Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: LAGING- Last Night [Single]

1. Last Night
2.White Flowers and Cold Truth
3. Cry Road

I usually don't provide download links but I think these guys are definitely worth looking into.

Credit: Byou

Last Night- I feel like the introduction to this song is a little lagging but I'm immediately taken in by the vocals. The instrumentals are really nice, the bass and drums are rockin', and the guitar line is pretty inventive. There is a slight catch about it but I think the majority of that has to do with the singer's voice. Also, the growling vocals here.......fantastic, they fit in wonderfully with the music. My favorite part of this song- 3:23 to 3:41, the music slows down and then rides right into those powerful vocals. I really dig this!

White Flowers and Cold Truth- This intro is either a really common riff or I recognize it from another song.....could be both. I'm really into this singer's is almost softly hypnotic in parts of this song. Fantastic background vocals 2:12 - 2:27, super intriguing and nice rolling bass. Again, great and very creative guitar line. This song is......I wouldn't go as far as to say that it is amazing but DAMN! It's really good!

Cry Road- LOVE this guitar riff at the intro. I can't get over this guy's voice, it is almost like it has a million dimensions, you hear a different aspect of his voice in every song. And that's fuckin' awesome! The chorus is really catchy and the drum line here.........(I've run out of words to say great, so fill in what you'd like)!

I really recommend listening to this band, LAGING is extremely promising! And I hope they're around for a while, I'd like to hear more.

My Grade: A, 4/5

Both websites have samples of all three tracks up.

February 2011 Releases

2/2 Heidi- Gekkou Showtime [Maxi-Single]
2/2 Sorrys! - Sou Ima Sugu Sou Zenbu [CD]
2/2 aie - ヒカリカ [CD]
2/2 CASCADE - 煩悩白書パート2 [Single]
2/2  D'eiz - Title Unknown [Maxi-Single]
2/2 PANIC☆ch - 泣顔フェチ(nakigao feti) / Best Way!! [maxi-single]
2/2 my dragon - nijigen complex [Maxi-Single]
2/2 Fang - 牙流 [Maxi-Single]
2/2 winnie - Synchronized [Mini-Album]
2/2 BlieAN - Monolith [Album]
2/2 MODEWARP - Sound Chamber [Album]
2/2 DadaD - Touch Touch Touch [Album]
2/2 ISK;M, Lustknot., BLAZE - neo pupa [Omnibus]
2/2 valluna - COMPLETE [Best Album]
2/2 V.A. - neo pupa [Single]
2/2 Born- Dogma [Mini-Album]
2/2 Miyavi- What's My Name? [E.P.]
2/2 Kagrra- Hyakkikenran [Final Album]
2/5 Arc - Title Unknown [Live-Distributed DVD]
2/5 LIX. - Title Unknown [Live-Distributed comment CD]
2/6 -the MelT-(ex-ClearVeil Gt.ryuto continual session band) - twilight [Live-Limited Single]
2/6 LIX. - Title Unknown [Live-Distributed Comment CD]
2/8 kanon - Title Unknown [Live-Distributed Single]
2/9 strong enough - おわかれ会 [CD]
2/9 Kuroyume- Misery [Maxi-Single]
2/9 BACK-ON - with you feat.Me [Maxi-Single]
2/9 BUNNEIES - Break Point [Maxi-Single]
2/9 onmyouza - konbeki no soujin [Maxi-Single]
2/9 V.A. - FUCK THE BORDER LINE [Tribute Album]
2/9 Alice Nine- Gemini [Album]
2/9 Jealkb- Invade [Album]
2/9 NightingeiL- Suigin [maxi-single]
2/9 SCANDAL- Pride [Single]
2/9 DOG in the PWO- ONE [Album]
2/10 VURNY - Silver Gang Star [Mini-Album]
2/10 Luzmelt - Title Unknown [Live-Distributed Single]
2/12 Arc - Title Unknown [Live-Distributed DVD]
2/14 SaT - BEST FRIEND [Maxi-Single]
2/14 Royz - toumei na yuki [Single]
2/15 CODE7203-KineSicS - 冬の陽炎(fuyu no kagerou) [Live-Limited Single]
2/15 CODE7203-KineSicS - Reversible Pain [Live-Limited Single]
2/16 8otto - Untitled [CD]
2/16 ONE OK ROCK - Answer is near [Single]
2/16 ADAPTER。 - Please Please You [Maxi-Single]
2/16 Frenzy-Mr.SaTaN solo project- - I'm Frenzy of Liberty!! [Mini-Album]
2/16 coldrain - The Enemy Inside [Album]
2/16 中山うり - VIVA [Album]
2/16 UNLIMITS - tranquilizer [Album]
2/16 Gakido- happymaker [Maxi-Single]
2/16 Megamasso- Loveless [Single]
2/16 Aoi from Ayabie & Ryohei (Megamasso) - Monochrome [Single]
2/19 edogawa paradox -Untitled [Single]
2/19 the Dopes. -Untitled [Live-Distributed Single]
2/19 Reload- KEY to my HEART [Maxi-Single]
2/19 Arc -Untitled [Live-Distributed DVD]
2/20 umbrella(LOKI Vo.Yui band) -Untitled [Live-Distributed Single]
2/20 V.A. -Untitled [Live-Distributed V.A CD]
2/21 Jackman - fantasista [Live-Limited PV DVD]
2/22 the CODE. -Untitled [Maxi-Single]
2/22 MILKY EMILY - 彩色MILKTICAL(saishiki MILKTICAL) [Maxi-Single]
2/22 AND - enjou jigokugou -TOUR FINAL- [Live DVD]
2/23 D'iez- Innocence [Single]
2/23 One Star - CHAMELEON DISCO [Maxi-Single]
2/23 Minus Jinsei Orchestra- Kami-sama, Disco ni te Datenshi [Album]2/23 TOON-FACTORY - 2Logic [Maxi-Single]
2/23 BUMP OF CHICKEN - tomodachi no uta [Maxi-Single]
2/23 DIAURA - Beautiful Creature [Maxi-Single]
2/23 V.A. - Imperial Feast [Live-Distributed Album]
2/23 SID- Dead Stock [Album]
2/23 Para:noir- Identity [Maxi- Single]
2/23 Ayabie- Melody [Single]
2/23 Outrage- Sugoi CD [Single]
2/23 Neophilia- Un Chain [Maxi-Single]
2/25 Golden Bomber- Zenryoku Baka [Live DVD]
2/26 Arc -Untitled [Live-Distributed DVD]
2/27 ARTEMA -LITE SABER [Live-Limited Single]

