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Today's Album Releases (8.31.11)

8/31 kiryu- mugenhouyou [Live DVD]
8/31 Lycaon- uso to onna to [Album]**
8/31 The GazettE- REMEMBER THE URGE [Maxi-Single]**
8/31 Lin -the end of corruption world- Independent "MAZE" [Album]**
8/31 DOGin The PWO- NIGHT TO SPEED [Single]**
8/31 Shatter Silence- New Age Catastrophe [Maxi-Single]
8/31 PLUNKLOCK- Breakout [Maxi-Single]
8/31 MILKY EMILY- mushoku galaxy [Maxi-Single]
8/31 test-No.- test-No.007 [Album]
8/31 PaRADEiS- 3rd Anniversary [live DVD]
8/31 DEPAIN- Genom Disorder [Single]
8/31 Jackman- Burning Crush [Maxi-Single]

**The following releases will be reviewed by me.

Screw: BRAINSTORM PV [Preview]

Credit: Kaedessan1



Credit: click14992

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I'm tired of looking at the same thing everyday so, I've decided my blog needs a makeover!

Please be patient with me, as you may experience random changes over the next few hours or so, which may or may not be switched several times.
However, I should have all the new stuff set up before the end of the night.
...........OK, I lied it's probably going to take a couple of days.

Thanks for coming by!

The GazettE- REMEMBER THE URGE [Behind the Scenes]

Credit: atekoriri

Alice Nine- Heart of Gold [Multi-Angle Preview]

They all look so good!
Also, this song sounds great, I'm really excited for my copy to come in.

Credit: Filurenhejda


Not the greatest quality, but here it is, still awesome!
Watch it before it gets deleted.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Look: Angelo (w/ New Line-Up)


Golden Bomber: Kenji Without Make-up......

With all the Golden Bomber stuff coming out recently, I got curious about what Kenji looks like without all that paint make-up. So, I did some searching and browsing.........and uhhhhhh,
I always figured that Kenji was relatively good-looking but, I don't think I was mentally prepared for this.

Credit: google images

Golden Bomber- Making of Memeshikute (KPop Ver.)

Credit: tsuyoposon

Versailles: World Tour 2011 [Holy Grail]

Ugh! Why do these bands never come to America?

Credit: ymnryohei

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Golden Bomber- 本人出演CM出てきてみた樽美酒研二 バージョン

Energy shot???

Credit: tsuyoposon

REALies- Brand-X Comments [Type A & B]

Golden Bomber- Memeshikute [K-Pop Version]

WOW!! Just wow...........
Although, I have to say, they look strangely good in those shorts.

Credit: tsuyoposon

Karyu (ex-D'espairsRay) Joins Angelo

So, both guitarists Karyu (ex-D'espa) and Giru (ex-Vidoll) are joing the ranks of Angelo.

I'm actually pretty happy and excited about this. I like Angelo and I ADORE Karyu, so this should be good. Definitely an interesting turn of events, I look forward to it.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Look: Lc5


AND -Eccentric Agent- BLAZE PV [Long Preview]

This sounds more like older AND, I'm excited!
Though, part of me still wishes they had the original drummer. I miss you Suzune!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Review: LuLu- 被験者NO.049

1. 被験者NO.049 (HIKENSHA NO.049)

被験者NO.049- First of all, the best part of this song is the lead guitar! There are a couple great riffs throughout and the first couple minutes, honestly, all I really heard was the guitar. Not to mention, the solo from 2:50 to 3:31, as well as the the underlying guitar from 3:42 to 3:50, are both impeccable. There is also some really nice bass and drums accompanying these sequences too. In addition to the skillful instrumentals, the chorus is memorable and Taa is one of my favorite vocalist, I genuinely admire his unique vocal style. I enjoy this song, I definitely think that LuLu hasn't lost their touch.

