Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deathgaze- Bliss Out [Full Album Preview]

Preview Tracklist:
1. God Bless You
2. Crash Down
3. Blood
4. My Doped Brain & Skin is Dead
5. Iridize Dream
6. Sorrow
8. Undead Fact
10. Grace

Can't wait until next Wednesday (the 8th of December), I'm so excited to hear these tracks full-length!!

Sadie- Juggernaut Preview

Preview from Sadie's Juggernaut single due out on the 15th of December.
I'm glad Sadie isn't losing their touch, I like the sound of this.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Merry- Yakou PV [Preview 2]

Yakou PV Preview #2. This time it is a whole 29 seconds long!!

I'm not going to lie, this is......not impressive. I'm disappointed.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm Addicted to......(2)


I'm curious if anyone has or knows the exact lyrics to NEO SCREAM. If you do could you PLEASE post it in a comment, I would totally love you forever and of course you would have my eternal gratefulness!!!!

AWOI- アンブレラ (Umbrella)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Like Absolute Myself- hikari to yami ga kousasuru yoru ni [Preview]

Preview from Like Absolute Myself's (Lam.) upcoming maxi-single, hikari to yami ga kousasuru yoru ni, to be released on the 22nd of December.

Sounds decent, no? Not sure I like the new look though.

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Gazette- PLEDGE PV[Full]

My thoughts:
1. Ruki you're gorgeous, I love you!
2. I've said this before and I'll probably have to say it again, Kai needs more face time!
3. This is a beautiful song and I'm glad The Gazette is putting out songs over 3 and half minutes again.
4. I'm not sure who directed this but lacking creativity much?

Special thanks to MasamuneHiro for posting this since everything by these guys gets deleted by PSC on youtube.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

R-Shitei- Haranbanjo PV [Preview]

PV Preview for Haranbanjo from R-Shitei's upcoming maxi-single,  entitled Haranbanjou Tsubakiuta, to be released on the 8th of December.
Sounds catchy!

New Look: 12012






Source: 12012 Official Website

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review: Screw- Duality Album

1. Dual Assault
2. 刹那の刻 (Setsuna no koku)
4. Cursed Hurricane
5. ファム・ファタール (femme fatale)
6. false dawn
7. Lower World
10. M.R.T
11. Jail breaker
12. rosary
13.as cold as marble

Since Duality is a whole album, I'm going to shorten up my review a bit and just give a general overview or else this review would go on forever :P
I'm going to be honest and say right up front that this album seems uncharacteristically drab for Screw. I'm used to hearing more power in their music so, in that aspect I'm left slightly dimayed. And I feel like the majority of these songs don't have enough individuality to stand on their own or to really make the album itself stand out as a whole. Not to say that there are no good songs on Duality, if I were to say that I would be lying.
So, first off Dual Assault is your basic intro song, it is not bad but I wouldn't really say there is anything particularly great or special about it. With that said I'm going to move right into Setsuna no Koku, which I really like, it has great rythm and catch and in fact I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is a better song than the title track, Duality. Which by the way is a decent song but I must admit I was disappointed when I watched the PV of this. The drum and bass lines are pretty in your face without being overpowering and I enjoy the chorus but this song really needs more energy......in the vocals perhaps? Cursed Hurricane (which was previously released on the Cursed Hurricane single) is reminiscent of Duality and the only distinguishing factor for me is the guitar line. Other than that I don't hear anything that really sets it apart. Femme Fatale on the other hand is an exceptional song! I'm intrigued right away because I haven't heard a lot of electronic sounding music from Screw, and this has an almost dance-able beat. Femme Fatale is the only song so far that I can really hear Screw's spunk? heart?
Next is False Dawn which draws me in with a great intro but again is oddly similar to Cursed Hurricane and the like. It seems that Screw may be be stuck in this mode. Since I really have nothing else to say about this one I'm just going to move right on to the fantastically beautiful Lower World. This song is on the slower side and a bit down tempo but wow! is it pretty. The piano, instrumentals and vocals are all so smooth and the guitar solo fits in perfectly. And this moves into another good song Ancient Rain (which was also previously released on the Ancient Rain single), while I do like this song, I feel this is terrible song placement. Obviously if you put two songs that are so similar right next to each people are going to compare them. And there really is not enough variation between the two songs that would enable them to be placed so closely together. Tossing that aside for the moment I do enjoy Ancient Rain. It is well put together, and flows nicely, again the guitar solo here is superb (YAY! for Kazuki, as always your playing is amazing).
Moving into Inferiority Complex, the intro somehow reminds me of Sadie's Ice Romancer, am I the only one who thinks so? And this is a decent song, I like the falsetto Byou goes into, as always I like to hear bands switch it up every once in a while, also I like the slower part of this song (about 2:52 in).
Wow! M.R.T. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say about you. Ummm......I almost really dislike this.
I should say I'm on the verge of disliking this while also on verge of really, really liking it. I haven't quite made a decision yet, but I think I'm leaning towards like. Ha. This song has me confused, perhaps that is a good thing. The next song however, Jail Breaker is I'm sure a good song if it were listened to by itself but again this is awful song placement. This is basically a continuation of M.R.T, the two are practically one in the same, minus a few unique pieces here and there on the part of M.R.T. 
Because I see that coupling similar songs seems to a trend for this album I decided to listen to the last two songs, Rosary and As Cold as Marble, together. And I'm correct the trend has continued, however I feel that this time around there is enough difference in the two that they can carry their own even placed together. I really enjoy both of these songs, pretty while still staying upbeat and As Cold as Marble even has more of a hard rock guitar/bass line while Rosary is softer. Again, I applaud  Kazuki for the excellent guitar solos, if I'm leaving out Manabu I don't mean to, I guess I'm being a bit presumptuous in giving Kazuki all the credit, but am I wrong in saying the solos normally go to the lead guitarist? Either way the guitar playing is fantastic.
The album was not a complete disappointment and I'm glad to see that the drab undistinguishable songs are off set by some great ones. So, overall I give Duality a B.