If there are any releases that I'm missing please let me know and I will add them to the list. Thanks!!

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#7

MUCC- Falling Down

I realize this PV is still rather new and while Falling Down is by no means my favorite song by MUCC, this PV is rather ingenious and very creative. Extreme kudos to whom ever directed/ produced this. My second choice would have been Fuzz which, by the way, is my favorite song by them.

Song of the Week [D'espairsRay- Paradox 5]

My favorite song by my favorite band EVER!!!
I wish there was a PV for this but since there isn't I've posted a live, from the closer to ideal DVD, instead.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review: NEXX- Gemini

1. Dystopia
2. Velvet Ray

Dystopia- Well this song is a bit contrary to the title because we aren't being deprived of anything......apparently NEXX was unable to pick just one instrumental additive (I'm pretty sure I hear piano, some kind of woodwind, a little synth. and a string section). This song seems a little messy to me, kind of all over the place. The extra instrumentals that should be underlying are overpowering the vocals. I say keep the regular band instruments, some light synth., power up the vocals, and kick out everything else but maybe the piano or strings (but just pick one). However, I do really enjoy the way the two come together in the last few seconds of the song.

Velvet Ray- Again put some power behind those vocals! They're practically lost underneath the instrumentals. Great flow behind the guitar line here, really nice, and the string section actually fits in quite well during this song. I actually kind of like it.

My only real complaint remains to be the vocals. These songs would be 10 times better if the singers voice was distinguishable enough from the music to grab my attention, because it is immediately taken away by the guitar player. And I noticed the same problem with their last release, NEO BLACK, though actually I think they had a better handle on balancing the instrumentals and vocals.

My Grade: C+, 3/5

Review: Aim- LOST VOICE

2. Hysteric Liar

If Deluhi and Born got together and popped out some not quite as melodically talented offspring......well, Aim would be it.......