PSYCHEDELIC LATE SHOW- I quite like the main riff to this song, along with the fact that the rhythm and drum sections are extremely straightforward and fast-paced, while the guitar line and solo are, again, very skilled. I appreciate a good bass line, so I wish the bass here were more apparent, I was really straining to hear it for the majority of the song. Sometimes I was completely unable to pick it out, one of the most discernable parts being 0:24 to 0:33 (you can also hear it fairly well in the second verse), and it would be nice to hear more of that. I'm all for bass solos. This probably isn't as lyrically catchy as 被験者NO.049, but still quite enjoyable and one the best things vocally are the growled or screamed lines during the verses.

It's nice to hear new LuLu, it's been a while.

My Grade:  4.5/5

Aim loses vocalist Rei

Rei left the band on August 20th.  No explanation as to why, but both Rei and the rest of the band hope that their fans can continue to support them in future endeavors, whether they are together or not.

So soon?

Source: aim's OHP

MIsaruka: -Cailleach Rosary- [CM]

Signal: The Second Phase Starts

I assume "second phase" is referring to an upcoming release from the band.

Credit: signalmovie

Today's Album Releases (8.24.11)

8/24 EAT YOU ALIVE- The world is mine [Album]
8/24 Ayabie- Meteor [Single]
8/24 Memento Mori- jigyakuteki sennoukokka akushumihyougenshuu-enmokukiroku- [Album]
8/24 NightingeiL- Dark Word [Maxi-Single]
8/24 cali≠gari- # [Single]
8/24 HERO- 25okubyou no tsukaikata [Single]
8/24 C4- DAISYCUTTER [Maxi-Single]
8/24 satsuki- SYMPATHY [Maxi-Single]
8/24 MEJIBRAY- KILLING ME [Maxi-Single]

Signal: 『M・E・L・T』PV (partial) + Making of & Interview

Grrrrr. Can't they just put out the whole PV, the suspense is killing me!They sound so awesome! I'd just really like to hear the rest of the song.
I love how Yuri is covering the drummer's face during the interview, and then he forgets and pulls away. The reaction was great!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Credit: direngreyweb

Golden Bomber Week!TV

Wow, they are so odd.....but, what the hell, they make me laugh.

Credit: 777AIGB

The Kiddie- Sun'z up PV [Full]

Well....this is a bit too cute for it's own good.
And it didn't really do much but make me hungry.

Credit: kingrecords

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Nameless- Nostalgia and Rain [Free Man Ikebukuro CM]

New Look: The Nameless


Song of the Week [EAT YOU ALIVE- The Reason]

I totally dig this song.

Review: Halsion- Kuchizuke

1. Kuchizuke

Kuchizuke- I am a huge fan of the main guitar riff to this song. I think that Kuchizuke has quite a nice balance between melody and hard-hitting beats and especially between all the instrumentals, it doesn't seem to favor one over another. The bass line caught my attention immediately, and I enjoy how apparent it is underneath the verses. The guitar parts throughout this song are wonderfully played, of course, the most noticeable being the guitar solo starting at 2:12, but there are several others spots where the guitar really enhances the song. I am also very impressed with the drummer, the best part extending from the beginning of the guitar solo to about 2:53, and is just about my favorite thing about this song. I also really enjoy the the background vocals.

MADROID CREATURE- I'm on the fence with this one. Despite the main riff and chorus being as catchy as they are, I'm not quite in love with this song. I dislike the majority of the vocals, the only exception being the few verses where the vocalist is actually singing, ex: 1:12 to 1:16. One thing that I am very enthusiastic about is how much this song lets the guitar shine. And while the guitar solo from 1:46 to 2:04 is very good, my favorite part of the guitar line remains to be 2:10 to 2:21. Notwithstanding, I wish the guitar were a bit more distinct here, as the bass seems to have the stronger line of the two. MADROID CREATURE is actually growing on me. I may become attached to it yet.