Alice Nine: Gemini Announcement Accidental....

On NicoNico Douga, Alice Nine are airing their regular program " Alice9 channel" once a month. Every time they are doing a number of exciting projects, yet during the last airing a rather unusual incident erupted.

Unintentionally Saga revealed the album release which is scheduled for February next year. Now was this brave? Manly? Saga-like? (laughs)

The next morning it could be read on Shou' s twitter, who had not taken part in the program that time, nor had been online to watch the program "I slept like a stone and when I woke up...the NEW album had been announced. (*^o^*)"
It seems that even the band members had been surprised, (laughs)

Well, and here are the information on the album so far.
The main track will be a great work of 13 minutes in length, so please look forward to this release!

Title: "GEMINI"
Release Date: 2011/02/09
[First Press Limited Edition CD+DVD] TKCA-73622 3,780Yen
[Regular Edition CD ONLY] TKCA-73626 3,150Yen

Source: MusicJapan+

Merry: Yakou PV [Preview]

15 seconds isn't much to judge a song by but I hope the full length song is better.

SuG: New Look

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Band: †яi¢к

(Vo) Makoto- ex. Λucifer → solo
(Gu) Taiji- ex. D・T・R [as Touhon Taiji] → GROOVE MASTER → THE DEAD P☆P STARS
(Ba) Shuse- ex. La’cryma Christi → Acid Black Cherry
(Dr) Kei- ex. MOON CHILD [as Kashiyama Kei]

Their first live will take place on December 11th at SHIBUYA-AX

 For more info. you can visit †яi¢к's Official Website
They also have an Official Myspace coming soon!

Plastic Tree- Mirai Iro (Future Colors) PV

Ryutaro Arimura you are gorgeous!!!
Seriously though, I'm a GIGANTIC Plastic Tree fan so I'm really looking forward to the Mirai Iro single that will be released on the 15th of December. I've never heard anything by Plastic Tree that I didn't like and if this song is a tip off to the rest of the single I doubt I will be let down.

Golden Bomber: New Mini- Album

YAY! A new mini-album release from Golden Bomber is just around the corner, I was just asking for this!
Golden Hour ~ shimohanki BEST 2010~ will be available on the 6th of January, 2011, it will be a continuation of the album they released back in July (Golden Hour〜Kamihanki Best 2010〜), will be available in three types and will include seven tracks.


1. Earphones
2. Mata kimi ni bangou wo kike nakatta
3. otokogokoro to aki no sora
4. HEN
5. Fu otoko
6. Kimi to itsumademo
7. Reue

Monday, November 22, 2010

Para:noir- the RED in the monochrome PV [preview]

Is it just me or is Akane's ( the vocalist) look a little reminiscent of Ruki's look in the Before I Decay music video. Then again maybe it is just me.