LOST VOICE- Ummmm I don't know, LOST VOICE is a decent song, the guitar line is great, and the chorus is acceptable/relatively catchy. I'm not entirely fond of Rei's voice, it has character (which I appreciate), I'll give it that. Truthfully, I don't really have a lot to say about this song, again it is decent but not terrific. I feel it is a little lacking. In what? I'm not sure.

Hysteric Liar- I don't think I've ever heard a solo bass opening, nicely done. And the ascending/descending guitar....lovely. Rei's voice has completely changed here, almost sounds like a different person. The best thing about this song for me is that bass line and I must admit Aim has an extremely talented guitar player. I definitely prefer this song to LOST VOICE. 

 I think that Aim, for the style of music they're playing, is really good. However, I also think they could be better. Right now they're a good band, but they have a ways to go before they're a great band. I'll definitely be checking up on them in future.

My Grade: B-, 3.2/5

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#8

Vistlip- Dropnote

Love this song! Love Umi! Love Vistlip! Just love this entire PV top to bottom!

I really wish Vistlip would put out something new soon.......let's stay away from the whole Hameln thing though.....

Alice Nine: Nico Nico Live Interview

This is fuckin' hilarious!!! They're all so adorable!

Credit: haineshimizu

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jealkb: Sakki Ryouran PV

Sakki Ryouran PV from upcoming album release, Invade, on the 9th of February.
Not bad......the song gets better towards the end.

Credit: GazeRukina

This Week's Album Releases (1/26/11- 1/29/11)

1/26 Girugamesh- Go [Album]
1/26 Dir en grey- Lotus [Single]
1/26 V-last.- Taishounenrei15saimiman [Maxi-Single]
1/26 aim - LOST VOICE [Maxi-Single]
1/26 Ice0Age- FATE [Mini-Album]
1/26 Neo - VIRTUAL BLUE NOTE [Maxi-Single]
1/26 TOON-FACTORY - Chloris [Maxi-Single]
1/29 Vent Croix - FALL DOWN [live-limited single]
1/29 Vent Croix - DRESS CODE[S/A/D] [live-limited single

The following releases will be reviewed by me: Girugamesh- Go, Dir en Grey- Lotus, aim-LOST VOICE, and Ice0Age- FATE 

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#9

Plastic Tree- Namae no Nai Hana

Not by any means my favorite Plastic Tree song, that would be Fukurou, but I do really like this video.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#11

L'arc~en~ciel- Stay Away

I think we all know why this is in my Top 25............

D to Perform at A-Kon!!!

Exciting news!!! D will be performing at A-Kon this year. A-Kon is one of America's largest anime conventions, which will be taking place June 10-12 at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas, Texas.
Tickets and information will be announced later.

Why must everything be so far away from me? I would love to see D live!!!

 Source: D's OHP

I've also posted the link to the A-Kon website, HERE,  even though at the moment there is no information about D's performance available. So, keep checking!!

Megamasso- Sumire September Love [2nd PV Preview]

So, I didn't know this but apparently this song is a cover of Shazna's Sumire September Love that came out in the early nineties. In case you hadn't noticed the extra Megamasso member, the vocalist from Shazna, IZAM, is also featured in this PV.

The more I see of this PV the more I like it!

Credit: avexnetwork

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Info: †яi¢к

I've talked about †яi¢к before HERE.
And I just wanted to inform anyone who was interested that †яi¢к has now finished their myspace page and have put up samples of two of their songs, Dimension and Scar.
Pretty decent I'd say.

Heidi.- Gekkou Show Time PV

Heidi.'s new PV for the Gekkou Show Time single due out on the 2nd of February.
This is my favorite kind of video, one of those where you just get to see the band play, instead of being jerked around by some story line that doesn't even make any sense.
Anyway, enough of my rant, I like this PV. The song is just alright for me but it does have a nice catch.

Credit: myvluv333

Dir en Grey: Lotus PV Full

Credit: MasaBackUp

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#12

Kuroyume- Like @ Angel

Yeah I think I've mentioned enough times that I'm practically in love with Kiyoharu so .........yep I love this song/PV!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#13

SuG- Alterna.

My favorite SuG PV and song of all time!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Song of the Week [Born- Mosaic]

Born- Mosaic

This song is pure awesomeness.............

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#14

Sadie- Silent Eve

There is no real explanation for me choosing this particular Sadie PV, it is just my absolute favorite. I adore Silent Eve.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#15

D- Yami no Kuni no Alice


Megamasso- Sumire September Love [37 Second PV Preview]

I really dislike this video for some reason.........the song is super catchy though! And apparently the previous TV Spot is part of the PV, got my question answered pretty quickly.

