Gazette has released. Though RED was ridiculously over played on my iTunes, this may surpass that. I know that the Gazette was kind of "exploring" their musical style for while, but I like that they seem to have reverted to some their older work, if even just a bit, and tends to have a much harder feel than a lot of their more recent releases. In fact, I would say that the bulk of this single is a mixture of both old (leaning a little more towards this end) and new, which is refreshing and well, still actually sounds like the Gazette.

I really enjoy all of these songs, they're structured extremely well, and all of them bring something different to the table. The title track, REMEMBER THE URGE, is of course the most commercially catchy, nevertheless you'd be a liar if you said you weren't immediately taken in by the main riff. It'd be impossible to walk away from this song without listening to it atleast once. I have to commend the instrumentals here, very well done, the drums through this entire song are excellent, as well as the bass, check out: 1:52 to 2:02. Naturally I'm quite a fan of the guitar, however, I'm surprised that the solo didn't catch my attention more, I actually think that the best guitar part is from 0:28 to 0:55. My favorite part: 2:55 to 3:09, everything is put together really well here, and I like the subtle mixture of guitar and rhythm sections.

I have to say, this whole single is ripe with fantastic instrumentals, top to bottom. And the drums during CLEVER MONKEY easily caught the most of my attention, especially the stacatto-like drumming during the slower verses, this part also has some of the better guitar through out the song, as well as, 2:33 to 2:39 and 1: 26 to 1:39 and of course the guitar squeals. Again though, I really wish I was taken in a bit more during the solo here, I think it could've been a little more innovative. I would've liked if this song were atleast another 30 seconds or so longer, but I do love when they yell "Yeah, Clever monkey", it's probably my favorite part of this song.

I'm pretty sure  痴情 is translated as Blind Love, don't quote me on that, but I do think it's very fitting to the mood of this song. The introduction is fantastic, specifically that soft pounding of the drums playing on top intertwining guitar parts. I particularly enjoy the mixture of dramatic feeling music and the more intense screaming sections with in the song. I appreciate how well feeling is expressed through the music and vocals of  痴情, as well as this being one of the songs in which I find Ruki's voice, to some extent, more attractive than normal, especially when he hits the somewhat higher notes. This is another song that I wish went on for just a few more minutes. I probably wouldn't mind even if this were a 10 minute song.

I always really look forward to these guys putting out something new. I can't wait for the new album, and after taking a peek at the tracklist, I'm really excited to see that there aren't many songs from the last few singles. Mostly, just title tracks, PLEDGE, RED, SHIVER and VORTEX.

My Grade: 4.5/5

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I wouldn't really call this a new look.......more like just different pose with a white background.


Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 2011 Releases

9/xx Misaruka- Untitled [Maxi-Single]
9/1 ballad- Domestic Colour [Maxi-Single]
9/1 Rainman- omamagoto [Mini-Album]9/2 LucaRia- Awake [Single]
9/6 Vellga- X [Maxi-Single]
9/7 Galileo Galilei- Sayonara Frontier [Single]
9/7 Aimer- Rokuttosei no Yoru/ Kanashimi wa Aurora ni/ Twinkle Little Star [Single]

9/7 Do As Infinity- Ariatonenoito [Single]
9/7 FEST VAINQUEUR- hazan [Maxi-Single]
9/7 Daizystripper- Gunshot to the Moon [Single]

9/7 DEPAIN- Genom Disorder [Limited Release Single]
9/7 Ladyant Black- ClutcH [Single]

9/7 JILLS BLUE ROSES- Karen/Black Rose [Single]
9/7 Plastic Tree- Yuku Pura Kita Pura [Live DVD]
9/7 NIGHTMARE- Sleeper [Single]

9/7 flumpool- Akashi [Single]
9/7 Alice Nine- HEART OF GOLD [Single]
9/7 Cu[be]- Twilight ST★R [Maxi-Single]
9/7 VizeL- Vanish [Mini-Album]

9/9 MiD DERACINE- TRUE END [Live Limited Single]
9/14 Jealkb- AGAINST [Mini-Album]
9/14 Spica- natsuzora to ryuuseigun [Single]
9/14 YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz- The End Of The Day [Single]
9/14 VelBet- GAIN COЯE [Maxi-Single]
9/14 BORN-Psycho Diva [Single]
9/14 Aoi- symmetry [Mini-Album]
9/14 And- BLAZE [Single]
9/21 DOGin The PWO- Chulip HOLIC [Single]
9/21 Heidi- Sixth Sense [Mini-Album]
9/21 Androp-relight [Album]
9/21 ZORO- POLICE [Single]
9/21 BREAKERZ- GO [Album]
9/21 Baelscope- EXCEED [Maxi-Single]

9/21 SPYAIR- Rockin The World [Album]
9/21 Acid Black Cherry- Pistol [Single]
9/21 Lustknot- A BRUTAL FACT [Maxi-Single]
9/23 Eve- AWAKING WORLD [Single]
9/26 Tu[ism]- Mile Stone [Mini-Album]
9/26 the god and death stars- addle apple [Mini-Album]
9/28 FUTURISM-BOYZ- New period [Mini-Album]
9/28 Fi'Ance-Dalia [Single]
9/28 SID- Itsuka [Single]
9/28 Sakanaction- DocumentaLy [Album]

9/28 DragonWAPPPPPPER- 6piece [ ]
9/28 Jinkaku Radio- Akaikutsu [Single]
9/28 VOICE- WAKE UP [Maxi-Single]
9/28 The Kiddie- Utsukushiki REDRUM [Single]

9/28 ASTRO BOY- Technologic [Mini-Album]

9/28 Downer- cubic X POD [Mini-Album]
9/28 AUBE- Ware, Utakata Mugen no Hana ni Nari... [Single]