Lolita23Q- Whte Blade PV [Preview]

PV Preview for White Blade, the title track off their new single also to be titled White Blade, which will be available on the 22nd of December, 2010.

New Album: Alice Nine

Great News! Yet another Alice Nine album is to be released on the 9th of February, 2011. Unfortunately other than the album title, which is Gemini, not much else is known about this release.
Alice Nine has been putting out singles like they're going out of style, and trust me I'm totally cool with that and I'm looking forward to whatever they bring. But I wouldn't mind if they changed it up a bit on this next one.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

W-inds- Addicted to Love PV

For many of you I'm sure that this is old news but truthfully I haven't checked in on W-inds for quite sometime and had no idea they had released something new. This MV is from the Addicted to Love single that was released on June 23, 2010. This is quite different from their previous work and their look has evolved quite a bit as well. I'm really liking Keita as a blond, actually they all look really good. As for the song, I've only listened to it once, but it sounds pretty good.


This is NEXX's first single which was released on the 10th of November. Promising.

1. Neo World Listen Here
2. crackpot

Funny enough there is also a Swedish pop band with the name NEXX, and when I first watched this music video I seriously thought it was a joke (so don't be confused if you come across this at some point) but I'm also ashamed to admit the song is kind of catchy. If interested you can WATCH HERE.

Lost Ash New Single Details

1. overHORIZON Preview
2. Soul of Liberty
3. starlight
4. brave

The overHORIZON single will be available on the 19th of January, 2011.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Screw- Duality PV [Full]

The Gazette- PLEDGE PV [Preview]

Ugh! I hate 15 second previews! If this is supposed to get me all excited, it totally doesn't work. I'm excited anyway but that is just because it is the Gazette, but no other reason. I really hoping for some decent length songs on the PLEDGE single, I think their new label is soooo ripping us off!

Friday, November 19, 2010

uBuGoe - hizumi to hizumi ni tsutsumareta sekai de kimi no soba ni ireru nara… [Single Preview]

 Wahhhh! Longest. Title. EVER......

Preview for uBuGoe's newest single, out on the 24th of November.
And I'm actually really liking this, looking forward to the release.

D- In the Name of Justice PV

Not really into D but this I kind of like.

LAYZis Afraid PV

LAYZis Afraid PV from their upcoming mini-album REWIND (or REMIND?), not sure which.

Well....the guitar player (Shunsuke) is pretty fuckin' awesome, and I like the look of Show (the vocalist). As for the PV itself .........Eh, let's just say it is definitely lacking.

LAYZis- REMIND [Album Preview]

1.finale [not in preview]
2. a rainy insilence
3. afraid
5. Rainbow
7. Distorted

Preview from LAYZis new mini-album Remind, which will be out on the 24th this month.
This sounds decent enough to check it out but it doesn't catch my attention enough for me to be excited.

Merry- Yakou Preview

This preview is too short!! Boo!
But I'm hoping the Yakou single, to be released on the 1st of December, will be as good as their last (Crisis Moment).

Lost Ash- overHORIZON Preview

overHORIZON is Lost Ash's third single release, available on January 19th, 2011 but this is the first time I'm hearing anything from them, I seem to be encountering this often lately, and all though this is a short sample I think they're definitely worth looking into.

Lost Ash's Official Website

RED Universe- Butterfly Effect [Album Preview]

Preview for RED Universe's first mini-album, Butterfly Effect, due out on the 1st of December.

Tracklist (and songs featured in this preview):
1. worm[HOLE]
3. uncontrol
4. fuyuuzuki

Ummm so honestly I've never heard of these guys before but as soon as I heard this album preview, I knew I had to post it because I WANT this album! I'm totally going to go preorder right now!

New Look: Golden Bomber

Golden Bomber is soooo much fun! I love them to death! I hope this new look means some new music to look forward to.
 I do think it odd that I always find the drummer the most attractive even though I can't actually see his face. Ahhh well, what to do?

New Look: Moran

Hitomi (I seriously love this photograph!)