Many thanks to MasamuneHiro via

Girugamesh: Go Comment

Credit: vifmusic

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jealkb: Invade Comment

Credit: vifmusic

Lost Ash: overHORIZON Comment

The volume on this is a little off so you might have to turn up your computer volume really high in order to hear it correctly.

Credit: rieshaHello1

Megamasso- Loveless, More Loveless [TV Spot]

I wonder if this is part of the actual PV for this because this is..........well, interesting.........I like the sound of the song itself though.

Credit: avexnetwork

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#16

Nega- Neo Destruction

It was between this and Haunted Jealousy but I think Jin looks awesome in this PV.

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#17

Luna Sea- Rosier

Old school VK, I still love this!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dir en Grey: Lotus PV [60 Second Preview]

Wahhh! I'm really liking this!!!

Credit: direngreyweb

New Look: Alice Nine (Gemini)


My Top 25 JRock PV's......#18

Gackt- Vanilla

Gackt is like ten times more gorgeous than the girl in this video. I also find it funny that some mistakes were made in this PV. But whatever, I love this song!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Look: Perestroika

Review: ViViD- Yume ~mugen no kanata~

1. Yume ~ mugen no kanata ~
2. Rem

Yume ~ mugen no kanata ~ - The only thing about this song that I'm not too fond of is the "Are you ready?", that is straight up L'arc~en~ciel's Ready Steady Go, and that is what I think of every time I hear this introduction. Throwing that aside for now, I've been in love with song since I first heard the preview! The chorus is super catchy, and the instrumentals, especially lead guitar,  are great. I enjoy the thrown in turn table/rapping elements. I just adore ViViD!! But I do wish this song were longer, that's my only request.

Rem- With this being the slower of the two songs, it is still very much upbeat. And the piano placement throughout this song and with the chorus is lovely. I love how the song slows as if it is about to end, and then hits you again with the chorus!

I love that ViViD still sounds like ViViD even though they've been picked up by a major label. Like I've said before these guys deserve to have a million fans. ViViD is truely awesome!

My Grade: A+, 5/5

Review: D- Vampire Saga

1. 無垢なる薔薇の祈り
2. In the name of justice
3. Underground Road
5. 翠緑の翼
6. 月と海の誓約
7. 愛は棺の中に
8. 赤き羊による晩餐会
9. 太古の牙 [Instrumental]
10. Desert Warrior
11. Quartet ~真夜中の四重奏~
12. Black Swan
13. Der König der Dunkelheit
14. Silver acorn bullet [Bonus Track]

無垢なる薔薇の祈り- I don't really like this song......until about a minute and six seconds in. This song is lovely and the background choir fits really well. (Ex: 1:32-1:37, I love this!). And Damn! Can this guy hit a falsetto, nicely done. The instrumental fade out and build up from 2:20-2:38, brilliant!

In the Name of Justice- This is the title track from D's last single of the same name, and since this has already been out for a while it seems a little pointless for me to review it. So I'm gonna skip this one.

Underground Road- The opening to this I really enjoy, it has some nice bass. I'm not too fond of the vocals here, I actually think they are some of the worst I've heard from Asagi, they just seem rather bland. And that is kind of how I feel about this song as well. That is until the chorus kicks in. Eveything thing past 1:20 is frankly fantastic, and really catchy. Great guitar towards the end.

Day Walker- Did I mention that this guitar player is awesomely talented? Check out the riff at the intro. The only thing I find slightly odd about this song is at about 1:47 in, the transition between these two parts of the song just seems out of place to me. Again though kudos to this guitar player, I'm impressed, that solo is wonderful!

翠緑の翼- Love this intro. I'm intrigued already. I wish the rest of the song lived up to this opening though. I really think this song is just decent, I can't really say that this song is boring but it could use a little something extra. Something to really give it a bit of a catch. It's a good song, it just doesn't really stand out for me.

月と海の誓約- Again this song has a great introduction and much more energy than the previous song. i quite enjoy this chorus, it's not very traditional (meaning that it is not extremely discernable from the verses) and only slightly catchy, but it has a great flow to it. And this drumline is the best I've heard on this album so far.