GARBAGE- I dislike this song the most of the three songs on Kuchizuke. Instrumentally, this song is exceedingly good! The best part of this song: 1:16 to 1:53, and it really highlights everything that is great about this song, the guitar, the drums, and especially the bass line are exceptional, I also enjoy the additon of the, more than likely female, and spoken vocals. I cannot express enough how extremely skilled these musicians are, every second an istrument is played within this song, is devine. Other than that, again the only thing that really turns me off this song is the vocals. Now I really like the vocalist, Sasameyuki is a shining example of how good his voice can be, but this just isn't doing it for me. Vocally, this is just a scream song.

My Grade:  3.5/5

Though this has nothing to do with the single, I'll have you know the first time I wrote this, for some reason it didn't save correctly and so I actually had to write this review twice. I was really not happy......Anyway, I more or less enjoyed this single, more people should listen to Halsion, very talented group.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: Kuroyume- Heavenly

1. Heavenly

Heavenly- It seems as if Kuroyume's title tracks continue to get shorter and shorter, it's hard for me to thoroughly enjoy a song in 2 and a half minutes. However, I do like this track. I wish the music were a bit more involved, but all the same, Kuroyume never really was one for intracacies. My favorite part of this song is, by far, the chorus, I am particularly partial to the guitar part here. I'm also very much fond of the main guitar riff and the electronic sound effects throughout the song, as well as the fast paced drum line. The best instrumentals on this entire single: 1:42 to 1:54.

BORN TO BE WILD- I was really hoping that this wasn't a remake of the Steppenwolf song but........unfortunately it is. *sigh*. To be completely honest, I'm not even a big fan of the original, so I just can't say that I love this. I enjoy the introduction, especially the first 20 seconds or so, when it still doesn't quite sound like it's the same tune. I do appreciate the heavier music style that Kuroyume brought to the song, as well as the addition of some electronic effects. This is just okay for me, it's a decent re-vamping of a classic rock song, nothing more than that.

I don't know......I kind of wish I had more to say.

My Grade:  2.7/5

THE TOKYO HIGH BLACK- Wanna See U [Preview]

Ehhh....kind of just okay.

Credit: yochan716

Friday, August 19, 2011


My internet has been out for about a week now, so I haven't really been able to update or add any reviews recently. I was at the library a couple days ago so I did update once, unfortunately I don't have that much free time during the day to spend at the library.

I find this inconvenience very frustrating because I was right in the middle of my "review a day", and Damn it! I was doing really well for at least four days in a row!

Anyway, I've called some people and my internet should be completely back on starting tomorrow, so I will continue to update and my "review a day" when I get home from the 9.5 hour work day I was scheduled for tomorrow.

Until then. I am thankful for readers and library wi-fi.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I seriously love this picture!


Today's Album Releases (8.17.11)

8/17 Royz- a [Maxi-Single]
8/17 Anli Pollicino- Devilish Eyes [Maxi-Single]**
8/17 Vior Gloire- Inspire [Maxi-Single]
8/17 Kuroyume- Heavenly [Single]**
8/17 DOPES- NAKED [Single]
8/17 NICO touches the walls- Te wo Tatake [Single]
8/17 Royz- Alpha [Maxi-Single]
8/17 BY-SEX- ago [Mini-Album]

Wow! Is that really it????

**The following releases will be reviewed by me.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Kiddie- Kidds Now Tour 2011 [Preview/CM]

Credit: Yuuhi77Dark

Review: DuelJewel- Polaris

1. Polaris
2. 62
3. Sin

Polaris- I adore this song, however, it is a little on the simple side, there isn't a lot instrumental flare. 
Meaning, if you notice there are no guitar solos, or a lot of focusing on the other "regular" instruments, but,while still very good, the song maintains a rather basic line of music. Which I'm fine with. I think the other aspects of the song more than make up for that, as the main focus of the song seems to mostly be the voacls themselves.And I actually quite like the guitar line, infact there is one specific area from 2:05 to 2:13, that really highlights the bass, and to a lesser extent the guitar as well, besides the piano this is, for me, the most ear-catching instrumentally. The added piano element is definitely a plus. Somewhere along the way I read a fan quote stating how much alike Hayato and Gackt's voices are. And while I don't completely agree with this, admittedly I do hear some small similarities, mostly with held out notes at the end of phrases or verses. If you would like a very clear example, check out 59 seconds in.