I hope Moran will be releasing something new pretty soon, I'd be off the wall, delighted at that!
Moran's Official Website

Deathgaze- God Bless You and Iridize [Samples]

Two song samples from Deathgaze's upcoming album, entitled Bliss Out, to be released on the 8th of December. I'm so diggin' the sound of both these songs, I think I just got more excited for this album to come out!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Deluhi- Blitgzkrieg Live DVD Promo

Deluhi's new live DVD "Blitzkrieg" is going to be available on the 15th of December. The promo looks good, I'm intrigued, of course I'm also a pretty big fan so I would really love to see this!

-OZ- -Lead PV [Full]

LEAD PV from -OZ-'s new album Rouge, which was released on November 10th.
I know didn't write a review for this release, like I had originally planned, and that is because I didn't really have anything good or bad to say about it. As for this song, I think it is decent, do I think it is as good as their older stuff? Not at all, but I can't hlep myself I always love -OZ-. Especially Natsuki, who by the way looks fantastic in this PV.

SuG- Crazy Bunny Coaster

SuG has announced that they will be releasing yet another album called Crazy Bunny Coaster (a maxi-single) on January 12th, 2011.

The single will come in three types, regular and a Type A and B, along with the release of two new PVs.

CD Tracklist:
1. Crazy Bunny Coaster
3. ID fudge factor (included in regular edition)

[limited edition TYPE A DVD track list]
01.Crazy Bunny Coaster (PV)

[limited edition TYPE B DVD track list]

SuG's Official Website

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ayabie- Parade PV (Preview)

This is the PV preview for Ayabie's first PV with Yumehito as the vocalist. It is really...not bad, I don't I find his voice as attractive as Aoi's but still not bad.

Ayabie- Virgin Snow Color -2nd Season- (Album Preview)

Ayabie's Virgin Snow Color -2nd Season- set to be released on the 1st of December!

The Kiddie- Steady PV

PV for Steady from The Kiddie's major debut album Brave New World, which is available on November 24th.
I like The Kiddie's other work, they're really catchy, so I'm hoping for the best with this new album. Fingers crossed!

Kazuma Retires!!

Kazuma from Mannequin announced today that he would be retiring from the music scene.
The message is posted on his blog HERE

So.....yeah this pretty much sucks! I really like Kazuma's voice and was waiting to hear more from Mannequin, this is really a pity :(

SADS- Androgyny Insanity PV

 PV for Androgyny Insanity, one of the seven new songs to be released on SADS mini-album Lesson 2, available for sale on the 8th of December. The PV isn't bad but I think music-wise Disco was a better song. Never the less I'm looking forward to this album, I very happy to hear from SADS again.

SADS- Disco Album & PV

1. Disco
2. Disco (Remix)
3. Vision
4. Sandy (new take)
5. ナイトメア (new take)

 To be honest I don't really find Kiyoharu very good looking (I mean I could see why one would find him attractive especially you know........if you had been drinking) but is it just me or is he super hot in this PV?!?!

Monday, November 15, 2010

New Band: TheNameless

The band The Nameless formed back in March and have since then been performing secret live shows, however their activities do not officially start until December.

Band Members:

(Vo.) Mikami
(Gu.) Keitarou (ex. babydoll) [as (Keita) → Ginger Bread Man)]
(Bass) Kazuto
(Support Drums) Yuu

Definitely check out the youtube channel because they have three song samples up. I like their sound I'm excited to hear more.

I'm Addicted to.......