愛は棺の中に- Right off the bat I can say that instrumentally this song is beautiful. Once again this has a great drum line, and I adore the added string section. This also has some of the best and most likely, easily looked over rythm guitar (ex: 1:36-1:39), I'd love to hear more of this.  Even the lead guitar here is top notch, that guitar solo from 2:55-3:20 is Wahhh! Amazing, Brilliant, Breath-taking....take your pick.

 赤き羊による晩餐会- I have a major thing for softly spoken/whispered vocals, so I totally dig this opener. Also, the background choir thing D has going on, love it! Props the guitar player and the drummer as well, fuck props to all of them! This song is fantastic, my second favorite on the album. I also really enjoy the back and forth changes in rythm, is it just me or is there quite the swingin' bass going on?

太古の牙 [Instrumental]- Truthfully I'm not really one for pure imstrumentals, I prefer my songs with lyrics. And this seems to be mainly a drum solo, which is phenomenal by the way, but I wouldn't have minded hearing some guitar.

Desert Warrior- Oddly enough this introduction reminds of the music to some old school video game or something.......I'm unsure but this sounds extremely familiar to me. I'm not too fond of this, and the main guitar is probably why, but I do really enjoy the background vocals.

Quartet ~真夜中の四重奏~ - I'm on the verge of liking this. There are some really interesting drums going on here, and the guitar riff seems like a lower range, simplified version of the riff from Desert Warrior. So again that is probably the one thing I'm really not liking about this song. Everything else though, is superb! The chorus is catchy, and the group shouting/singing adds balance and dimension, Asagi's voice is also pretty exceptional here.

Black Swan- I can't say I particularly love this song, but all in all it's a good song. The instrumentals are perfect and it has a nice chorus. I don't really like the sort of chanted yells though, honestly that is what I like the least about Black Swan.

Der König der Dunkelheit- It is a bit cliche, I guess, to say that the title track on such a big album is my favorite track, but seriously it is. It can't be helped. Asagi's low vocals are perfection! Best vocals on this entire album bar none. The instrumentals on this are again amazing! I want to especially point out that the drummer (Hiroki), throughout this whole song must need a ton of energy in order to stay on top of that drum line. It's extremely fast and difficult. The dialogue at the end of this is strangely soothing, no? Asagi has a great voice. My favorite part of this song: 4:20-4:33.

Silver Acorn Bullet- I hate the introduction to this, it reminds me of a circus. As soon as the guitar kicks in though I completely forget about it. I am astounded by this guitar player, he deserves some MAJOR credit. This song wouldn't even be half as incredible without him. I love the vocals here as well and frankly this song is incredible!

I must admit that this album has totally blown my expectations out of the water. This is probably the best full album I've had the pleasure of listening to in a long time. I can't give enough praise to this and I'm pretty sure I used every word I could think of to say that this album was amazing while writing this review. So, yeah..........BUY THIS!!!

My Grade: A, 4.5/5

Dir en Grey: Lotus PV [Short Preview]

You know I really, really dislike when song previews are so short. It doesn't even give you time to decide whether you like it or not. Oh, well sounds relatively decent, no?

Credit: direngreyweb

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#19

Merry- Crisis Moment

I just love this. The song is amazing! Enough said.

Today's Album Releases (1/19/11)

1/19 LOST ASH- overHORIZON [Single]
1/19 Tokyo Heroes- 「冬唄」(Fuyu Uta) [Single]
1/19 ViViD- Yume' Mugen no Kanata e [Album]
1/19 Do As Infinity - EIGHT [Album]
1/19 undelay - stray light [Album]
1/19 whiteroom - CUE [CD]
1/19 the mornings - SAVE THE MORNINGS! [Album]
1/19 Jackman - 19% [Maxi-Single]
1/19  DadaD - Touch Touch Touch [CD]
1/19 Aicle- Tokyo Romanteikoku [live DVD]
1/19 Kalvary- the BEST 2007-2011 [best album]
1/19 Baddies- Blanco [Maxi-Single]
1/19 Vidoll - BEST [Best Album]
1/19 Aoi- ONE [Album]
1/19 Scarlett- Gendaiteki Roman Kashuu [Mini-Album]
1/19 Vanish - Untitled [Maxi-Single]
1/19 Mamono- JUMP [Maxi-Single]
1/19 Gakido- Yanderu toki ni utau uta [Maxi-Single] (re-relesed)
1/19 BACK ON - TELL ME [Maxi-Single]
1/19 GRAPEVINE - Mahiru

The following releases will be reviewed by me: LOST ASH- overHORIZON and ViViD- Yume' Mugen no Kanata e.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#20

-Oz- is fantastic! I wouldn't mind hearing something new from them. And Natsuki is gorgeous!

