Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Look: RedruM [ELECTRIGGER]

Source: OHP

RedruM- ELECTRIGGER PV [45 sec Spot}

This seriously sounds AWESOME!! Totally diggin' his voice!

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New Look: Angelo [RETINA]

Source: OHP


Credit: royzofficial1

LOST ASH- Deadly444 PV [Full]


The Kiddie- THE 5 -FIVE- [CM]


Saturday, October 20, 2012


Hyde is ridiculously gorgeous by the way!!

HYDE (VAMPS) / yasu ( Acid Black Cherry )/ kyo ( D ' ERLANGER )/ DAIGO (BREAKERZ) / Tommy February6/Tommy heavenly6 / TATSURO ( MUCC ) / Tsuchiya Anna / RYUJI AOKI / K.A.Z(VAMPS)/ Hitsugi ( NIGHTMARE ) / Aki ( SID ) / RINA (SCANDAL)/ Kanon Wakeshima
Credit: VisualKeiMasa

Friday, October 19, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Review: MEJIBRAY- Emily

1. Emily
2. Thinker
3. Apocalypse
Overall Rating:


Emily- I've seen a lot of curiousity towards who the female vocalist in this song is. Now, I know that Sophia from Blood Stain Child contributed vocally to Mejibray's last single Sadisgate, more specifically on the song Black Baccarat. This could very well be her again but I haven't seen any information either confirming nor denying this idea so don't quote me on that. As the vocals go, while I do think that the female vocals provide some dynamic and harmony in the few short segments
they could be heard. The usage was actually rather inconsistent and they never came back after the second verse. I don't really think the extra vocals were necessary. They don't do anything particuarly special for me, I think it's an effect that could have easily been created with the same band backup vocals that were used through the rest of the song but, you know, they're nice. This is definitely more of a ballad then I'm used to hearing from Mejibray, but I do really like this song. It's quite
pretty, and the piano at the intro and throughout the song really enhances the sentimental feel of the track.  I am a big fan of this guitar player, MiA, I always enjoy listening to him play, and Emily is no exception. The main guitar riff is catchy and played wonderfully, and the solo is fuckin' fantastic. I love this kind of playing style, another guitarist who has a similar style is Reno from ViViD and you'll often hear those high pitch squeals, that are quite classic rock reminiscent (if you're a classic rock listener, like myself, you'll know what I'm talking about).
Thinker- This a great track as well, much different than Emily, but more like what I'm used to hearing from Mejibray. Thinker doesn't quite reach the three minute mark, so I am a bit disappointed it wasn't longer, but for the amount of time they gave us, I like it. It's fast paced, pretty rockin' song. The guitar riff and chorus catch your attention. Again, the guitar playing here is exceptional, my favorite part being 1:31 to about 1:46, most of that is the solo but part of it is overlapped by vocals. And I'm really glad to hear that the screaming vocals have been brought back, they really make the song for me.
Apocalypse- Obviously, this a remake of the version that's on the Killing Me single. I do like that the all of the instruments can be heard more clearly and that the bass seems to be much more readily apparent in this new version. But overall, I actually like the original Apocalypse better. It has a much grittier, less polished sound, which I really prefer. I prefer the original track lyrically as well.
Overall, not too bad for a single, but I was hoping to hear a bit more from them.