1. Hime Ichigo- Koto no Ha

2. Antic Cafe- Lock On the New Sekai

3. Rentrer en Soi- Protoplasm

Aim- Lost Voice/Hysteric Liar Preview

Sunday, November 14, 2010

January 2011 Releases

1/5 D'eiz - Providence [Maxi-Single]
1/5 NIL VANISH - Reglet [Maxi-Single]
1/5 0801?r209336 - (0120) [Mini-Album]
1/5 TETSUYA - COME ON! [Album]
1/5 Annie's Black - -departure- [Album]
1/5 Daizystripper- Birth or Live? [Live Album]
1/6 Golden Bomber- Golden Hour ~ shimohanki BEST 2010~ [Mini-Album]
1/6 Ziggrat - Untitled [limited one-coin single]
1/7 Varbarossa - DESIGN [Maxi-Single]
1/9 Memento Mori - Sakurabi Awaki Samidare ni [Maxi-Single]
1/9 Remming - Koumori [live-limited single]
1/10 Medi@lize - Untitled [live-distributed DVD]
1/11 the CODE. - Untitled [Maxi-Single]
1/11 Tokyo Heroes - Untitled [live-distributed single]
1/11 Dali - Untitled [live-distributed single]
1/12 ONE WAY TRIBE - Kankaku ni Tsugeru [Album]
1/12 n'DooL- Kitenretsu Daihyakka〜Bibidebabide Best) [best album]
1/12 Cu[be] - Pandemic CORE [Maxi-Single]
1/12 Autumnleaf - the foot [Album]
1/12 Autumnleaf - Red Lies in the White Field [CD]
1/12 JEBSKI - PAD [Album]
1/12 PaperBagLunchbox - Ground Disco [Album]
1/12 RADWIMPS - DADA [Maxi-Single]
1/12 HERO - Life [Album]
1/12 Konig- Deep Throat [Maxi-Single]
1/12 VelBet - kaijougentei enban-hyakusenrenma-Vol.5 [live-limited single]
1/12 SuG- Crazy Bunny Coaster [Maxi-Single]
1/12 D- Vampire Saga [Album]
1/12 Suicide Ali- Perpetual Check [Maxi-Single]
1/15 NEXX- Gemini [Maxi- Single]
1/15 Like Absolute Myself (Lam.)- Hikari to Yami ga Kousaru Yoru Ni [Single]
1/16 UnsraW- Kleza in Red clay [live-limited single]
1/17 DIAURA- Shitsuyoku no Seiiki) [Demo Single]
1/18 BORIS - Live In Japan [live DVD]
1/19 LOST ASH- overHORIZON [Single]
1/19 Tokyo Heroes- 「冬唄」(Fuyu Uta) [Single]
1/19 ViViD- Yume' Mugen no Kanata e [Album]
1/19 Do As Infinity - EIGHT [Album]
1/19 undelay - stray light [Album]
1/19 whiteroom - CUE [CD]
1/19 the mornings - SAVE THE MORNINGS! [Album]
1/19 Jackman - 19% [Maxi-Single]
1/19  DadaD - Touch Touch Touch [CD]
1/19 Aicle- Tokyo Romanteikoku [live DVD]
1/19 Kalvary- the BEST 2007-2011 [best album]
1/19 Baddies- Blanco [Maxi-Single]
1/19 Vidoll - BEST [Best Album]
1/19 Aoi- ONE [Album]
1/19 Scarlett- Gendaiteki Roman Kashuu [Mini-Album]
1/19 Vanish - Untitled [Maxi-Single]
1/19 Mamono- JUMP [Maxi-Single]
1/19 Gakido- Yanderu toki ni utau uta [Maxi-Single] (re-relesed)
1/19 BACK ON - TELL ME [Maxi-Single]
1/19 GRAPEVINE - Mahiru
1/22 Jills Blue Roses- Growin' [Maxi-Single]
1/25 Vampillia- Alchemic Heart [CD]
1/26 Girugamesh- Go [Album]
1/26 Ice0Age- FATE [Mini-Album]
1/26 Dir en grey- Lotus [Single]
1/26 V-last.- Taishounenrei15saimiman [Maxi-Single]
1/26 aim - LOST VOICE [Maxi-Single]
1/26 Neo - VIRTUAL BLUE NOTE [Maxi-Single]
1/26 TOON-FACTORY - Chloris [Maxi-Single]
1/29 Kuroyume- Misery [Single]
1/29 Kuroyume - Misery [Maxi-Single]
1/29 Vent Croix - FALL DOWN [live-limited single]
1/29 Vent Croix - DRESS CODE[S/A/D] [live-limited single

Of course this list will get longer as more releases are announced. If you know of a release that I don't have named here please let me know and I will add it. Thanks!

Credit: Half my own research/ other half Kodomia & VK Heaven

Like Absolute Myself (Lam.) New Single

Like Absolute Myself (Lam.) new single,  [光と闇が交差する夜に] (hikari to yami ga kousasuru yoru ni), which had been previously untitled, is to be released on the 22nd of December this year. They will also be performing their first oneman live at Ikebukuro Black Hole on January 15th, 2011.