New Look: SuG

Credit: SuG's OHP

ViViD- Yume ~mugen no kanata~PV

 YAY ViViD!!!! I love it!

Credit: samuramoon

Monday, January 17, 2011

Review: Like Absolute Myself (Lam.)- Hikari to Yami ga Kousasuru Yoru ni

1. Hikari to Yami Kousasuru Yoru ni
2. Andante

Hikari to Yami Kousasuru Yoru ni- I'm in between on this song, I'm on the verge of liking it but I'm not quite there. At the beginning I honestly thought this song was kind of boring but when the chorus comes in I really start to like it. This song has a really nice bass line and  I enjoy the chorus very much. I can actually say that I welcome the screaming parts in this song, and I don't say that often. But the screaming vocals really add some dimension. Best song on this single without a doubt.

Andante- Great rythm, and this opener isn't half bad either. The vocals and intrumentals flow really smoothly together through the verses, and like I said this has a wonderful underlying rythm. Honestly, that is the best part of this song for me. There is a little bit of almost hidden syth. action going on and I wish this were incorporated more. Oh! Something I just discovered......this drum line is fantastic and really suits the song, it's almost ringing in my ears. I love it!

Waltz- It might be an odd thing to notice but this band has consistently nice bass lines. This song is a bit cluttered though, and that is probably the biggest downfall to Waltz. Also, I feel like this song is almost too similar to Hikari to Yami ga Kousasuru Yoru ni, obviously there are quite a few differences but they would flow off one another well. Perhaps the two are on the same rythm.

Honestlly, this single is pretty decent. I've heard better from Lam. and this is no where near my favorite from them, but it's worth listening to.

My Grade: B+, 4/5

RECLENS- 孤独スイッチ PV (Preview)

So, this is also a band that I happened to come across on Youtube, and well while this is a pretty a shabby PV, I find myself really into this. They're releasing their first mini-album on March 22, containing this song 孤独スイッチ, which is translated as A Loneliness Switch I believe. I'm not positive on the actual title of the mini-album so if anyone knows, I'm realy interested!
Also, something about this singer really captures me, I like him!


Credit: reclenstube

Review: Suicide Ali- Perpetual Check [Single]

1. Double Check
2. Perpetual Check
3. 僕という有害な要素 (Retake)

Double Check- Nice bass rythm and I really like the snyth. effects that are playing underneath the music. However, I do think this song is slightly messy, if this were cleaned up a bit it would probably be a pretty decent song. Also, the vocals blend in too much with the music, it's so lost in the chaos of notes and sound effects that they barely have any impression on the listener.

Perpetual Check- I really like this opening and how the vocals (which in my opinion are the best on this single) are much more apparent than the previous song. However, I still wish the vocals were a bit more distinguishable from the music especially at the chorus. This also has quite a bit more catch to it. The keyboards (I think) are a nice additive to this song, though maybe they could be turned down a bit more. That would enable them to really stand as an undertone rather than being so in your face.

僕という有害な要素 (Retake)- I actually really like this. Great rythm and the guitar parts of this are reallly nice. Again though, as with the other songs, though I do quite this keyboard/synth. technique they're so into, most of the time it seems like it is taking over the song. Seriously, if it this was turned down slightly or perhaps if the vocals were more powerful there would be a really nice balance between the instrumentals, vocals, and keyboards. This is my favorite on this single, and if you can actually hear the guitar, it's pretty amazing! 

My Grade: B-, 4.2/5

Review: SuG- Crazy Bunny Coaster

1. Crazy Bunny Coaster
3. ID fudge factor

Crazy Bunny Coaster-  I can's stand when they sing "crazy bunny coaster". Other than that, much like the majority of SuG's releases this song is really cute and catchy.

NO OUT NO LIFE- This is not my favorite song, it is very cutesy sounding like Crazy Bunny Coaster, which I get sick of after a while. Again though this song is pretty catchy. I can't deny that. Not something I would listen to on a regular basis however.