62- This is my personal favorite off the single, I even like it more than Polaris. There is an obviously big difference in the mood of the two songs, and as I haven't listened to a lot of DuelJewel previously I was a bit thrown off by the weird autotuned vocals at the beginning (I'm not sure if they've something like this before?). And truthfully, I had it in my head for a minute that I absolutely was not going to like this song, but ummmm.... the rest of this song kicks ass! Hayato's vocals are fantastic, and I am particularly delighted with the background singing and yelling. The music is fast paced and energetic, while the chorus is ever so catchy. I also like that that instruments are emphasized more in 62, ex: the guitar solo from 2:18 to 2:31. As well as several other spots which really bring out the guitar and drums, ex: 1:20 to 1:22, as a matter of fact I could time at least five other areas of this song where the drums are extremely well done (off the the top of my head, 3:48 to 3:57). I would say the drums are definitely a major highlight.

Sin- I don't have any considerably special feelings toward this song, I'm not really for or against it, but I will say I like it the least of the three. It is the shortest song off the single, so of course there is even less time for
me to get acquainted with it. The music itself is pretty good, and I notice again we're hearing
 a completely different sound and vibe from this song then the previous two. I don't dislike this song, I do wish the chorus were a bit better, but I am fond of the majority of the verses and music line. Most specifically the slowed arrangement at about 2:14 and also the spoken vocals from 1:27 to 1:40. And the addition of the heavy metal speed guitar and drums is quite effectively used here.

My Grade: 4/5

This is the first time I've ever seriously checked out DuelJewel. I've spot listened to them on occasion but never really came across anything I absolutely couldn't live without. I do think their last single Vamp Ash was pretty decent, but again nothing I was particularly over the moon about. That being said I do find this release quite enjoyable. It's an exceptionally well-rounded single, every song is joined with a similar sound and yet all have distinct qualities to them.

I came across this while reading up on the band, and I think it fits very well with what I just said:

"A focal point to DuelJewel’s music is its diversity, from their heart wrenching ballads to their hard rock tunes, every member contributes to the band’s overall sound to create at least one song that everyone should love."

I think that's a fantastic focal point, a great quality for a band to have, and whoever wrote this, kudos.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Anli Pollicino- Rondo

1. Rondo
2. Malignant Narcissism
3. Colors

If not for the opening and instrumentals throughout Rondo, this song wouldn't have caught my attention at all. Even accounting for those things I had a rather difficult time giving this song my full consideration, I find it a bit boring, only the instrumentals really seemed to pull me out my stupor. As I said, I like the opening, I appreciate that it's a good 30 seconds long, the drum line here is my favorite part about it and I also quite enjoy the main guitar riff. One thing that I do acknowledge about this song is the apparency of the individual instruments. And though I feel they are very noticable through the whole of the song, the entire first verse is a great example for the drums and bass, and the second verse provides a proper section for the rythm and main guitar. Also, I feel it is a requirement for me to point out the superb (and most effective tool to get my attention......*cough, cough*) guitar solo from 2:44 to 3:20, there is also some very good bass and drums here. As for the vocals, I'm not a big fan of Shindy's voice in this song, which I'm surprised by, because normally I enjoy his vocals, but here they seem to be lacking. 

By far my favorite song off this single, without question is Malignant Narcissism.  I think this has a rather unique feel to it. One of the best aspects of this song is the background vocals, specifically the growling/ screaming vocals, I very much like the line "Tell me I'm remarkable" (at least I'm pretty sure that's what is being said, don't quote me on that). The main vocals seem to be up to par again, which I'm glad for. Moving on to the music itself, through the pre-chorus there is some very nice guitar work from 1:44 to 1:54, as well, the guitar solo from 2:35 to 3:08 really deviates from the main riff or base of the song, and that on it's own I find very appealing.