Hikari to Yami ga Kousaru Yoru Ni
(New Single Tracklist):
1. 光と闇が交差する夜に (hikari to yami ga kousasuru yoru ni)
2. andante
3. Waltz

Alice Nine- Stargazer (Making Of)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Awoi New Profile Pics!

(Vo.) Otogi

(Gu.) Shou

(Gu.) Shin

(Ba) Saki

(Dr) Ryo

For more info. on Awoi's new single and look you can visit their Official Website

New Band: Aim

(Vo.) Rei

(Gu. & Programming) Schwarz (ex. Chemical Pictures)-->the Distorted my stratic Faith)

(Ba.) Sakura (ex-Sadith Mary-->SKULL-->the Distorted my stratic Faith)

(Dr) .Shota (ex-chemical pictures)(support))

Aim's first single, Lost Voice, is set to be released on January 26th, 2011.

1. Lost Voice
2. Hysteric Liar

You can listen to a sample from their first single and check out the band members profiles on their Official Website. From what I listened to I would say they sound pretty decent, I'm definitely looking forward to the whole single.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Review: Alice Nine- Stargazer

1. Stargazer
2. Shinkirou
3. Karma

Wahhh!! Ok, so this single is pretty great! I don't know why I thought I would get anything less from Alice Nine but I will gladly admit that my expectations for this single were way off base. This is one single that I am actually able to listen to all the way through over and over again, usually when going through an album or single I find one favorite and the rest of the songs are mostly sub par.
I had heard Stargazer several times since the PV came out two weeks ago, and like I said when I posted the video I had thought that maybe Alice Nine was caught in kind of a rut with their recent title track releases. Because of this I'm going to use their last two singles, Hana and Senkou, as a comparison for this single. I get almost the same feeling from all three of these songs, not that it is a bad thing, I actually really like all of these tracks and I would say I like Stargazer more than Senkou and a little less than Hana. Stargazer has a nice rythm and the whole song fits together well. And of course Hiroto's playing is magnificent and I adore Shou's held out vocals, well I love his voice anyway! The bass and drumlines really stand out in this song and I think that is a huge part of what makes this song flow so well.
Honestly, my very first thought on Shinkirou was that I wasn't going to like it because I'm really not too fond of the introduction, but I'm definitely glad I listened for a few more seconds or I would have really missed out.
Once the guitar line comes in I'm hooked. The song feels lighthearted to me and has a different sound than what I've heard from Alice Nine in the past. I love that they put a giutar solo in almost all of their songs I really don't think an Alice Nine song would complete without one. At least I would miss it! Also, it sounds like there is some background synthesizer action going on, and I enjoy how they fit that as an undertone to the music.
I have noticed a trend in the last three releases and perhaps it is just a trend for me but I always seem to find the third song on the single the most appealing (on Hana it was High and Low, on Senkou it was Solar Eclipse) and this single is no exception. I think that by far my favorite song on this single is Karma.  I absolutely love the guitar riff to this song, I can't get enough of it. I really enjoy the synchronized volume of the vocals. Where one side of the speaker is cut off momentarily and then the sound comes full blast again. This song actually reminds me the most of Alice Nine's older stuff, mostly because of the low growl-like vocals at about 38 seconds in. I wish this had been incorporated more into the song. And that is really my only complaint for  this whole album.
Yay!! for Alice Nine! This deserves an A+

The Gazette and GemCery Collaborate

The Gazette has collaborated with the jewelry producer, GemCery, and created a new line of jewelry all designed by Ruki. 

Definitely interesting pieces.

Awoi abelcain Single and Tourdates!


Awoi is releasing a new single「abelcain」 on the 24th of November and have just annouced their tour dates for the tour "the ending of abel".

'The birth of  [abel]
2010/11/26 OSAKA MUSE
Guest: BORN, Lycaon

the birth of [cain]
2010/11/27 OSAKA MUSE
Guest: アンド (ando), spiv states

Tour Final ONEMAN
2011/01/29 @ Meguro Rokumeikan

The single will be released in two types:

abelcain- limited edition
1. abelcain
2. beauty
3. レイン (Rain)

abelcain PV

abelcain- regular edition
1. abelcain
2. beauty
3. レイン (Rain)
4. 冷たい手 (Tsumetai te)

Awoi- abelcain PV (Preview)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Gazette's New Look

These guys always look great, I'm not too sure about Kai's new hair though. Whatever, I love him anyway!