ID fudge factor- Oh! I like this! I have to admit after listening to the first two tracks I was really surprised when this started. Much harder sounding than the previous and not so cute. I quite enjoy this!!! This is no question my favorite song on this single, I love the change up. And I really like the chorus, as well as the guitar riff/squeal.

My Grade: B+, 3.5/5

Alice Nine: Gemini PV there anyone else who is disappointed by this??? I've read a lot of good reviews of this PV and I just don't get what the fuss is about. There is just nothing really fantastice about this for me. Yes, Shou's voice sounds good but it always sounds good and the guitar solos are great but, they're always great. And usually when I hear something by Alice Nine I'm really impressed but truthfully when I first watched/ heard this PV I was........I guess the best word would be flabbergasted, actually at first I was speechless and not in a good way. There is no way that I would ever cast this song as the title track of an album! Ok, believe it or not I really don't think this is a bad song but I don't's not really doin' it for me. And I know it seems like all I have is complaints, not true, but I'm going to save those thoughts for my album review (when I will have had more time to listen to this and hopefully by then it will have grown on me.....hopefully).
One good thing I do have to say about this PV, Shou looks amazing! I don't think I've ever been so attracted to him before. I think it is the hair color.

Credit: Maxcazzz

SuG- Crazy Bunny Coaster PV

Well, I don't like Takeru's look in this, and I think I've mentioned before I'm not too fond of the whole green screen thing. I do like the parts where Takeru is dancing by himself, pretty cute!
Credit: xxxnya3

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#21

Born- Felony

And I threw in the making of it too because I didn't know they had a making of...... video until today and it is super cute and hilarious!

Song of the Week [Lost Ash- innerCORE]

I wish the words didn't cover half the video. Other than that I love this song and I'm super excited for the new single that comes out on Wednesday. The full version of that new PV needs to be released soon too!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#22

Deluhi- Revolver Blast

I like this PV because it is so simple. For me the simplicity is what makes it so good, I'm tired of seeing PVs with stupid story lines. I would much rather just see the band play. I really like the slow motion elements and the song is fantastic!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ice0Age- Zero PV

This is my first time ever listening to these guys, but someone who I'm subscribed to on Youtube had this posted so I thought I would check it out. And while I don't think this is a particularly fantastic song, I do really enjoy this singer's voice (his name is Shin, I believe). This single, Zero, was actually released last November but the PV is just now being released with Ice0Age's first mini-album entitled FATE, which will be out on the 26th this month.

Check out Ice0Age's OHP

Credit: xoxo0o0

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#23

Girugamesh- Crying Rain

I love Satoshi's voice! This song is so beautiful, it is honestly one of my favorite songs by Girugamesh.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Top 25 JRock PV's......#24

SADS- Nightmare

Ugh! I'm a sucker for Kiyoharu!
Oddly enough I don't find Kiyoharu to be all that good looking, but there is something about him that I just find so attractive!
My favorite part of this PV- 1:47 to 1:49. It is only two seconds but I LOVE this move!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Top 25 JRock PV's...... #25

Golden Bomber- Memeshikute

Honestly, even I know this PV isn't that great, in fact it is pretty ridiculous but it makes me smile every time I watch it. That has to count for something.

Song of the Week [L'arc~en~ciel- Trust]

I would have really liked to include this song in my top PVs but unfortunately this song doesn't have one. But since this is the first song I ever heard by L'arc~en~ciel (and I've been in love with them ever since) I thought this song deserved some props. I adore this song, it's beautiful!

Kuroyume- Misery PV [Preview]

WAHHHH!! Kiyoharu, I love you and I'm in love with this song already!
Can't bellieve I have to wait until February 9th for this. Ugh! I'm so impatient!

Credit: avexnetwork

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Top 25 JRock PV's......

A Quick Note:
I will be posting one of my top JRock PVs everyday for 25 days.
Beginning with number 25 tomorrow and ending with number 1, on well.....whatever day it ends.
Why am I doing this? I don't know.......I guess because I love JRock and I'm bored.

SuG- Crazy Bunny Coaster PV Preview [43 secs]

A whole twelve seconds longer........and I also believe this is a different part of the PV then the original preview. Shouldn't the full length PV be out by now? I mean the single was released today.