Truthfully, I think Colors is a bit of a filler song. That's not a pretty way of putting it, but to me it sounds rather generic and "poppy", it's on the somewhat cute and romantic side for Anli Pollicino. Now, I don't think this is a bad song, it just wasn't what I was hoping to hear. I do like the opening, for me, it's one of the best part of this song, particularly up to about 18 seconds, and it also made me think I was about to hear something much different. A bit misleading, I think. Adversely, Colors does have some decent instrumental sections, the main guitar riff is quite good, 3:42 to 4:06 is the best and most distinct example of the lead guitar work, and I really enjoy the bass here, ex: 1:43 to 2:05 and 2:52 to 3:07, more or less the only reasons I'm going to listen to this song again.

My Grade: 3/5

I'm slightly disappointed with this single, especially considering my new found love for Anli Pollicino.

D=Out- ROMAN REVOLUTION [Making of + ONE Live]

Credit: katty26452

BORN- Psycho Diva PV [Preview]


Credit: ReittVK47

New Look: Signal

I'm still waiting to hear  M・E・L・T! I honestly think about it at least once a week.

Source: Signal's OHP

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Review a Day, Until I Get All of This Music Out of the Way!

Yes, I've been slacking on reviews again.........and so this is my new goal.
Please take notice that I've already kept up with it for two days now.

Hopefully, I can keep up with this until I get the majority of the singles and albums, from the last two to three months.........nah, I lied, not three....that's just too far back, that I haven't even listened to yet, into somewhat of a reviewed form. Or atleast everything that I've been meaning to review all along.

Wish me luck on this long and arduous journey!

P.S. I know that I had mentioned before that I would like to try a review in video, unfortunately, somehow I messed up the volume on my camera and now I can't figure out how to get it to record correctly again. I've been trying to fix it for a few weeks now but if I ever do, I'll be sure to post one

Review: Suzaku- Magaru Suiren Kakeru[11ul]

1. Magaru Suiren Kakeru[11ul]
2. Zekkashou
3.『』 Iwaku,

Like I've said previously, Under Code usually knows what they're doing, so I had been really interested in hearing this band. I've had this single for a while and actually I've been wanting to post a review for quite some time because I like these guys, and I'm quite pleased with this single. I would probably compare them to Kagerou and older AND -Eccentric Agent-, and then Suzaku really gives it all a twist of their own. And I think they're a pretty interesting group. I know that they've already lost one of their members, the drummer I believe, but I hope they stick around for a while, I'm intrigued, I'd like to hear more. 

The two best songs off the single have to be Magaru Suiren Kakeru[11ul] and Zekkashou. These are also the two that remind me the most of Kagerou and AND, I'm a pretty big fan of both of those bands, so I can't complain there. And of the newer bands that I've listened to recently, Suzaku definitely possesses one of the better vocalist. I'm pretty fond Itsuki's voice, it has a nice growling feature, and I like how he keeps changing from normal singing to talking to screaming and screeching . I appreciate the electronic components of the two songs, and it's feasibly one of the best parts of the music. I won't exactly praise them instrumentally, I don't think the playing is extraordinarily great, but in truth I do find it striking. I will note that the drummer and main guitar player have caught my interest, and I would say my favorite part of Magaru Suiren Kakeru[11u] is from 2:06 to 2:49, this section really shows off the two instruments the most. Though they are much more readily apparent in Zekkashou, as there is some relatively decent drumming and guitar here, I don't think the quality is near as good.

.『』 Iwaku, has some added instruments that really give it a bit of swing element that admittedly I thouroughly enjoy. And the guitar here may just be the best on the single, ex: 0:22 to 0:29 and 0:40 to 0:46, I like that the guitar parts here don't come in the form of a traditional solo, but I would have also liked if this had been carried on to the rest of the song. There is also an segment in the song, from 2:15 to 2:24, where it sounds like all of the instruments are gradually moving to a climax at the end of the song, I quite like it.

And TEONANACATL, is probably the song I like the least. The instrumentals are actually pretty good here, again nothing extremely special, I will however acknowledge the drum line from 2:05 to 2:28, because it's pretty much the best part of this song. The rest I feel is just a bunch of screaming and chanting, and that's a bit of a turn off, it just kind of ruins this song for me. If at least during the verses Itsuki had been singing, more than likely it would have really cleaned up this song.

My Grade:  3.5/5

The GazettE- CLEVER MONKEY & 痴情 [Preview]

Credit: asuka92ify

Lin -the end of corruption world- Independent "MAZE" [Long Preview]

Credit: pixyfalse01

Hizumi's (D'espairsRay) New Website/ Solo Project

Hizumi has revealed the website for his solo project, titled Umbrella, today on his twitter.

He descirbes the concept of the project as being, "A project that embodies the images inside Hizumi's head."
On the site you can view "(un)REAL" and "Metallic" pictures, as well as the designs he did for the session band LUV PARADE. Also, coming soon are a web shop and music section.

And I adore the banner picture, Hizumi looks mature, I like it.

Source: UMBRELLA & jpopasia

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Look: jealkb [AGAINST]

Not really liking this.......


Today's Album Releases (8.10.11)

8/10 VURNY- Kanshou Egoism [Maxi-Single]
8/10 Video Glamour- 第3セクター [Single]
8/10 Aicle- koutei penguin [Maxi-Single]
8/10 PopCore- Lovers POP [Single]
8/10 2nd Dyz- [REBELLION] [Single]
8/10 DIAURA- Dictator [Mini-Album]
8/10 Crazy★shampoo- 1★SCREAM [Mini-Album]
8/10 SCANDAL- Baby Action [Album]
8/10 Lustknot- Angelus [One-Coin Single
8/10 The Unique Star- Space Boy [Single]
8/10 9GOATS BLACK OUT- Rorschach inkblot [Maxi-Single]
8/10 The Novelestillo- Bridge [Album]

Review: D- 鳥籠御殿~L'Oiseau bleu~

1.Torikago Goten~L’Oiseau bleu~
2. Hane wo Hito Hira
3. Denshō sa reshi sora no monogatari

Torikago Goten~L’Oiseau bleu~ - I'm not entirely sure what to say about this song, and I've spent a good chunk of time with it in my thoughts. What I'm left with is that this is perfection, I really couldn't ask for anything more, and I can honestly say I've never said that about any other song.....EVER! Usually when I talk here, I tend to gravitate towards specific instances with in the instrumental line or vocals, which are all very important, but I think this song is much more than just composition. The music is beautiful and powerful and somehow sad, it inspires a myriad of emotions. And that is a genuine, remarkable talent, something that every band should aspire to. To move your audience in such a significant way is not accomplished often. Of course, I'm merely speaking from my own experience, others may feel a completely different way, I don't know, all I can really say is, I'm enraptured by this song. Torikago Goten~L'Oiseau bleu~ is one of, if not, the best thing I've heard from D.

Hane wo Hito Hira- The opening itself is quite interesting, there is a lot going there. You've got strings, then you've got some turn table action, they're laying some nice ground work with the drums and then it explodes into that heavy guitar, kind of makes you wonder what the song has in store for you. And I'm not in the least disappointed, obviously I don't think its the strongest song on the single, I actually woundn't mind hearing a bit more power behind the music at parts, other than that you'll hear no complaints from me about this song. My favorite part: I can't help myself I'm complete sucker for guitar, and as well as the instrumentals in general, 2:13 to 2:40 is a fantastic solo. Also, underneath this guitar from about 2:30 to 2:39 is, not only the first time I've actually heard the bass this entire single, but there is some wonderful plucking right there.

Denshō sa reshi sora no monogatari- First of all, I could really do without the opening, or the chorus for that matter, I'm just really not a big fan of it. It seems like this song is a bit all over the place, there is quite the  mixture of music here, they may as well have rolled three songs into one. Oddly enough, I think that the opening and chorus' are probably the most "D sounding" parts. The verses themselves, while I actually really enjoy the vocals here (they're pretty much my favorite part of this song, Asagi's voice tends to have quite a deep or low quality about it and this really lets you experience another side of his voice), if you compare them to a lot of D's other songs, they barely sound anything alike. And while this definitely wasn't my favorite song there are some aspects of it that I quite enjoy, I've already mentioned the main vocals but I especially like the screaming or chanting vocals in the background. And of course, I can't go without mentioning the instrumentals, D has never let me down there, and this song does come with a very good guitar solo from 2:06 to 2:28, not to mention the great guitar work underneath the verses.