Credit: xyaoiukex

Today's Album Releases (1/12/11)

1/12 ONE WAY TRIBE - Kankaku ni Tsugeru [Album]
1/12 n'DooL- Kitenretsu Daihyakka〜Bibidebabide Best) [best album]
1/12 Cu[be] - Pandemic CORE [Maxi-Single]
1/12 Autumnleaf - the foot [Album]
1/12 Autumnleaf - Red Lies in the White Field [CD]
1/12 JEBSKI - PAD [Album]
1/12 PaperBagLunchbox - Ground Disco [Album]
1/12 RADWIMPS - DADA [Maxi-Single]
1/12 HERO - Life [Album]
1/12 Konig- Deep Throat [Maxi-Single]
1/12 VelBet - kaijougentei enban-hyakusenrenma-Vol.5 [live-limited single]
1/12 SuG- Crazy Bunny Coaster [Maxi-Single]
1/12 D- Vampire Saga [Album]
1/12 Suicide Ali- Perpetual Check [Maxi-Single]

The following releases will be reviewed by me: SuG- Crazy Bunny Coaster, D- Vampire Saga, and Suicide Ali- Perpetual Check.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perestroika- PAINZ (New Mini-Album)

The title of Perestroika's new mini-album has been revealed. PAINZ will be released on April 20th, 2011.
There will be two types both of which will contain 5 new tracks, and a new PV will also be released.
Type A will hold 5 tracks and the new PV, while Type B will hold 5 tracks and a bonus song.
When you purchase both types from the UNDER CODE official web shop you will get a signed cheki of the member of your choice and a bonus DVD containing footage of the making of the PV.

Wahhhh! YAY! I love Perestroika, I'm so excited!
Not sure if I like this look as much as the last one, hope they put up new pics soon. Oh! and I can't wait for the new PV.

Credit: ST & Perestroika's OHP

Monday, January 10, 2011

ViViD- Yume ~mugen no kanata~ as Level E ending

I have to say I am so in love with song, but I've never disliked anything by ViViD even if it is an anime theme song. I've been waiting for this album release forever, the 19th can't come soon enough!!

Credit: MegaRaiderx002

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My JRock Tops.......

BANDS                                                           VOCALISTS
1. D'espairsRay                                                1. Ruki [The Gazette]
2. The Gazette                                                  2. Kiyoharu [SADS, Kuroyume]
3. Alice Nine                                                    3. Jin [Nega, Perestroika]
4. Plastic Tree                                                  4. Shou [Alice Nine]
5. Nega                                                            5. Ryutaro Arimura [Plastic Tree]
6. Kiyoharu                                                      6. Hizumi [D'espairsRay]
7. ViViD                                                          7. Hyde [L'arc~en~ciel, VAMPS]
8. Born                                                            8. Shin [ViViD]
9. Fox Loco Phantom                                      9. Ryouga [BORN]
10. LM.C                                                      10. Kamijo [Versailles]
11. Miyavi
12. Amber Gris
13. -OZ-                                                        GUITARISTS
14. Sadie                                                        1. Karyu [D'espairsRay]
15. Vistlip                                                       2. Hiroto [Alice Nine]
16. 12012                                                      3. Hizaki [Versailles]
17. Deluhi                                                      4. Aoi [The Gazette]
18. MUCC                                                    5. Aiji [Pierrot, LM.C]
19. Deathgaze                                                6. Reno [ViViD]  
20. D=Out
21. Versailles                                                  BASS PLAYERS
22. Screw                                                      1. Saga [Alice Nine]
23. Luna Sea                                                  2. Zero [D'espairsRay]
24. Rentrer en Soi                                          3. Aki [Sadie]
25. Matenrou Opera                                      4. Ray [Nega, Perestroika]
26. Lunkhead                                                 5. Iv [ViViD]

                                                                     1. Kai [The Gazette]
                                                                     2. Tsukasa [D'espairsRay]

I did this for fun but you have no idea how hard it was and I'm sure I probably left out quite a few bands/musicians that I love. I know there is an odd number of bands but I love Lunkhead too much to not list them and couldn't bump anyone else out. Also, I really only have two favorite drummers so I figured "Eh....why list anymore?"

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I'm Addicted to.......(8)


I wish the whole PV was out for this song, unfortunately only a shabby 30 second preview is available (as shown below), but I soooo love this song!

and D=OUT- Psychedelico∞Psychedelico