My Grade:  4.5/5

I really wish I could have scored this single higher, I want to give it a 5 soooooo badly, but compared to Torikago Goten~L'Oiseau bleu~, the other two songs were a slight let down, while still very good, since there were things I didn't like I guess I really couldn't justify it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Song of the Week [Anli Pollicino- Street Smarts]

I'm uhhhh......I'm a little in love with Anli Pollicino recently.

And this is a pretty sweet live, though I wish the audio were a bit better.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Para: noir- 21g PV [Full] Para:noir!

~Thanks very much to iwasdamned for posting this~

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Look: Like Absolute Myself (Lam.)

Apparently, there were only four chairs, and thus, the drummer gets slighted. Poor Kaito!

Credit: Lam.'s OHP


Brace yourselves, for something awful has happened, this afternoon my Ipod took a dive into my sink (which at the time was full of soapy water) and is no longer with us. The medics did everything they could to revive it but unfortunately CPR and defibrillators just don't work on Ipods........*sob* "I'll miss you Ipod!!!!"


Luckily, I have a temporary backup, not luckily it's only 4GB, which only carries about 17% of my music. That's roughly 500 of my currently 3,000 songs. However, I must be grateful for what I have until I can save up another $250. Wish me luck!

Also, I noticed that on the poll that's ------------> thataway somewhere, no one is voting for LOST ASH. Come on people, they're a great band, someone needs to look forward to their next release, don't make me vote for them, as I have a strict "no voting on my own poll" policy.......but I will if I have to, so please show the band some support, eh?

Review: LM.C- Hoshi no Arika

1. Hoshi no Arika
2. MAD or DIE

I don't really think either of these songs are particularly great. They both seem rather amatuerish for LM.C, honestly. I feel like this single is a step backward from their last release. I listen to Super Duper Galaxy and Bad Spider, which are both great songs, and I'm pumped for Hoshi no Arika.......and then I hear this, not so excited anymore. And once again, LM.C has included " The MAD LM.C", which I really think of as an intriguing concept, I enjoy the change up, the new look is pretty awesome, no complaints on that aspect. But, they also introduced " The MAD LM.C" on the Let Me' Crazy single via No Fun, No Future, which as I recall is just about my least favorite song off these last three singles.

So, first off, the vocals from Hoshi no Arika remind me an awful lot of the actual singing vocals on Rock the LM.C. Keep in mind Rock the LM.C was released in 2006, now just how many steps backward do we have to take to get to five years ago? The overall goal of a band should be to keep your sound and integrity intact, but still progress. And I just don't think they're doing that with this song. I mean, yeah, the tune is kind of catchy, the vocals are decent, the short guitar solo is obviously the best part of this song, and in general I like it, but it takes more than what they've presented here to make a great song.

And then we come to MAD or DIE, the MAD LM.C song, with Aiji on vocals of course. While I much prefer Maya on vocals, Aiji does have nice voice, and again, over all I like MAD or DIE, I definitely prefer to this No Fun, No Future, and I would actually say this is probably the better of the two songs on this single. Once, I get past the first thirty seconds or so, I find this song rather enjoyable. I did have to listen to it several times to be able to think that, but nevertheless, the music is energetic, upbeat, it's got a nice rythm, and you can dance to it (that's a joke probably only I get)..................anyway, is it Maya doing the spoken vocals? 'Cause they're sort of creepy.

Yes, I could listen to these songs, no problem, it's not as if LM.C has released a couple of horrendous songs here. However, I don't really feel the drive to listen to them. Here's hoping for a great next release, huh?

My Grade: 3/5